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Instant Payday Network Reviews – Is It Worthwhile?

Website: Instant Payday Network
Price: Free of charge
Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Rank: 45/100

What is instant payday network? Read my review and be very Careful.

make money online,Instant payday network is a new affiliate program that is free to start and connects users to a wide array of new products coming out around the world.The offer on hand allows members of instant payday network to generate revenues by writing blog reviews for big-name companies.

Most of the money for this program is generated not necessarily through publishing blogs but through the affiliate links that are placed in the blogs. Alternately you can also make income by bringing new members into the instant payday networks that run MLM pyramid style recruitment payout.

The good and bad:

One of the best parts about instant payday network is that the program is absolutely free to use. This means that in order to get started you simply need to sign up they don’t need to risk any of your funds. The bad aspect of the program is that you often have to spend a lot of time testing of the products that you will be reviewing.

These are new products that have never been reviewed before and as a result you may have to spend up to a few weeks testing a product before you can properly write about it and market it. In many cases to manufacturers will ask you to pay a small fee to test out their product and this is where conversion rates can get a little bit expensive.

It seems as though users are making more money by promoting the program through multilevel marketing rather than actually publishing affiliate blogs. There are other programs such as my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate that will get you on the right path to Affiliate Marketing as that is what this is all about.

The good:

affiliate marketing,Video tutorials will show you how you can be a success of this program. These tutorials not only help you to understand the process of affiliate marketing but how you can properly promote your affiliate links. Although this network using an instant payday video tutorials and comes with lots of hope as well as examples of how some of the top users are able to generate a substantial income you should be very careful as a lot of it is Pure Hype!!!

There are no up-sells with this program. Rather than having to buy into a program membership and then continuously buy new products and training, instant payday network doesn’t have any of these up-sells. This means that you will not need to pay to get started with this program. The other big advantage is that you have the power to choose exactly how much you will pay for the products you would like to promote.

If you feel like taking on a less expensive product in the hopes of making money through massive volume sales this is the strategy that you can take on. Rather than programs that require several hundred dollars to get started with, you can start with this program almost immediately but it may be some time before you start to see results.

The other big advantage of this program is that it’s extremely straightforward. While many programs will hide ways that you can potentially make money the two main money making strategies aren’t hidden at all with this program. Instead they are very well explained and this means that you could start making positive progress from day one of your sign up rather than staying bogged down in training for several months before you get up and running.

The bad:

Transparent_RedThe biggest issue with this program is that many users are finding that they can actually make more money promoting the program rather than some of the products on the program. If you take this mindset from the start you can enjoy making money without having to invest in purchasing products for testing or getting bogged down writing blogs for many different projects.

The program also provides regular e-mails which can fill up your inbox quite quickly. In many cases you will also get e-mails from Fortune 500 companies asking you to test out their products.

In some cases signing up for this program could fill up your e-mail inbox with spam from multiple companies as well as promotional e-mails from instant payday network itself. Many users report more than 10 promotional e-mails in a day from instant payday network as well as up to 10 or more e-mails from other affiliated companies.

While there is no up-sells there are other programs that are often cross promoted by Jeff Buchanan. You will constantly be receiving e-mails to join into these programs and although they can help you boost your progress with Instant payday network the e-mails and offers can often be quite invasive. Learning more about programs like prosperity formula could mean that you will be investing hundreds of dollars into other affiliate programs to make instant payday network more successful.

Who is this product for?

This product is ideal for anyone that’s interested in trying out products or services from home as a hobby. This certainly isn’t the most ideal way that you could earn a living full-time. If you are a successful multilevel marketing expert and you are interested in promoting an affiliate product you can also choose to promote instant payday network to improve their traffic and earn affiliate commissions.

For the most part though the only way to be successful with promoting instant payday network as a product is if you have extensive experience in multilevel marketing. If you’re a blogger interested in making just a bit of extra money this could be an excellent way to improve your client list. Overall though, many who are searching for a full-time opportunity may be disappointed with instant payday network.


Instant payday network is not a full-time income solution. Quite often their sales page becomes over hyped and they depend on users to do the vast brunt of the work. Basically what instant payday network offers is some connections for product testing as well as an opportunity to market their program to other affiliate marketers. This should be regarded as a part-time income opportunity or a hobby at best. You can definitely earn a lot more with residual income in other programs.


Would like to hear from any Instant Pay Day users on this review, any thoughts out there anyone? Have a good day, Wayne

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