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Millionaire Society Review – Check Before Writing A Check

millionaire society,Mack Michaels owns millionaire Society. If you search for this company, you might come across these two terms Millionaire Society and Millionaires Society which are two different platforms. The latter is trading software that is a binary action.

This read deals with the former Millionaire Society, which is a platform for Affiliate Marketing Training platform. It does not have an “S” at the end.

This learning platform will give you the right skills and knowledge to set up an automatic cash system and Affiliate Marketing Training. The usefulness of this program is very restricted. It teaches newbies how to make money online by giving them the systematic process. Thus, by following this process they may be able to help the company by making money.

The only downside to them is the fact that they lack enough information about the product. The following are some of the fact you need to note about Millionaire Society.

Facts to Note about Millionaire Society:

This society is not for people who are already millionaires. It also tries to tell the members that the program cannot make a member a millionaire.

The company represents to its potential members that they will make a lot of money within a short time. Millionaire Society is not different. It makes the same allegation, giving false hope to the people who want to join it.

millionaire society,The product is very expensive in comparison to the knowledge that you will receive as a member. The product costs about ninety-seven dollars ($97) every month.

Paying this much would make you expect to at least receive some tools or more benefits to help you in the process of becoming an affiliate marketer. However, this money is only for the knowledge that you will receive from the video training lessons.

The entire product would take you about three days to go through it alone. Thus, it makes no sense for the affiliate marketing company, Millionaire Society, to charge you for another month when you have already completed your training package in the previous month, personally. Once you subscribe, you will learn that Millionaire Society uploads one video every week, making the members pay only for four videos every month. This is very irrational.

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Contents of the Product:

Getting one hundred thousand visitors to your site in an hour: This is the introductory lesson. It teaches you how to sign up. In addition to this, it helps you know how to use an advertising platform or adf.ly. For an advertising service like this, it would cost up to eight dollars for every one thousand clicks. This sounds like a very good plan because you already have a website that has a high converting rate.

Take note that the traffic is not targeted, thus if someone clicks it, this does not guarantee that you will make a sale. There are merits and demerits in this first stage as follows: Your site will get a lot of exposure, but the conversion rate will be very low. This means that you will not make as much money as you think you will.

Making money through ClickBank:

Millionaire Society will take you through the entire process. This is good for new members as they get to see what their sales description entails. This means that you will know the process from the set up to the production promotion stage. The affiliate marketing business deals with product selection of only those that have a low initial sale price.

millionaire society,This low initial sale price has a high number of Facebook likes and an Average Re-bill Total. This gives the members the choice of choosing from ClickBank, the best product. Millionaire Society introduces its new members to a product known as Keyword Spy. Keyword Spy allows the members to track their traffic by paying a minimum fee of eighty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents ($89.95).

Millionaire Society does not get a commission to direct you to this product. Well unless you click a link that is within their site. Nevertheless, it will make you spend a lot of money to build and secure your first online business. Additionally, Millionaire Society does not teach the members how to make the advertisement. Thus, the members know what they are supposed to do, but have no idea how to do it.

Pinterest profit:

This is the most interesting and impressive video course. It teaches the members how to set up a Pinterest account. Take note that the video is a little bit outdated because the application has undergone numerous updates with time. Thus, do not be shocked if it does not look the same. The concept that the video course is teaching is very standard for all versions as per now.

Through this account, you can bid your boards under the boards that you create. Millionaire Society will explain the “dont’s” when using Pinterest but will not teach you the things that can be easily promoted through it. Nevertheless, this is the most beneficial part of the course, especially for new members.

The four-step formula for cash generation includes:

1 – Downloading a business that is completely done for you
2 – Make some amendments to fit your style and concept
3 – Add PayPal
4 – Uploading and creation of a functional business within minutes

As you can see, from the four-step plan, the business makes it seem like it is very easy to get money from becoming an affiliate marketer. Millionaire Society states that it will give you a complete and functional business, but you are actually downloading a product, rebranding, and reselling it to people.

The product is known as Private Label Rights (PLR) product. A PLR is one where the product is low quality or out of date. This makes it harder to resell it because nowadays people are on the lookout for frauds and the review sites could be the end of your business. Thus, the chance of you losing your business due to lack of market and the product is a PLR is very high. Are You Willing To Risk This?




I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “Millionaire Society”. Please leave your comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Millionaire Society Review – Check Before Writing A Check
  1. Matt says:

    I find your review of Millionaire Society to be very informative. I have been looking for a good company out there that will help me learn more, and not require money for every little step that I take. Based solely on your review I believe I will look further into this Wealthy Affiliate. It’s always nice to find people doing honest reviews of some of these sites, because I know I have been burned in the past personally by a few different fraudulent sites, and have lost a good bit of money due to them.

    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you for the comment. Yes I have been burned many times and lost a lot of money through these scam sites but no more. Everything you need is here at Wealthy Affiliate for a very affordable cost so why look at anything else.

  2. Kevin E Beasley says:

    Thanks so much for the information in this article! I haven’t found any other community yet that offers what Wealthy Affiliate offers. Time and time again when you put it up against any of the other platforms, it stand up to the test. Thanks again for doing this research! I am interested in learning more about the Pinterest concept presented here. Where could I find better info on this concept?

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Kevin

      Your welcome, I glad you found this article informative and helpful. There are many places for information on Pinterest tutorials and I found this one very useful. https://www.pinterest.com/pint…  Happy pinning.

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