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An AWOL Academy Review – A Must Read Before Purchase

an awol academy review,When browsing the web, you must have come across some of those “Make Money Online” advertisements. Well, you might have stumbled upon the AWOL Academy advertisement and decide to take a closer look and see what this academy is all about. Most people decide to attend the offered webinar that is live streamed and later on purchases the training.

An AWOL Academy Review:

Through this entire process, they learn the basics of the AWOL Academy, which includes:

It was launched in 2015 and is accessible through the website address www.awolacademy.com.

Two people created it, namely: Kameron George and Keala Kanae.

AWOL stands for “Another Way of Life”.

Its most affordable package costs about ninety-nine dollars ($99).

Its most expensive package costs ten thousand dollars ($10,000). Wow, does this tell you something?

Take a look at this Wealthy Affiliate Package, affordable and No Up-sells.

The journey to building a successful business is tough. Business owners experience various hardships including successive losses, among other things. AWOL Academy aims at helping newcomers into the industry to build successful businesses faster.

Apart from this, it also aids established business owners to attract and secure more customers. It approaches the business issue holistically with the aim of providing long-term success. It looks into your online presence and all the factors that come from it. It landscapes the marketing internet and filters it down to the basic principles that cause change and affect your strategy.

The following are some of the approaches that AWOL takes to ensure that their clients are satisfied:

It builds- This is through creating a sound marketing campaign. Once the campaigns are in place, AWOL uses tests, time, and reliable strategies to make sure that marketing your business generates a successful ROI.

It optimizes- It follows the accepted framework to help the target customers with identifying the marketing campaigns at first instance. This is through the three-step process of carrying out tests, tracking, and finally optimizing the campaign.

It scales- You need to scale your income by first uncovering the required marketing metrics. Reduce your chances of encountering losses by scaling down your mathematical principles.

It automates- Set up a system that allows you to run your business and not to make the business run your life. Automate all the process to make the business load more manageable and successful. It helps the user regain their sanity as they secure more profits.

It offers various academies for their members to earn and grow from:

Pro Academy- This is for the business owners who want to grow to expert internet marketers. This is the most affordable package going at ninety-nine dollars. This package emphasizes on completing four major steps before a person can proceed to the other packages.

The steps include:

 1 – Watching a complete short video for welcoming the newcomers

2 – Completing the contact and profile information

3 – Reading through and completing their AWOL coaching provisions

4 – Booking the coaching call

You might need to set aside some time to complete this process. The third step is in-depth, thus you might not take a couple of minutes to complete it. In addition to this, make sure that the time you schedule for the call is actually part of your free time.

This is because the scheduled call will take place at the reserved time. Once you complete your call, you have access to a four-module training program.

The program has twenty-five videos as follows:

awol academy review,Module 1 – has six videos

Module 2 – has twelve videos

Module 3 – has three videos

Module 4 – has four videos

Conversion Academy- This is for the business owners who have issues with converting their lead customers into paying and consistent customers. This package costs nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars.

It offers six modules, namely:

Module 1 – boosts the storytelling skills of the client

Module 2 – trains on the mind control hacks that can be used when marketing products

Module 3 – provides some insight on the live sales formulas

Module 4 – is on the Evergreen Sakes formula

Module 5 – looks into how to boost your ticket sales

Module 6 – is on affiliate tracking

Inbox Academy- This aims at helping business owners learn how to manage their automated network systems, specifically that of sending lucrative emails. This package costs about two hundred and ninety-seven dollars.

It also offers the clients four modules, namely:

Module 1 – provides the clients with the basics

Module 2 – is on deliver-ability of the email

Module 3 – trains on open rates

Module 4 – Is on click-thru rates

Traffic Academy- This aims at helping business owners learn how to manage their sales funnel to increase their customer leads. It teaches the client how to leverage the potential in the platform such as Facebook to their benefit by increasing their traffic.

It has five modules:

Module 1 – is on Facebook traffic management

Module 2 – provides the client with the YouTube traffic formula

Module 3 – provides the client with the Instagram traffic formula

Module 4 – provides the client with the Yahoo/ Bing traffic management formula

Module 5 – provides the client with the CPA traffic formula

Masters Academy- This is for the members who want to develop consistent success by mastering the ins and outs of business and marketing. This package costs three thousand, four hundred and ninety-seven dollars. This package hints at the fact that your profits should have started rising by the time you reach this package.

Thus, it deals with three modules, namely:

Module 1 – provides some insight on mindset hacks
Module 2 – is on the wealth strategies that the clients could use to manage their profits
Module 3 – leads the entrepreneur to a CEO

AWOL Elite- This is specifically set up for the more serious clients who have expertise in scaling and building online businesses. This is most expensive package going at Ten Thousand Dollars. It contains all the products offered in the other packages. It is a training and mentor-ship package. It takes two hours per week.

affiliate marketing,My View:

Is AWOL Academy a Scam? No I cannot call it a scam as there is a lot of good information and training here but that being said it is Expensive. A lot of these training modules are dated and the info can be found online for a lot less money. Do you want to invest $10,000 into any program? I know that I don’t, it is a big risk and I will not risk that kind of money into any program Period.

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I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “An AWOL Academy Review”. Please leave your comments below!
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6 thoughts on “An AWOL Academy Review – A Must Read Before Purchase
  1. Michael says:

    Great review about awol. I agree on saying that 10,000 for a product is way to expensive. While I’m sure here is good training in there, I highly doubt it’s worth that amount.

    I will stick with your choice and go with wealthy affiliate that is much cheaper and has zero upsells once you join.

    1. Wayne says:

      Glad you enjoyed the review, $10,000 dollars is a way over my head to and totally not necessary, $49.00 a month or $359.00 a year  is more like it and no up-sells. Wealthy Affiliate is my choice also.

  2. Dave says:

    Wow! Can a training program cost this much?

    I mean investing ten thousand dollars into a training program is not worth it if you ask me. It is going to take long before you actually get the returns on it. No wonder the guy who introduced it to me was pushing real hard for me to join.

    Wealthy affiliate seems like a far better option and from the way you describe it, it seems legit and really rewarding. I was planning to look into AWOL but I think I’m gonna go with wealthy affiliate instead.


    1. Wayne says:

      Yes this training can cost this much but the good thing is you do not have to pay it yo succeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a drop in the bucket to this and is always updating their training modules so you will get all the latest in learning what affiliate marketing is all about and how to make money online.

  3. Norman says:

    Wealthy Affiliate by far has the best online training there is and it has been proven by the number of success stories that come out of this community. When you look at the training the community and the tools you know that you are a part of something great. I would encourage anyone to become a part of wealthy affiliate that is making a big difference in the lives of so many people. Great post that will help a whole lot of people.

    1. Wayne says:

      The fact that Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 12+ years and has built a community of 1000,s and some have been here for years and have built an incredible business plus that these people are helping new comers with building their business’s says it all.

      It’s a great feeling when you realize that your finally Free from the 9 – 5 job and your boss.

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