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Freedom Fighters Network – Maybe It’s Not So Free

Why I Would Not Trust The Freedom Fighters Network

freedom fighters networkProduct Name: The Freedom Fighters Network

Price: $47 per month

Owners: Jordan Schultz & Angela Moore

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Freedom Fighters Network Overview

This is a networking marketing company where you get paid for promoting the program only after becoming a member. It requires me to pay $47 to be a member, and they do offer 7 days free trial before buying.

When you sign up either during the free trial or after applying, you set up a personal profile in the system and an autoresponder. You are also directed to Freedom Fighters Network Facebook page, and they also offer Google hangouts. One also has to complete their training which is sent through the autoresponder before starting to earn money.

In order to make money, one has to recruit members and sell the program to other people. The program offers one $150 to anyone who doesn’t make money within the first 30 days of being a member.

The Good:

  • They give detailed information on how you will make money from their site and also through Facebook.
  • The 7-day offer, has created so much traffic on their website which one can see by the number of memberships.
  • For every referral I make, you get a commission of $15.

The Bad:

  • freedom fighters network,When you are in the free trial mode, you have to add a credit card meaning that you will be required to pay the $47 once done with the free days. No Credit Card is required to try Wealthy Affiliate plus you get 2 Free websites.
  • When I join, I must stay active for 30 calendar days from the day that I purchase the membership but not from the free trial date.
  • It is a must for me to generate 150 unique persons by use of the lead generation strategies through their affiliate link. The real persons have to enter their email address into their system to create an individual affiliate ID. This is not an easy process.
  • I will not be able to join the Freedom Fighters Network again if I quit and get $150. (Not to likely you will get the $150.00)
  • On their sign up page, they have a timer which logs you out faster, and they will send you an email to offer you a second chance if you didn’t sign up the first time.
  • I have to have $0 pending, and I should have paid out $0 to get the $150 when I want to leave.
  • On the social media pages, there is nothing much happening but you get to see people say how they like the Freedom Fighters Network.
  • Before I finished signing-up, I was hit by the first up-sell- the Push Button Traffic. Every click I have to pay $.80 which is very expensive especially if I don’t know where the leads are coming from.

Who is Freedom Fighters Network For?

The targeted people are those who are willing to work at home primarily stay at home moms, and they get to earn some cash. The owners say that this program can give a shortcut to success.


Freedom Fighters Network Tools & Training

Training is done once you have signed up, set up a personal profile and an auto-responder. The training guide is sent through the auto-responder, and it is about how to drive traffic through Facebook to a landing page with a video with Angela and Jordan in front explaining who they are and how the system works. More training guides, information, and interviews are frequently added to teach people on how to make money online.

Freedom Fighters Network Support

wealthy affiliate,affiliate marketing,The support is only from Jordan and Angela, but it is not clear how you can reach them. At Wealthy Affiliate you can talk to the owners either by 24/7 live chat or private message anytime you choose.

Freedom Fighters Network Price

It initially sold for $29.95, but it increased to$47 which means it may become more expensive to become a member.

In the steps on how to create money, you are required to get traffic, and the rates depend on the number of clicks that you make.  The smallest traffic package goes for $100 for 250 clicks, and the largest is 1250 clicks and sells for $1,000. If you don’t use the required leads with the clicks you buy, you are forced to buy more clicks.

My Final Opinion of Freedom Fighters Network

The owners were initially members and affiliates of Empower Network, but they have now branched out to create their own product so as to teach people how to create money online. However, there are complaints that they are trying to have people join Empower Network.

The Freedom Fighters Network is not an easy way to make money as they advertise. It will hard for me to sell out this product to people as they are already cautious about online things so reaching the target 150 leads becomes a difficult task. Also, having $0 in commission by the time you want to leave is also hard.

They initially said that they would give you $30 as a commission for every person you refer to the program. When they saw that most people were being involved, they reduced to $15. Who knows it won’t be done away eventually?

I haven’t seen proof from people who have really made money from this program, so I have doubts if it is true.

I would not really say that this is a scam but I would tell people to be cautious as they sign up. If you are good in network marketing, you can try it out and see if you can get to the 150 leads. The training is good, and you can use this information if you want to  try out network marketing even if not with this program.

There are many ways to make money online, and this is not one of them, however, I would recommend someone to do their research before making a mistake.

SCAM ALERT!!! Looks as though the Freedom Fighters Network site has closed down and left all subscribers hanging, and UNPAID.

Look below at my #1 recommended make money online program, it is free to try for as long as you like.

What are your thoughts on freedom fighters network? Would like to hear your thoughts or experience with them.

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2 thoughts on “Freedom Fighters Network – Maybe It’s Not So Free
  1. Edward says:

    Many scams use the bait and switch tactic. They trap members and go missing after making decent money off these victims. For all we know the guys behind Freedom Fighters Network may be operating under a different scam now.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes that’s right, so many fall for this scam and throw their money away. There simply is no fast way to earn money on the internet, it takes time and work. Here at Wealthy Affiliate this is taught along with how to build your website the right way from the bottom up.

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