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ClickFunnel Review – Worth The Cost Or Not?

About ClickFunnel

about clickfunnel,Are you struggling to get your sales up and running? Then at least you are now aware of how hard it is to convert visitors to sales. Making profits is even tougher.

ClickFunnel has come into the picture guaranteeing to be the solution to this problem. It is a challenge for platforms such as LeadPage due to its user-friendly and powerful editor, sales funnels, and the best landing page builder.

Creating a good sales funnel that is well designed will help you give your customers more value and increase your sales drastically. I will try to help you understand more about ClickFunnel and how to use it.

You will understand that you do not need prior skills and knowledge to maneuver through this platform. Additionally, it has an affiliate program.

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What is ClickFunnel?

Russell Brunson formed this platform in 2014. This business has grown with time to annual earnings of about $100 million and has an active member list of 65,000 people as updated in August 2018. ClickFunnel helps build sales funnels such as:

  • Membership sites
  • Webinars
  • Squeeze pages
  • Landing pages

Other pages inclusive of down sells, up sells, and order bumps

If you settle for the Etison Suite package, which is the highest end one, you will be able to begin an affiliate program. This will lead you to replace your email service with Actionetics MD. This platform gives you the opportunity to get everything that you need in terms of selling and marketing your products online without feeling the need of hiring expensive developers for your site.

The Best Features of Clickfunnel:

Funnel template blueprints: Russell has brought out 22 types of varying funnels. These funnels are categorized into three, namely Event funnels, sales page funnels, and Lead capture funnels. You could create their special funnels such as the Membership funnels.

Simple funnels include Squeeze page funnel that collects the email address of the visitor and sends them a thanking message after they sign up. This improves loyalty.

The 2-step tripwire funnels use Order Form Bumps and one-click up-sells or down-sells to sell low ticket front-end products and upsell them to more expensive products. Every funnel type has a paid and free template. Thus, you do not need design skills to get the best out of this platform. It helps people with a limited budget plan.

  • Plan for Creating a Sales Funnel for Beginners
  • Select the funnel type
  • Choose the template that you seek to use
  • Customize the page to fit the needs and layout of the business
  • Include your products and make sure that the email and payment necessities are present
  • Put a domain name for your funnel
  • Save the funnel

When you are done with this plan, you are able to start directing traffic to it.

The drag and drop editor- This editor allows you to customize each page. The pages can take any columns and rows. With the aid of your mouse, you can drag the elements and place them wherever you want. This method could help to achieve any design possible.

The elements of the text could be edited inline. Modifying the properties of the elements could be done through a fly-out sidebar. It is organized and less time wasting. It does not need any coding, thus you do not have to learn CSS or HTML.

about clickfunnels,Cost:

Startup Program $97.00 – Per Month

Etison Program $297.00 – Per Month

Nice section of page elements:

Widgets or elements provide you with enough flexibility to make you design the pages that you envision. ClickFunnel has variety. The basic widgets include Video, Input forms, Button, Text, Image, and Headline widgets. These are the basic blocks for a basic landing page in the software.

It also has advanced one such as Custom HTML, Countdown Timers, FAQ Blocks, Facebook Comments, Progress Bars, Pricing Tables, Surveys and SMS Signup. The editor sidebar can be used to customize every element. Each common property can be changed such as alignment, fonts, margins, and background colors. In addition, element-specific properties are also available such as the button text and the image URL.

The affiliate program is worth it: It pays a recurring commission of 405 for each referral made. It allows a person to win prizes such as $500 when they manage to make 100 active referrals. There is a 5% offer on top of this for referring people to this ClickFunnel affiliate program and this is a 2-tier commission.

Promoting products in the ClickFunnel ecosystem allows you to earn 40% commissions including Software secret books, expert secrets, and dotcom secrets. Up-sells also guarantee a commission courtesy of the ClickFunnel sticky cookie. Another feature available for affiliates is known as the share funnels.

You can access your share funnel URL in the settings tab of the funnels. You can include the URL on the account of any visitor if they are ClickFunnel member. If the person is not a member, they are allowed to sign up for a 14-day free trial and then after this, your funnel URL can be included in their account.

The URL can act as an affiliate link too. This means that you will be able to get a recurring commission if the user maintains their position. You have very many options when it comes to making ClickFunnel affiliate commissions. The most preferred is the Affiliate Business in a Box method.


Adding a funnel is time-consuming. It takes about eight to ten seconds every time. This could prove to be irritating for those of us who have many funnels.

Limitations on the visitors and creation of funnels to 20,000 visitors, 100pages, and 20funnels. Take note that this restriction is available on its most affordable plan. The limits are good for people who are building the funnels for themselves.

However, if you are doing work for your clients, or promoting it as an affiliate should, it proves to be too restrictive. The Etison Suite is the only plan that lacks a restriction.

This is not a scam in my opinion but is expensive so you want to be careful when joining, do you really need it and can I go a different route and get what I need for less.



I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “Clickfunnel Review”. Please leave your comments below!

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8 thoughts on “ClickFunnel Review – Worth The Cost Or Not?
  1. Kim says:

    Wow that seems like a lot of money to put into a sales funnel. So is this program popular enough that if you signed up for the affiliate program you could actually make enough money to make it worth the time and effort?

    Also if a person joins Wealthy Affiliate could you use this sales funnel to direct traffic to them and make money at it?


    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Kim

      yes that is a lot of money for anyone starting a new business, I don’t really like sales funnels (don’t think google does either) as for the affiliate program I have not tried it but I imagine it will work like all of them but with the high cost you would be looking for website owners with high profit websites.

      You could certainly use clickfunnel to drive traffic to WA but to make money at it I could not say, these things are different for everyone.

  2. Tom says:

    Click Funnel is a good program however I would suggest some online experience before jumping into it.  It works really well if you use paid traffic.  Also if you have clients that you service it will save you a bunch of time.  If you are not familiar with the concept of funnels there may be a bit of a learning curve, but well worth it.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hello Tom

      Yes I agree with you fully, it is not something you jump into without doing your due diligence unless you want to lose a lot of money and we are not here for that. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Irene says:

    I have never used Clickfunnel, but the ability to create different type of funnels and having some nice templates to do that, like, Funnel template blueprints, makes Clickfunnel a very interesting product to take into consideration. I like also that they have a drag and drop editor, this should be really a life saver. Could you do any comparison of their best features with their biggest competitors? This could help on taking the decision if it’s worthy or not joining their program.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Irene

      It is a good program but expensive for any new website owner to ad to their expenses. I will have to look into some other programs out there, I,ll see what I can do in the future.

  4. Matthew says:

    As an affiliate marketer for only a few months, I have heard many times about Clickfunnels but I have heard a load of bad things about them.

    I have heard they have a great support team but the payments that they owe can take a while to get to you.

    I always wait to see good results from a program, rather than just see a review, and what others say about them before I join an affiliate network so I’m eager to see what clickfunnels has to offer me.

    Do they just take on any affiliate marketer or do you have to comply to a certain criteria?

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Matthew

      You got the right attitude for things like this, check things out before jumping in. As far as I can find out most anybody can sign up for this but I have not tried, will have to check on this a bit more. Thanks for the comment.

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