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Easy 1up Review – Read Before You Sign

easy 1up review,Every year, there seems to be another network marketing venture that promises great returns. Many times, it is difficult to understand what exactly the offer is and how it differs from all the others.

The reason for this is partly because there is so much hype resulting from all the marketing that’s all over the place, especially on social media.

This article aims to give a candid unsolicited review of Easy 1up so that you can have all the information you need to make a proper decision about it.

You don’t want to just jump into something without having all your facts right. Most times, people who blindly jump into such ventures are usually the ones to get burned and later wonder how and why they lost money.

What is Easy 1up?

After some research, I found that the Easy 1up website domain was registered on June 8th, 2007 with a recent domain upgrade on its 2016 anniversary. It is branded as a digital education product.

When you first check the website, you can’t get any information about who the owner is. It’s usually important to know who owns a company especially if you are going to invest in it.

You can tell a lot about a company by its owner. He is usually the one who will set and drive the culture of the company and it’s always good to know if he has a track record of success in his previous ventures and if they were legit.

what is easy 1up,If you can’t easily find information about the company’s owner on their website, this would usually raise a red flag. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and actually dig deeper.

After further research, I determined that the company is owned by Peter Wolfing. According to his Facebook page, he is an entrepreneur.

A website lookout search showed that Easy 1up was on the same private domain server as Ultimate Cycler, a Ponzi scheme launched by Peter Wolfing but in 2014. What’s more, Ultimate Cycler is no longer in existence.

The phrase “Ponzi Scheme’ usually carries with it a negative connotation when it comes to online businesses.

Peter Wolfing has also launched a couple more ventures over the years including:

• National Wealth Center
• Business Tool Box
• Infinity 100
• Pay Me Forward

Of these, only National wealth Center has survived.

Easy 1up Products:

Now that we have a general idea about the company, let’s look at its products. The Easy 1up is the actual product on offer. There do not seem to be any retail products or services available but the ability for affiliates to promote the Easy 1up membership.

easy 1up,Once a person joins the program, Easy !up members can gift anywhere between $25 to $500 to the particular affiliate that recruited them, depending on which membership was bought.

Here is a breakdown of each membership tier:

• $25 Membership – This gives a network marketing basics course and a series of affiliate marketing videos.
• $100 Membership – This gives a series of cash generating videos with methods of free marketing
• $250 Membership – This gives an advanced video series featuring Digital Business
• $500 Membership – This is suited for the advanced marketer as is provides a live business building course.

This basically outlines the affiliate membership, let’s now look at the compensation plan.

Easy 1up Compensation Plan:

This plan basically gifts $25 to $500 to members who sponsored a particular affiliate. The affiliate is the one who pays this amount and after that, he is free to collect payment from members he personally enrolls. Unlike the normal fortnightly or monthly payments that affiliates are used to seeing, the Easy 1up System allows affiliates to receive payments daily.

This happens through a structured uni-level plan with a 1up model. Payment is made through PayPal, Western Union, Solid Trust Pay or Bitcoin.

To Explain the Compensation plan. Consider a four-level kind of tree. Each of the lower individuals represents new affiliates while the upper levels represent sponsors. Gifts are given in an upward direction with upper levels qualifying affiliates to receive payments across lower levels.

Affiliates who enter at the $500 level waive the obligation to pass up payments and instead, earn all their commissions.

easy 1up review,What does it cost to join Easy 1up?

To join the Easy 1up affiliate program, you will have to part with between $25 and $500 gift in fee and a 10% admin fee. The difference between these payments is the income potential, as explained above. Of course, if an affiliate joins at $500, their income potential is much higher than an affiliate who enters at $25.

Final words:

Well without any products or services actually being sold or provided, I am rather skeptical about the Easy 1up program. Coupled with the fact that we had mentioned earlier about not finding information on the owner, it honestly looks like just another of Peter Wolfing’S schemes. Member to member payments and no actual retail goods or services characterized his other ventures as well.

Will it make you money? Maybe, but honestly, the risk is just too high to take. When affiliates stop joining the program (as expected), it will only be the ones in the top tier who will have actually made money, with Peter wolfing being at the apex of the tree.

As long as even one member joins the program at the lowest tier, he is assured of earnings. Once recruitment dies off, so will the payments and pass-ups and it will be just in time for him to start yet another program offering something similar. It seems like it’s not a matter of IF the company will go under but WHEN.

Easy 1up seems very much like another gifting scheme called Exitus elite which features member to member payments without products or services for retail as well.

With an online business, you have to be careful that whatever you are buying into is 100% legit and proven, lest you lose.

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  1. Clarissa Kathleen says:

    This was a great article and very in-depth. I liked that it was direct and honest, giving impartial information that can help readers make an assertive decision about their network marketing options.

    Adding to this, it is clear you are knowledgeable and know the working of the network marketing industry and processes

    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment, It’s nice to know you got the information you were looking for. I try to cover all that everyone needs to make their decision. Happy Affiliate Marketing.

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