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Free Link Cloaking Software – 9 Awesome Cloaking Programs

free link cloaking software,All You Need To Know About Free Link Cloaking Software.

Did you know that someone could easily hijack your commissions as an affiliate? Are your affiliate details hidden as you promote the links?

If not, then you are at a higher risk of losing your commission. The only thing a hijacker does in such a situation is to replace your ID with his or her own during a purchase.

It is quite an annoying occurrence especially in sites such as ClickBank. You will need to cloak your affiliate links to prevent your ID from leading to a hijacked commission. There are numerous link cloaking software programs for affiliates to use. This read will help you to know where to access Free Link Cloaking Software.

An affiliate link that has not been cloaked appears as follows:


On the other hand, an affiliate link that has been cloaked appears as follows:

How to Cloak Your Affiliate Link:

Create a tracking link- This will help you redirect from the affiliate offer or landing page. This will mask your movement but it does not guarantee that you will not be a victim to commission hijacking.
Enable the cloaking link option- This will hide your destination URL address by loading it with iFrame and then it is hidden.

Manually changing your URL address is another option, though it is not very effective

Using affiliate link cloaking plug-ins. This is common with WordPress and is termed as the most efficient mode of cloaking an affiliate link. The following are some of the benefits of using this process to cloak the links.


This link is presented very attractively to the viewers. A simpler and shorter URL address makes it convenient for a user to memorize it for future use.

SEO feature: It has an SEO feature that makes sure that your external and internal links are balanced and the external ones are not followed to maximize the traffic on the site. This will increase the conversions of your site.

Link tracking is easier:

The software can generate statistics from the links that will help you manage the content on your site format the statistics.

Updates on links are easier: Affiliate marketing links are not guaranteed to be constant. They change from time to time. When they do, your site is under integral threat that may lead you to change all the links personally. The link cloaking plug-ins make such tasks easier.

These are the Best Link Cloaking Software:

Simple URLs:

This plug-in manages URLs and can be used to cloak them. This plug-in tracks, manages, and creates outbound links through the aid of a 301 redirect function and a custom post type. Apart forms this it can be used to store the click counts, which will help you know the amount of traffic on your site and stored under the custom field. You can use it to add custom types to the admin menu to manage, delete, and edit the links and URLs.

Pretty link lite:

This free plug-in creates a short URL that helps your address tell the site viewers about the story about your site. You can include the domain name to help your viewers’ memories. Link tracking is intuitive and becomes more effective once you upgrade to the Pro Version.

The Pro version has additional features that help in increasing business visibility and automating the tasks. It also allows the business owner to input various testing methods as part of the optimization process.

Thirsty Affiliates:

This is one of the most popular plug-ins for affiliate marketing. It helps the user handle the affiliate links and has an inbuilt link shortener for affiliate links. Using this plug-in, you have control over the “no follow“and “do follow” options.

This plug-in stands out from the rest through its export and importing functionality. This helps blogs that are established to transfer some of their numerous affiliate links to other blogs. Its Pro Version contains functionalities such as scheduled links, Geolocation, CSV importer, Google Click Tracking, stats, and an auto linker, among others.

Hidden affiliate links:

This is one of the most effective link cloaking software available. The plug-in is small and it is easy to manipulate. The plug-in has the option of automatically replacing the links and keywords on the site. This makes it time efficient.

WooCommerce Cloak affiliate links:

This is popular plug-in is specific to ecommerce sites. It helps ecommerce sites hide the external links on the website. It blocks all the search engine bots from following the external link.

Easy affiliate links:

This is one of the most recent plug-ins to join the free link cloaking software. Its feature list is making it gain popularity within a short time. Its installation process is very easy to work out and the automatic link conversion option increases the number of affiliate links on your site.

You can do your analysis very easily through the dashboard that is quite neat and easy to follow. Another feature that is exclusive to this plug-in includes the link-tracing feature.

Link Tracker:

This cloud-based solution targets large enterprises with large sites. This is because it works best for tracking links. Unlike the other options, this is not a plug-in but it performs the same functionality as a link cloaking plug-in. It performs to distinct process that includes creating tracking links and has a link cloaking option. This means that a simple button, rather than a process, can cloak your address.

Simple Link Cloaker:

This elegant plug-in is easy to understand and maneuver. You can select the appropriate work for the affiliate through its multiple linking structures. By selecting the keywords, you can personalize the entire experience to fit your website content and goals.

WP Wizard cloak:

This plug-in is perfectly made to suit affiliate link cloaking. It is intuitive and easy to maneuver through the wizard. The tracking feature is inbuilt and it summarizes the clicked links. You have the option of borrowing the following site visitor information; type of browser used, IP address, URL referral, and the code of the state. Apart from this, it uses the CSV format to export data and it supports the One-click report generation.

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6 thoughts on “Free Link Cloaking Software – 9 Awesome Cloaking Programs
  1. Integrous Resolution Services (IRS) says:

    All I can say is “Wow, Wow, Wow ” Are you kidding me? I had no clue this was a threat and not, thanks to you r article, I know just what steps I need to make to protect my commission, presence, and hard work. What a very informative article.

    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment, it’s nice to see that you found some information that will help in your internet building business.

  2. Netta says:

    Hey Wayne:

    I wasn’t even aware that this was possible! Sheesh! I am not at all okay with the possibility of having my commissions hijacked!

    Thank you so much for the heads-up and for all of the useful information of ways to prevent this. I’ve got a bit of research to do, I am thinking….

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for the comment and am glad you found the info helpful, it’s better to look around and see which is best for you.

  3. Dallas McCalister says:

    Holy Cow! I had no idea that we could lose an affiliate commission this way…

    Thanks Wayne for this great review. Which plugin do you use or do you use a combination of them to insure more safety?

    This is on the best reviews I’ve come across to date. I appreciate this so much!

    Going right back to my WordPress dashboard …


    1. Wayne says:

      Your welcome, and as far as I can find out being hosted on Wealthy Affiliate your chances of being hijacked by scammers are a lot less as wealthy affiliate hosting has protection against people like this.

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