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Home Income System Reviews – Scam Or Legit?

home income system,Have you heard about the home income system? Most people who have tried making money from the internet have come across this system. You might have come across a program advertisement online called The Home Income System.

If you are coming across this program for the first time, then you will probably fall for the idea without seeking background knowledge about it, or go through the reviews.

There are actually numerous sites that mirror this one and instill hope in the readers of their unlocked ability to be paid sitting on the comfort of their couches. This read aims at making your life a little bit easier by helping you understand the concept of the home income system.

Key Facts about the Home Income System:

It is an up-sell- Most internet-money industries are sales funnels. This means that to gain access to their services and products you will need the input of your credit card. The sales team goes an extra mile for calling you and pitching expensive package ideas as they promise you success from their products.

To find out how to build yourself a Real Business Click Here.  No up-sells, No credit card just plain information.

It is not helpful- This system will do more harm than success to your life. Making money on the internet is not as easy as these websites make it out to be. The testimonials on their sites are meant to excite you into subscribing to their services and products.

The concept is a little vague- Unlike other companies that outrightly tell you about their services, products, and the way their system works, this one offers very restricted information. They have a way of making the outrageous information seem appealing. It is possible for a person to confuse it with affiliate marketing, which is very lucrative.

However, this system is not because they do not teach their prospective representatives on the marketing procedure. The home income system has a way of making their prospective representatives feel like they will need to invest little input and still gain just as much as any other business. The general information handed over to their customers upon the purchase of their products is not helpful.

As a beginner, you need proper guidance on what to do to make money online. You have numerous options. In your quest to find those options, you might have come across the home income system. This system is the creation of Andreas Shiindi. The price of the product is ($19.95). The price seems to change, it has been $97.00 then a $79.00 upgrade so I cannot say what it is right now. (Do Not Touch)

At the first instance, it is not easy to understand this system. It might be because it lacks an affiliate program for its product. Thus, there are very few reviews on this system. The first claim available on the system site is that of earning a weekly price range of between two thousand, five hundred dollars and four thousand dollars.

This price range excludes the selling of products. Thus, you have to wonder, how then will you be able to earn without selling anything to earn the money?

The owner of the system claims that it is possible to earn this amount within the first few minutes of subscribing and signing up with them. The concept behind this earning is through the creation of Facebook pages in hot business niches.

What the company does not tell you is that the whole concept of niche creation is to sell the products through it. It brings in the concept of online marketing through a social media platform, which is Facebook. This withholding of information makes this system unpopular with the public.

The Contradiction of the Home Income System Concept:

The system claims that you will not have to post a link to your own personal website as you market their products online. This is far from the truth. Facebook does not support affiliate link posts on pages. This means that you might need to post a personal website link to your page.

The system gives their customers the hope of earning between two thousand, five hundred dollars and four thousand dollars within seconds of forming a Facebook page. This is not true. You will need to first have a large following that will view and share your products with other people.

It is impossible to garner up a large following within the first milliseconds of forming a Facebook page, for you to earn the money within the next few seconds. The company fails to teach you on how to get the large following within seconds.

You will need to have enough money to purchase the large following or by using viral methods to build a large following. The latter option can take a number of years to achieve. This means that whether you like it or not you will have to dig deep into your wallet to buy likes for a large following.

Facebook is an amazing social media platform for marketing and you will need to have prior knowledge to manipulate it in your favor. Thus, if you are not tech savvy this entire process is a simple wastage of time and resources.

Facebook as a Sole Marketing Plan:

Well, Facebook is a good idea when it comes to marketing products and services. However, experienced marketers advise against using a site that you do not own to market products. This is because the account could be wiped out within seconds.

A good example of this is Squidoo. The good thing about all this is that this system still has some minor merits, which include:

The money back guarantees. Check the terms and make sure you are certain of this guarantee. Does it lapse after some time? Are there other terms that give rise to this guarantee? Study and analyze the loopholes in their terms and conditions. They will help you get out of this situation with some investment.

You might get some knowledge and information on Facebook marketing. If you are not tech savvy or have no knowledge on Facebook, then this exposure will definitely help you. (You can do this for Free through Face book)


The demerits of this system include:

The system has very unrealistic claims of earnings. It is not possible to earn between two thousand, five hundred dollars and four thousand dollars within seconds.

Its money back guarantee is between thirty-days and two months. This does not give you enough time to ascertain that the system works. In fact, this encourages the people who sign up to stay and find out if the system works.
It does not have a support system.

If you use Facebook as your sole marketing platform, you are putting your business at risk of being wiped out within seconds without a personal website.


I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into the “Home Income System” review. Please leave your comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Home Income System Reviews – Scam Or Legit?
  1. Rob S. says:

    Hey Wayne! You hit the nail on the head with Wealthy Affiliate being the best online affiliate program!
    it is totally legit and offers more than anything else on the internet.
    But like anything else it requires hard work, time, and discipline.
    I mean just look at everything that’s listed as benefits for Wealthy Affiliate!
    They have the best training and support available.
    Wayne, do you see anything negative about Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Wayne says:

      Anything worthwhile takes hard work and discipline but a lot of people think those get rich quick scams are the way to go but they only end up losing a lot of money and a lot of wasted time. As far as seeing anything negative about Wealthy Affiliate well I haven’t found it yet.

  2. Mat A. says:

    Hello Wayne,
    Appreciate the write up and review for the home income system. Even with your overview and careful write up of the program it’s hard to see the upside at all. It’s wild to me that companies continue to come up with these type “opportunities” when in reality it’s little more than a smoke mirrors to get someone to put in their credit card information.
    It’s great to see you promote Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great program and I couldn’t agree with you more that it’s the way to go.
    Thanks again for this insightful review!
    Mat A.

    1. Wayne says:

      And I appreciate your comment and I hope this will help some to be careful as to what they signup for, There are no get rich quick schemes that work. You need time to build trust and just get your site known on the web.

  3. Alexis says:

    Great information. I wish everyone could be this honest. I also wish there was a way for someone to really talk about all the companies that are actually scams. This way for the companies that aren’t people where know where they can actually learn real information. Sounds like you have given some of that information from Wealthy Affiliate. This post is awesome thanks.

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for your comment, I believe we should be trying to help uncover some of these poor investments and just plain scams. Any get rich overnight pitches are scams, it just will not and cannot happen.

      Wealthy Affiliate would never say that you will be making thousands of dollars over night, in all their videos and training you are shown how to build a website starting with a strong foundation and move up from there. It’s the only way otherwise it just will not work for you.

  4. Jeff Marshall says:

    Hi there Wayne. When will people learn that there’s no easy way of making money unless we were born with it? People have seemed to have lost their senses when it comes to earning cash on the Internet.
    Enjoyed the way you put this, Wayne. I couldn’t agree more that most of these Online Platforms are just Sales Funnels that only get the creators rich!
    Thank you for your review and best wishes.

    1. Wayne says:

      People seem to think that if you are on the internet it is a easy way to earn fast money, why I don’t know. whether you are on the net or starting in a store on the street it takes time and the latter one takes a lot more money (thousands more) and it takes time to get them profitable maybe one to two years if ever. Thank you for your slant on this post and all the best in your business.

  5. Furkan says:

    I heard Wealth Affiliate before and it looks way superior. However I wonder how is the hosting platform quality? Since my current hosting provider is just slow and does not get rid of spams. They also reply my questions very late. One time I waited for a week. So I have lots of problems with it. How is your experience with this platform?

    1. Wayne says:

      The Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Platform is one of the best I have ever come across and the site help always answers in less than 5 minutes, It is all explained in the link above, Hope this helps.

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