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High Pay Affiliate Programs – 6 Eye-Opening Tips

high pay affiliate programs,Some of the highest earners on the internet are on affiliate programs. They earn by promoting products and services through their affiliate marketing websites. Some of the high pay affiliate programs and marketing websites stand out because of the ease with which participants make money and the number of millionaires these websites have created. Here is a look at a few high pay affiliate programs online to-date.

E-bay partner network:

This is one of the more lucrative affiliate programs in the market. It offers incredible commissions but it depends on your effort and the product you are offering to the market. The idea behind e-bay is simple, your pricing determines how much you make promoting the product.

For instance, an expensive luxury car will fetch you a significant amount in commission. You must remember that the commission will also depend on the part of the world you reside. For instance, a person in US gets 50% of what e-bay gets from the sale of vehicles while a promoter in UK will get 75%.

E-bay also runs a very successful initiation campaign that gets you running from the beginning. Your commission will be doubled on the first three months. This is a straightforward invitation to maximize your marketing efforts.

You will also be offered widgets, ad creatives and link generators to assist you in promoting the product in question. To measure and improve your performance, there are integrated measurement features. There are over 162 million buyers active on e-bay who come in search of any good product you can imagine. E-bay therefore gives you a perfect opportunity to earn.

Regal Assets:

high pay affiliate programsThis is an INC 500 listed company that deals in precious metals. It is based in US and is accredited by various organizations because of the quality of services it offers. This is where you can sell gold or silver worth $18,000 or more. Their commissions are incredible. Their commission is pegged at 3%. However, this is not a simple figure considering the fact that you will be dealing with items to the tune of $50,000 in value.

One of the beautiful elements of joining this program is in its rolling customer policy. Once you enroll a customer, that customer remains yours for life. If he/she buys another product in future, the commission will be credited to your account. Regal Assets enhance your work by providing lead capture forms as well as ad creatives that you can use on your website to promote your work. As you rise up the ranks and become a super affiliate, your commission goes higher.

Colmex Affiliates:

This is a high pay affiliate program for people who love the financial space. The platform is designed for people who love the capital market. It allows you to trade in such products as Futures, Forex, CFDs and stocks. It is an incredibly rewarding platform if you understand the working of capital markets around the world.

Colmex gives you 40% commission for every client they get through your website. You also have personalized contact since you will be assigned an account manager once you sign up. You can make up to 650$ for every conversion. Colmex also offers different payment plans that are attractive to affiliates. You may opt for CPA, Revenue share or CPL. The site also has customized reporting capability and provides excellent materials for you to promote your products.


Shopify is known as an e-commerce platform that allows you to promote products to people seeking to start their businesses. This platform offers any assistance you may want in your quest to start an online business. Some of the products include SEO, store management, analytics and web hosting, among others.

The earnings on Shopify can rise to crazy proportions. For each customer, you have the potential of earning $2,400 or more. There are pre-sale commissions where you can earn 200% of subscription charges whenever you refer someone. Shopify is a leader in industry conversion rates. You are also provided with a dashboard from where you can view the performance of your campaign.


Are you fascinated by watches and jewelry? This is the perfect affiliate program for you. It deals with some of the most luxurious jewelry and watch brands in the world. This is an exclusive club of products but is known to attract highly lucrative deals. It will also depend on the quality of clients and products you will be dealing with.

The commission on all products sold on this platform is 6%. The average amount for each order is 650%. Ashford enhances your business by providing coupon codes and banners that you can use on your website. You can withdraw your money anytime you wish because there is no minimum threshold before payments are made.


high pay affiliate programs,The slogan for this INC 500 listed company is ‘Invest in Yourself. You cannot lose.’ It is based in California and offers one of the most practical wealth building programs on the internet. This affiliate program also offers personal development packages.

The commission is meant to enable members to actualize their potential as well as enjoy the potential they have always desired. As an affiliate, you will enjoy excellent support through webinars, downloadable books and continuous video training.

You earn a commission of up to $498 for every sale you make considering that their percentage is pegged at 50%. You also get lifetime cookies that allow you to receive payments across all the products on offer. EPC per partner is incredibly high at between $4 and $10. They also support your campaign through customized social media updates, pre-written emails and advertisement banners.

Why focus on the high paying affiliates?

An affiliate program worth spending time and effort on should compensate your effort. It must offer products that are sellable as well as offer a decent commission. Most of the products you will find on these products are as a result of introduction upon the first or second purchase. This helps you to tap into their existing loyalty. Remember that this is a market like any other. You can make it by selling the high value products which gives you a handsome commission.

Closing Thoughts:

In closing no matter what affiliate you decide to choose be it one of these or your own personal favorite niche you will need a website, Hosting, domain name Etc. All these plus training video’s and 24/7 live chat help from premium members and owners at Wealthy Affiliate. Start out by building 2 Free websites (no credit card needed) and see what it is all about.

I hope this helped in your decision to start your new online business, try Wealthy Affiliate you will be surprised at how easy it is. Please leave your comment or question below and I will get back to you. Thanks for visiting.


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