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DotComSecrets Coaching Program – Is It For You?

dot com secrets coaching program,Have you ever heard about the DotComSecrets and it’s Business Coaching Program? If you have never heard about this, then this read will catch you up to speed with the dynamics of this program.

The following are some of the steps that you are likely to go through when you sign up for it.


Shipment of free stuff- It has a number of products that are shipped out free.

They include:

The DotComSecrets Book that you can purchase on Amazon or through this site, https://dotcomsecretsbook.com/get-it-free. All you will need to do is cover the shipping costs.

The DotcomSecretsLabs Book that is marketed to have 108 tips that can be applied to a business and make it instantly successful. It was sold originally for $197 but a free copy is available at https://dotcomsecretslabsbook.com/get-it-free.

DotComSecrets Labs Monthly Newsletter has information on education and training that you need to use to get started with your business or company. This is available on https://dcslabsmonthly.com/freegift.
These are all the available training materials that are delivered in the first step of the process. After this is done, you will need to move to the next step.

Getting the software- This is the basis of the entire company and any other top marketer online. It is known as the Click Funnels and is available on http://clickfunnels.com. This software allows you to get accustomed with it for the first two weeks with a free trial and guarantees positive returns when applied to your company.

Need help launching your next sales funnel?- This is the final step that invites any interested party to take part in the “Inner Circle” or “Ignite” coaching programs. This niche does not accept all the applications. A responder will call you and ascertain whether you are a good fit or not. Only the selected few are directed on how to grow their businesses effectively.

This program was created by Russell Brunson and has a monthly fee payment of $47/37 inclusive of a free book and up-sells. The main problem that most affiliate marketers face is directing traffic to their website and getting paying leads.

This program claims that it can do just that. Russell Brunson comes from Boise, Idaho, USA and graduated from Boise State University. His career started using Click Funnels and marketing automation. This apparently helped to improve his website effectiveness.

DotComSecrets Coaching Program,He managed to sell more than a million dollars worth of the products he offers using this strategy. These are set out in his two books, namely 108 Proven Split Test Winners and DotComSecret the Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online.

These books help with internet marketing intermediates. Russell has another software company under his care. He has collaborated with Robert Kiyosaki in the recent past. This shows that he has a good reputation when it comes to affiliate marketing.

This read will help you make an informed choice on whether to join the DotComSecrets Coaching Program or not in a bid to improve your leads. It will also give you confidence when investing in it as it will provide enough information both positive and negative.

Want to make money in Affiliate marketing? You should join Wealthy Affiliate’s “Try before you buy” Free version and see how you like it. Let me know what you think about it.

Pros of DotComSecrets Coaching Program:

  • The training is intermediate and advanced
  • Very helpful for successful online people who already have a website
  • The training has a lot of information
  • With enough research, you can find information on it online for free

Cons of DotComSecrets Coaching Program:

  • It is expensive and not for people on a budget as it costs about $300.00 every month
  • After a person signs up they can get an up-sell offer for his products
  • The guidelines are not clear
  • The free book is not really free as you will have to pay for the shipping costs
  • The trial offer comes with a lot of spam email
  • Not user-friendly to new users

This program is best for people who seek to sell their products online. Thus, a person needs to have a running online business. The tips and direction given in the program are used to enhance the proceeds of the business. Thus, for people who are just starting up as online marketers, they should steer clear from it.

DotComSecrets Coaching Program offers a membership platform for people who are making an annual fee of $50,000 and more from their own businesses or companies. This gives them a platform where they can meet like minded people who are on the same level as they are. It helps them increase their potential of increasing their earnings.

Tools and Training:

dotcomsecrets,The books promote up-sell products purchase. Even though Russell recommend this for beginners, it is clear that it is not an informed suggestion.

This is because newbies need samples and examples of how the strategies can be applied to their businesses. They need more information that is not simply offered in the two books.

Additionally, the beginners need to have some knowledge of the basics of affiliate and internet marketing and how to make money using an online platform. The knowledge is useful but the application or implementation part is not. This is not explained in the book and is thus useless for beginners.

Other things you will find in the training include:

  • Building customer relationship and finding a good target market
  • Split test implementation to help design the website and bring in more paying visitors
  • Attracting and maintaining traffic into your website for conversion
  • Templates and scripts that are used by the author
  • Online persona creation
  • Analyzing the behavior of websites and participating in email marketing to satisfy customers
  • Attracting business and branding

You will need to buy the following:

Solo Ads: These advertisements deal with increasing your website views by paying people to view it and make an impression.

Pure Leverage: This auto-responder will help you to generate an automatic set message to an email address.

GVO: this one helps in the creation of a website and provides hosting in their platform.


In my view Dot Com Secrets is not a scam but is very expensive and only for successful business people that have the money and expertise in running their own business. This is to help them increase business sales with the net working of like people.

Thank you for reading through and trusting this review. I hope that it has helped you understand the DotComSecrets Coaching program better and that you will be able to make an informed decision from this. You can also visit the site on www.dotcomsecrets.com for a more informed outlook of the niche.

Like to start with a website program that is Free (No Credit Card Needed) and if it is suitable to you then you can upgrade to premium for only $49.00 per month or $359.00 per year, No Up-sells. All training, videos, hosting for 50 websites included. Try Wealthy Affiliate, you won’t be disappointed.



I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “DotComSecrets”. Please leave your comments below!

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10 thoughts on “DotComSecrets Coaching Program – Is It For You?
  1. Olonisakin Kehinde says:

    Waoooo dotcom secrets, i am actually in love with it plus i am hearing it for the first time. be that as it may, for any successful business man, or someone who desires to be successful with internet marketing or affiliate marketing nothing is too expensive to invest in. As a matter of fact, it is worth the effort. i think the things one need to focus on is patience in reading the books available and taking time to study the model already developed by financial experts in the field of marketing.

    Who says you cannot achieve it in a big way? Keep moving forward.

    1. Wayne says:


      If you don’t mind the higher investment then you should by all means try it and yes I agree keep moving forward. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Alejandra says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read to know more about DotComSecrets coaching program.

    I’m thinking to create a website to start working from home and I’m currently looking to get accurate information from different sites that offer coaching services to help people to get a website and create an income from it.

    There are so many offers that it’s hard to find the right one to start with, it’s good to know a second advice before click to sign up to a new program.

    As you said in your article the price of this coaching service looks a little high for me, and I need something that helps me to learn from the point A, as I’m a beginner. 

    I will take a look to your recommendation at Wealthy Affiliate, as this is not the first time I see people talking about it as a good place to start working on my dream to create a website to work from home. 

    1. Wayne says:


      I agree with you for most people starting out this is just to expensive, I’m glad you are looking at wealthy Affiliate as it has a set price with no up-sells and did you know WA is the same price as when it started 13 years ago, very affordable. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Laura says:

    Nice article on Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets book. I tried the 14 day free trial of ClickFunnels but had to cancel it, because it was to expensive and I still have a lot to learn about the matter.

    I did order the book a few days ago and also got the audiobook, so I can start right away.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Laura

      Yes it is pretty expensive, it is more for established business’s. Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate, it is very affordable for starting and building your website business. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Alice says:

    For someone who is not a “techie” and is a total newbie in the world of internet marketing, I have considered signing up for a coaching program so many times. It’s frustrating that things aren’t working for me no matter how hard I am trying to do all I can. However, I’m not sure I will be getting my money’s worth. Let’s be honest, there are so many coaching programs out there that promises you easy money but first you’re gonna have to put down quite a large sum of money.

    If the DotCom Secrets Coaching program was originally sold for $197 and they’re giving it away for free, I wonder what’s the catch. Or perhaps Russel Brunson has already made a fortune out of it so he wants to “give back. “DotCom Secrets Coaching program is indeed expensive and only those who are making an annual fee of $50K or more are offered a membership platform. 

    Thanks for this honest review.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Alice

      First of all your welcome, A lot of these coaching programs are very expensive and the problem I see with them is you can get all they have and much, much more from Wealthy Affiliate for one monthly or yearly fee. I’m glad you enjoyed my review and found what you needed.


  5. Kenny says:

    Hi and thank you for creating a very informative post about the various aspects of online business. There are so many pitfalls and scams online these days, that it is so important that sites like yours exist. We all need to be sharing tips and great accurate information with each other to hopefully avoid costly mistakes. Kenny

    1. Wayne says:

      Hey Kenny

      Your welcome, we should all try to work together and help each other and that is the philosophy of Wealthy Affiliate, a whole community plus the owners working together 24/7 a great idea. Thank you.

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