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Founder Fly Review

Overall Ranking: 4/5 stars

Price: $1 week/9.99 month/99 year/199 lifetime

Owners: Ryan Lee

Website: Founderfly.com


make money online,Founder fly is a specialty membership program that works to help create online marketers and build successful online businesses.

It’s a training program that teaches you all of the aspects to start and promote a business and then shows you the current techniques for achieving success in the Internet marketing world.

The vast majority of the training programs are available on video but the ongoing tools will help you to see trends for success in online marketing.

If you have been involved in any other program that teaches you how to succeed online it’s probably going to use some of the similar tactics here. The advantage that you get with Founder fly is that the program is relatively inexpensive and it comes with constantly updating tools even if you sign up for the lifetime membership.

Pros VS Cons


  • Extremely low cost for the amount of materials and support that you get with the program.
  • Huge community of other users that are willing to offer their support and methods.
  • 30+ tutorial videos which are very easy to follow and can take you from beginner to a moderate expert in online marketing.
  • Refund process with a 60 day money back guarantee.
  • Regularly updated videos which showcased the changes in Internet marketing.
  • Zero pressure or up sells.


  • Some of the initial training videos are a few years old and may not offer up to date advice.
  • Although there is a 60 day guarantee/refunds can take some time.
  • The presentation isn’t quite as engaging as some other formats.

What you get:

Inside the package you can receive up to 30 initial training videos as well as ongoing training and help. Subscription to this program also includes the support from the founder fly community. This means that you can receive ongoing help from members as they find new methods for earning online.

Ultimately the package to the community is well worth the price alone but these supplementary videos and updated methods are another excellent reason why this program is so popular. Ultimately founder fly is mostly about the education process but the support that you can receive from the staff as well as the community is really indispensable and you can’t put a price on the number of opportunities that you will receive from the supportive group of individuals.

Who is the program for?

This program could be extremely beneficial for those with a background in Internet marketing as well as individuals that have little to no experience. If you have ever thought of earning money online or you simply want a means to get into Internet marketing founder fly is an excellent resource to get your feet off the ground and to proceed with the initial stages of starting an online business. Although this might not be the best type of program available for individuals that have extensive experience in Internet marketing, it is possible that you could gain some benefit from the community members.

When it comes to a lot of the resources provided in the first initial 30 videos most Internet marketing gurus found that around 95% of the material they knew already. This can be a problem if you have paid a substantial amount of money for the program up front but the easiest way to mitigate this is to pay for the weekly subscription if you are experienced with Internet marketing.

This will give you just enough time to pick the boards of some of the useful information that many other experienced due rooms are using. If you are a beginner however you will want to pay for more time so that you can go through some of the training resources as well as have access to the step-by-step guides for the future of Internet marketing and the newest opportunities available. This will help you get your business off the ground.

Ultimately the program is great for experienced users because they can find some new methods for earning. Short-term membership is really all that you might require for this type of process though. Long-term membership is definitely recommended for new users and this program can take you from an absolute novice to somewhat of an expert in Internet marketing.

While this is a good program in my view and not a scam but I think you get much more and better training, video’s and 24/7 live chat with marketing experts, community and Owners at Wealthy Affiliate plus 2 free websites with hosting and No Credit Card to log-in. Try it, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Tools and training overview:

In the program you get 30 different videos which are created by guest speakers on different subjects within Internet marketing. The program also offers you several different tools that can help you with starting promotions as well as tracking your online marketing effort. If you don’t have much experience in analytics some of the tools that are available can be better than the standard tools that you might get with any website. The step-by-step guides will help you with setting up promotions as well as understanding the basics of earning commissions and marketing products online.

Perhaps the greatest tools and training that you might receive actually comes from the community members. You can ask questions in plain and simple terms and have your questions instantly answered by Internet marketing gurus. This means that you can essentially have an excellent support group for all of your Internet marketing endeavors. Everyone is willing to help you because you share the same goal to be successful online and to take advantage of the top marketing programs available online. By working together with the community you can earn a healthy living online in Internet marketing.


Support for this program is excellent and the staff is always available and attentive. Should you have questions about your friend videos were different methods it’s easy to ask a community member. Eventually when you start to gain some expertise you can become a part of this community and share some of your knowledge and spirit dance with other members to fill the support role as well. This is one more supportive communities for both beginners and experts.



For the weekly price point not too many other programs can actually offer you this type of value. There also aren’t too many programs that can offer you a lifetime membership and community access for such a low price. If you are starting off in Internet marketing there are definitely some cheaper programs available but this one offers a lot of value for its price point. At $1 week/9.99 month/99 year/199 lifetime there are flexible payment options which can suit your budget and your curiosity. With a money back guarantee you have virtually no risk for joining into founder fly, sometimes very slow getting money returned, while at Wealthy Affiliate there is absolutely No risk because of the free trial.

I welcome all comments and if you have questions just leave them below and I will try to answer the best I can.

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