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Digital Altitude Reviews – Scam Or Legit Find Out Here

What is Digital Altitude About?

digital altitude review,Do you specialize in digital entrepreneurship? If you do, then you might want to consider this online training course offered by Digital Altitude. Michael Force created this online course by creating modules that range from Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and then lastly Apex.

Apex is the expert level of this entire program and it only applies for those who have mastered the concept of building digital businesses. Other than that, it is a training course; it also doubles-up as a marketing company. This means that it provides members with the opportunity to earn money.

The members are paid when they refer other people to the program. (MLM) The highest you can earn from this is about twelve thousand dollars per sale. Sorry But I Just Don’t Believe It.

The members learn how to increase their profits by optimizing their business practices. It helps the members understand that they have to approach business slightly differently from their counterparts in the business world since they are digitized.

This program helps to boost the sales skills of their members by paying them for referrals. The income of the members varies according to the level that the members buy into. The income streams at Digital Altitude add up to a total of sixty this includes the residual streams, which are nineteen.

Just to let you know I am in no way connected to digital altitude or am promoting them, read on and see for yourself what they promise”

What Is Digital Altitude Aspire?:

Aspire- A referral; in this case, takes up about forty percent commission for the thirty-seven dollar level. On the other hand, the sixty-seven dollar level takes up about sixty percent commission. This means that you will earn a monthly pay ranging from twenty to forty-two dollars.

Base- There is a sixty percent commission for anyone on this level. This means that for three tiers a person could earn about two hundred and forty dollars on each sale. If you are on this level and you need a little help closing a sale, the commission decreases to about forty percent, which will leave you earning about one hundred and sixty dollars on every sale.

Rise- A three-tier commission on this level is sixty percent, which means that per sale a member will get about nine hundred dollars ($900). If you seek the aid of a “Client for Life” coach on this level then your three-tier commission will decrease to forty percent. This will leave you earning about six hundred dollars on each sale.

Ascend- Just as the aforementioned levels, the starting commission is at sixty percent, and it lowers down to forty percent in the instance where you might need some assistance. This means that your earning range will be between four thousand three hundred dollars and one thousand nine hundred dollars on each sale, respectively.

Peak- The starting commission is at sixty percent, and it lowers down to forty percent in the instance where you might need some assistance. This means that your earning range will be between seven thousand two hundred dollars and four thousand eight hundred dollars on each sale, respectively.

Apex- The starting commission is at sixty percent, and it lowers down to forty percent in the instance where you might need some assistance. This means that your earning range will be between twelve thousand dollars and eight thousand dollars on each sale.

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Products of Digital Altitude:
digital altitude reviews,Digital Altitude has set up some levels of training and made it look similar to a virtual mountain. The program has then gone ahead and used some mountain references as the names of their packages. The following are some of the products that Digital Altitude offers to its clients.

Aspire caters to the sales system of the digital business. This package costs a monthly fee of thirty-seven to sixty-seven dollars. Clients who pay for this package get access to live chats with other entrepreneurs, support, networking opportunities, payroll services, merchant services, back-end products, personal coaching, and useful training videos.

The base is the mastery course for the digital business that costs about four hundred dollars ($400). This course is all about the image and state of the company. The client learns how to control how the public views their company.

This is a very practical approach to business and focuses mainly on the stuff that is taught in business schools. This includes management of your financials, the creation of masterful websites, brand building, and how to set up the goals of your business.

The rise is another master course that is made available to the client at the price of about one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500). This mastery course supplements the previous one by providing information necessary for the practical approach of the base level.

This information applies specifically to digital entrepreneurs rather than all business owners. This is very important and beneficial for digital businesses in that they now have access to information that is specific to their digital businesses.

Ascend is a profit workshop course for digital businesses. It costs about seven thousand dollars ($7,000). This workshop is in Las Vegas and it lasts for a period of three days. The beauty of this workshop is that you will have the chance to meet the founder of this training program, Michael Force. In addition to this, other leaders who have managed to lead the world of digital entrepreneurship will also be present in the workshop.

This provides the client with the opportunity to seek advice from some of the greatest minds in digital entrepreneurship. Other than that, the clients also have the chance to network and connect with other goal-oriented minds during the workshop.

The peak is a business-prosper retreat that costs about twelve thousand dollars ($12,000). This retreat takes five-days and the cost caters for all the expenses necessary for two people. The retreat allows the clients to learn from other digital business leaders, listen to digital business lessons from the founder, and even listen to other great speakers, among other things.

high pay affiliate programs,Apex is a legacy experience for digital business. It costs about twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). This course aims to attract the expert digital entrepreneurs. The cost caters to a week’s retreat and pays for all the necessary services and products needed by two people.

Unlike the previous retreat, the speakers who will attend this one are exclusively investing experts and asset managers. This is because of the program only expert people who have mastered in the previous programs to apply for this one.

Apart from the training programs, Digital Marketing also offers a number of Add-on products to the clients who have the option of purchasing them.

They include:

Traffic and funnel products- This offers twelve products. All these products aim at monetizing the email lists and pushing traffic through sales funnels with an aim of boosting the rate of online earnings.

Inbound- This one aims at creating SEO optimized content for your blogs. The packages range from a monthly fee of between fifteen to one thousand five hundred dollars. It covers all the concepts behind inbound marketing.

Guru you- This is a set of software tools. It helps in portraying the user as a “guru”. It includes options such as tools for social media creation, director videos, and even head shot creation, among others.

This is enough of Digital Altitude – To much money and to many high income claims just for signing on the dotted line and forking over all your cash. Try Wealthy Affiliate below (No Credit Card Required) and experience the community atmosphere.


I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into Digital Altitude. Please leave your comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Digital Altitude Reviews – Scam Or Legit Find Out Here
  1. Albert says:

    Thank you for your Digital Altitude review.
    I think in high ticket MLM programs like this one majority of clients never can succeed and almost all the benefits are for people at the top of the pyramid. Do you agree with this Wayne?
    But I am really interested in the Wealthy Affiliate community you mentioned.
    How long do you think it takes to succeed using their method?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Wayne says:

      I agree, the top of the pyramid are the one’s that make the big bucks while you and I shovel in the money for them. Wealthy Affiliate is like a university with tutorials, videos and 1000’s of community members there to help 24/7 on live chat and through their blogs.

      How long to start making money? That depends on the person, how many hours a week can he or she spare and you also have to be consistent in the work you do.  Depending on this your niche etc. you could start at 3 or 4 months to maybe a year or so. It is different with everybody and their attitude toward building one’s business.

  2. Kyoko Connolly says:

    Thank you for the thorough review of Digital Altitude. I have never heard it before, but I have seen this pay structure a lot recently.

    You mentioned this structure as MLM. I found it interesting as my understanding of MLM is more for how many levels of downlines you have, but perhaps recent online marketing structures created a new type of MLM like Digital Altitude, your payout is based on your level which is how much you initially paid.

    It can be very dangerous because what I see is that the company basically take the new comer’s payment and partially pass on to the marketer who referred to the newcomer (and the company keeps the rest). Many of this scheme offers nothing but lame contents, or worse, another high price up-sells. In my opinion, it is nothing but Ponzi Scheme! I don’t think it will last too long.

    1. Wayne says:

      You are right it is a dangerous game and you can lose a lot of money here and I do not recommend it to anybody. I appreciate your insight into the Digital Altitude Review and I agree with you all the way.

  3. Mark Baker says:

    Hi Wayne

    Thanks for covering Digital Altitude so thoroughly in your post. I had never heard of them before so I found the detailed information very useful.

    I guess the moment I realized it was an MLM type business I immediately lost a bit of interest. Having tried MLM myself I was never able to make the money they promote as possible and yet they always managed to make quite a lot out of me. Eventually I realized I was wasting my time.

    I was wondering with Wealthy Affiliate whether there are also various levels of membership above the $49 per month level and which restrict what you can or can’t promote?


    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Mark

      I have tried MLM a couple of times and had the same results as you with the fees, running around and wasting my time talking to people. A complete waste of time.

      Now with Wealthy Affiliate you have only one level which is $49.00 per month or $359.00 per year ($.83) per day, no more up-sells.

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