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Global Internet Fortunes – Scam Or Legit?

Global Internet Fortunes,This company is known by the following names Global Internet Fortunes, Internet Marketing Africa or Social Biz Connect (SBC). Kimathi Kamundeh owns it.

Global Internet Fortunes is based in Kenya and it entails an auto-responder, hosting, and digital products that members get when they join the multi-level company. The entire basis of this company is on selling the program.

Before November 2017, this company was known as Socialbizconnect. It then changed its name to Global Internet Fortunes but retained its personnel, founder, and concepts. The main aim for starting this company was to cure Kenya of the basic concept of employment and introduce self-employment. (Nice Thought Anyway)

The first concept of the company resembled a Pyramid Structure and now their plan is even more complex. The concept of this company keeps changing from time to time. Thus, as a member, you will have to be up to speed with the changes.

Another thing that has changed with the name of the company is the commission distribution and the website layout. Another thing that has changed is the fact that members do not need to make monthly hosting and domain registration payments, as was the case before.

Members can now only pay a one-off fee that is about eighty-eight dollars a year. This in itself means that making money through this company just got a little bit harder. Most people prefer having lifetime commissions that recur to their life because of selling products.

Facts about Global Internet Fortunes:

global internet fortunes,The training takes place offline, which means the people close to the base of the company are given first priority. This is not good for the rest of the new members. It would be fairer if the members were all trained at the same time or pace.

Global Internet Fortunes has a free social media platform. The only people allowed to access it are members. This gives the members a sense of unity. They communicate with each other in a bid to help them feel unified. The timeline of the platform has numerous articles.

It is free to join. However, only the people who are premium members can make money from their membership. There is no point in being part of a company and not being able to profit from it.

It implies to potential members that one can easily make money overnight with it. This is far from the truth. Thus, if you join this company, it is very advisable that you make sure your motive for joining it is not making money or becoming a millionaire fast. This is because the company is not entirely honest with them. It makes the public think that making money online is very easy.

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For just twenty-five dollars, you can have access to the following packages:

  • Fifty-per cent commission per sale
  • E-books that can be resold after rebranding
  • Auto-responders
  • Lead capture pages that are customizable

global internet fortunes,The basic package does not guarantee fifty percent of the commissions. This benefit was present when the company was still known as SocailBizConnect. Currently, only the pro package guarantees that commission value.

The payment plan for the personnel within the company is as shown below. Take note that it keeps on changing so you will need to be up to speed with the rates.

Customer (Payment Plan 1): When you pay them twenty dollars then your commission will be five dollars for every person you bring into the company. These twenty dollars caters for the domain and membership, which is ten dollars each. As you can see, this is quite irrational about getting a person to join the company is not easy. It will take you a lot of time to reach the level of being paid one thousand dollars per month.

Agent (Payment Plan 2): When you pay them forty-two dollars then the commission increases as well. This clearly shows a type of pyramid. This is because the higher you pay the more your chances of increasing your commission. This seems to be a form of a pyramid scheme.

While this is happening, take note that you are promoting a product and simply being paid about five or ten dollars. The company is getting profits that are so high that it is comfortable parting with five or ten dollars each month.
When you join the company, you need to be comfortable with the idea of trying to recruit anyone from every human encounter you have ever had.

This will especially be the case for people whose only motive for joining the company is to make money. You might damage any relationship that you have because you will seem like you are part of an extortion scheme by your close friends family, and even colleagues.

The company restricts the members to promote their programs. This does not make sense because if the members were also able to promote others, they would make more money. Thus, the restriction is not rational.

Global Internet Fortunes is not an affiliate marketing business. Most people tend to confuse and include this company in affiliate marketing. This is not the case because the main difference between Global Internet Fortunes and affiliate marketing is that in the latter you do not pay to promote the product.

The market for their products is very limited. This is because their products are not even in demand. The supply for their products in the market is less than the demand. This makes it very hard and time-consuming to get sufficient money from this business structure.

The products they offer include an MLM academy Computer training service and selling of e-books. This limits your options as a member and indirectly forces you to become a company recruiter because making money through this way is easier than the selling the products.

Global Internet Fortunes introduced domains and hosting. This costs about ten dollars per month. The disadvantage about this is that the company restricts the members to get these from their site. This means that the owners benefit from this because they are affiliates.

My Verdict On Global Internet Fortunes:

I cannot recommend this product, in fact I’m saying Stay Away From It. You will not earn a recurring income and will lose a lot of friends by promoting to them, how else will you signup  people? I hope this will deter you from signing up and wasting your time and money. Check out my #1 Affiliate Marketing website below and see the difference for yourself.

I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “Global Internet Fortunes”. Please leave your comments below!  Thanks

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18 thoughts on “Global Internet Fortunes – Scam Or Legit?
  1. Doc says:

    From what you say I couldn’t agree more. I have been searching a way to make money online for some time on and off. They all make claims and statements of a better life with ease. 

    I’ve been with WA for a couple months now and have slowly made some improvements to my knowledge of making money online. I have every intention of sticking with it hard for at least a year or more but if in that time I don’t make at least a living I’m thinking it’s time to hang the online trade so wish me luck. 

    Pyramid schemes I think are a great idea for the one at the top but once you get further down the triangle there is just more work than what you can get out of it. I feel like there should be a better way like the one at the top should start to take less when his/her perch reaches a certain point so its not like their just raking in everything by themselves. A kind of sharing with you group. I don’t know, something could be altered to the idea that makes it a more fair program. 

    Well, thanks for the article and the warning about this site even though I think I’ve researched my fair share of these and wouldn’t be quick to throw my money in the pot. 

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for the comment, I think giving up in about a year is not a good idea. Success could be just around the corner and you would miss it. As for pyramid schemes the one that gets in first or near the top makes the big money from all the people below them, the one’s below work their butt off trying to make some money and most of it goes to the people above, not fair.

  2. iantrader says:

    Thanks for publishing this. I had a skirmish with SBC maybe about a year ago but didn’t follow through, fortunately. I like the idea of MLM but sometimes it’s difficult to know when it’s a genuine MLM system or a pyramid scheme like this obviously seems to be. It’s gertting increasingly difficult to tell, as they keep changing their name and tweaking the system. You often don’t know until you buy into it by which time it’s too late!

    My first MLM experience was with Amway – what a surprise! 🙂 – and while I really liked the idea and had some initial success, it started to fizzle out as people were still using the products and order slowed down and dried up!

    So I thought an online MLM business would be ideal, particularly as I did not like involving family with Amazy (as I did).

    I’m intrigued by affiliate marketing which you seem to enjoy but MLM seems more direct, if that makes sense. However, I’ll give this company a miss 🙂 Thank you for the info.Ian

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Ian

      You seem to like MLM’s but I am not a big fan of them as you can tell by my posts. I think you will have greater success with affiliate marketing with less money invested (don’t have to buy products Etc.)

  3. Barbara says:

    When I first started to read, I was a little confused. I thought I was going to read about WA. Instead I was reading about Global Internet Fortunes. Then I found the place to cut over and I was reading glowing reviews about WA. A clever way to actually make contrasts side by side. The article kept me reading; I wasn’t going to put it down until I got to the “bottom of it,” as the saying goes.  I have read quite a number of glowing articles about why “so and so” company will make me rich in a ridiculous amount of time. Then you get to WA and realize that this is something different. I liked your approach. It’s the type of article that captures the reader; and that is what you want.

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks Barbara, I try to show the difference between my review and Wealthy Affiliate and am trying to save a lot of people a Lot Of Money. Glad you liked it and hope you found what you needed.

  4. Florence says:

    I am always surprised at how many programs are there on the web that are shady and focus mainly on getting money from unsuspecting people looking to make money online. Thank you for opening my eyes to Global Internet Fortunes, I have heard about it but may have fallen prey to their persistent encouragements to join and start making money instantly.

    How can we avoid people we know falling in to these traps without seeming like we just to spoil someone’s business?

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes there are a lot of shady programs out there so one has to really be careful and do their research on these programs as you will never make money instantly on the internet, it is just not possible but sorry to say many people still believe it can happen.

      We hate to rain on someones parade, all we can do is that we would not do it and give the reasons why, not easy some times. Good luck   

  5. Dale says:

    My rule of thumb is to stay away from MLM companies and your article just reinforces that rule.  Bottom line most MLM companies dont really care about their product.  They just care about recruiting people and getting them on some sort of auto ship or monthly plan.

    Please dont get me wrong.  I have tried several MLM companies and made a little money here and there.  I also angered friends and family.  So for me now its affiliate marketing all the way.

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a truthful article.

    1. Wayne says:

      I have followed in your foot steps with MLM’s but no more Ever. Affiliate marketing is the biggest thing going now and will be in the future also.

  6. Dora says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I myself have never heard of the Global Internet Fortunes, and your article certainly explains why.  I too would never join a program that is shady like this one or ever recommend it to a good friend.  As affiliate marketers we are here to promote good products to people not pyramid schemes.  

    Thanks for sharing this info. 


    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Dora

      Thank you for your awesome comment, I totally agree with you. You are welcome and I will continue to do so.

  7. julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for sharing with us this great review on Global Internet Fortunes.Many people are trying to make money online and they think that it is very easy but it is not.It seems that Global Internet Fortunes is not a scam but It can’t help people earn much while doing this business.

    I heard about this business and I was about to start soon because I live near Kenya but after reading this review I changed my mind because this platform is not good to make money .

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Julienne

      I’m glad it helped you to bypass this program, you just made my day as it has helped someone already. Thank you for the heads up.

  8. mzakapon says:

    Scam is everywhere and we need to be careful from these fraud sites. However review for any sites or product is very important now a days. We should check out before joining anything. 

    Thanks for sharing informative data about scam sites. I think many people will get so much help from this article

    1. Wayne says:

      It seems as though the majority of money making programs are scams or very close to it and we have to be very careful before joining. I hope it helps a lot of people to always check them out before signing up.

  9. Garen says:

    One of the biggest red flags with online marketing scams is changing their name frequently.  It’s fine to change your name once in awhile.  For instance, if you sell it and the new owner wants to rebrand something.  But, changing your name every couple years a instant red flag.

    What people don’t get about making money online is it takes a lot of effort.  For instance, I have created websites that didn’t generate any income for 6-9 months.

    But Global Internet Fortunes doesn’t look all that transparent to me.  I’m glad you exposed them for what they are worth.  Once, people catch onto them again they will probably just change their name again.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes changing names is a red flag and you are right it does take time, hard work to make money on the internet but not nearly as much hard work as a brick and mortar store and not nearly as much money (no comparison really). It’s internet and affiliate marketing all the way for me.

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