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Free Website Background Images – Look Before You Leap

free background images,Looking for free webpage backgrounds? Break the monotony of words by giving your readers some exciting and appealing images to look at as they scroll through your site content.

The right image will directly send the message that your content aims at achieving. The image could tell them about your character, experience, or even your goals.

One place to use an image on your site is the background. They add both texture and color to your site. Finding the right image could be very hard.

Most sites use either a white background or another bold color that allows their content to be visible. However, this is very unappealing and most developers end up settling for common background images that are easily accessed online.

This read aims at giving you some of the most interesting images for your website background. Choose from the wide range of options. Some of them work best for certain seasons and nature. As you look for the most appropriate images for your site, the following issues are likely to cross your mind:

Licensing- Most images are heavily protected and regulated by terms of use. Thus, it would be prudent to make sure that you double check the terms before you use the image. This will prevent you from being a party to a future lawsuit. Make sure that your use of the image is not prohibited by the terms of the image.

Size- The most common image size is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.

Free Website Background Images:

Board wood textures pack 1– Just as the name suggests, this images gives a natural texture that blends well with the designs and color scheme. It blends well with numerous niches and topics as it allows the user to feel comfortable as they read the content on the site.

The pack has numerous shades that could change depending on the setting or mood that you need to give your viewers. Access this image Here

free website background images,Round Hall HDR- The whole outlook of the image is slightly tilted. It makes the feeling give a feeling of movement by making the walls and floor circular.

It has two light sources that come from two windows. One of these windows reflects some light onto two of the walls, while the other allows the viewer to see a shadow.

The shadow brings about mystery. Access this image here.

Fjord HDR- If you are looking for an image that has less color, and then this one comes highly recommended. The little color on the image highlights the water and clouds. It has a darkened mystery to it that comes from the trees and dock in the shadow.

Its texture comes from the water and clouds. If you want your visitors to feel calm as they go through your site, then this is the appropriate image for your site. Access this image on here.

Trevi fountain- If you appreciate fine architecture, then you should probably try this image out. The well-lit rocks, statues, and architecture give a sense of creativity; not to forget the almost unnoticeable water. Access this image here.

Wooden hearts- This simple image has a touch of innocence and craftiness. It will make your site appear calm yet playful. This is because it has a touch of nature and the color scheme works well with its texture. Access this image here.

Reflections 4- This image is able to create a color contrast pattern from dark to light. It also brings out some mystery from the sunken boat, while also enhancing the calmness of the image from the still water. Create some calm mystery by accessing this image here.

Test of time- This image has a common resemblance to most of the calming images on website backgrounds. It makes the viewer associated with the image by feeling as if they have ever walked down a similar path before.

It has a natural color with grass, wood, and a shadow on a small bridge.Even though the viewers will associate with the image, they will still have a strong urge to learn where exactly the road leads. Access this image here.

Reflections- There are two types of images under this category. They include:

free background images,Reflections: This image has an interesting natural color that brings out its texture. The most noticeable thing on the image is the reflection of a tree’s shadow, followed by a light in the water.

The light creates a mesmerizing pattern on the water greenery. Access this image here.

Reflections: This fall themed image is quite calming. It has the usual fall colors, but in this case, they reflect against the water ripples. This creates a mirror effect that is distorted.

In addition to this, it has people and a bridge that is a not centered. Access this image here.

Reflection- There are two types of images under this category.

Reflection: This image makes great use of the subjects of the image, which makes it look more like a pattern. The light reflects on the water creating a pattern. The color variation is subtle enough to make out the circular shapes in the image. This image would work best for a site that relates to a spa or any health-related issue. Access this image here.

Reflection: This sophisticated image has a touch of gold on it. The gold creates a contrast on the shadow. The close-up focal point creates a texture that leads the eye through the image. This would work well for sites that have a lot of content. It will help retain the reader’s concentration. Access this image here.

Sunset- Sunsets are spectacular, especially when they are in full range from a beach. This image utilizes this through its use of both dark and bright colors. Texture is brought out by the waves on the image. In addition to this, the blue and orange sky makes the image have a beautiful gradient. Access this image here.

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I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into Free Website Background Images. Please leave your comments below!


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8 thoughts on “Free Website Background Images – Look Before You Leap
  1. Darren says:

    Free background images are a great idea, so long as they aren’t big files that make loading the page really slow. I think a background image should only be visible on the dies of a white page, to make reading the content easier, but still having something interesting in the surrounds. Thanks for sharing. Some interesting ideas here.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hello Darren

      I like the idea on certain websites but on informational site such as this one a white background is best, easier to read and a faster load. Thanks for your fresh ideas and I agree.


  2. john says:

    White backgrounds with black text are the way to go.It has been proven that this combination is easy to read.Images are truly hard to find getting the right images can be a daunting task.trying to keep them relavent to the content that you have is key to the success of your site

    1. Wayne says:

      Hey John

      Yes I agree that black and white is the way to go on most sites but on certain sites people like to dress them up and make the theme go with the time of the year or holidays etc.

  3. Michael says:

    These look like some very nice picture, thanks for sharing them with us.

    I do have one question though. You say white backgrounds are plain and boring, but in my experience it also makes it very easy to read and comprehend content on the site.

    If I go to a website with lots of images and colors on the background I get very distracted and it makes it hard to concentrate on what I’m looking for.

    What is your take on this?

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes I agree with this also for sites like this one the plain white backgrounds are the best but for some sites such as environmental or maybe say landscaping plus numerous other similar sites like color and background images

      I would say for most informational sites such as this one should be in white backgrounds, easier to read and you don’t want distractions.

  4. Sukumar Thingom says:

    One of the most difficult aspects of starting a blog for a beginner is finding good high-resolution images that are copyright-free. You are right about most people using a picture-less or white background. Most people do it not out of choice but out of compulsion since they are not able to find good images of their choice. I really like the varied choices available mentioned in your article. I have bookmarked your page because I’m an aspiring blogger myself and I’ll be needing some images for my blog’s background. Thanks for a wonderful post.

    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you for your comment. I would be careful on which these are used on, affiliate sites for example are better with a white background (no distractions). Hope you can use some of these images.

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