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My Leads System Pro Review – Is The Cost To High?

Website: mlmleadsystempro.com
Price: $149 per month- 1488.97 per year
Owned by: Norbert Orleqicz/ Todd Schlomer/ Brian Fanale:
Rank: 55/100

Is My leads System Pro legit? Read on and see for yourself:

photo_36295_20150217My leads system Pro started in 2008 and the program was designed to be the ultimate affiliate marketing resource. My leads system Pro is a program that’s backed by years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry and through their training and tutorials the hope is that the founders of this program can guide people through multilevel marketing model for Internet marketing success.

It is important to note that this program has some ties to the Empower Network but uses a stand alone program. The program basically includes a series of webinars, e-books, video presentations as well as template models that you can use to improve your marketing efforts.

There are specialty contests on the website where you can also win real money by generating affiliate members. It’s also simple to track your progress and drive traffic to any affiliate source using the tools and templates provided with MLSP.

The good and bad:

The best part about this program is that it’s one that really encourages and supports its members. The company has a strong social media presence and any of your questions or concerns with the program or methods for earning can be quickly answered.

The tools and training are also easy to follow and no matter your experience in MLM you can start to master the concepts and techniques. One of the main issues with this program however is the high cost of entry.

Not every Internet marketing professional will be able to afford $1000 to $1500 per year for some tools and training programs. Although the templates in the programs provided can save time and the community is extremely helpful there are certainly other options which are much cheaper for beginners to use.

The good:

make money online,Lots of information is available from MLSP: by purchasing a membership to my lead system Pro you can get access to tools and training that aren’t covered by other MLM programs. These are unique strategies that you can use to as well as earn real cash from home. These expert training resources are published from marketers that have years of experience in the industry.

Contests will work to keep members constantly motivated: ongoing contests for sales and affiliate sign-ups help to keep all members well motivated. With big money prizes available and many ongoing contests happening at any time of year there are always reasons to login and participate at my lead system Pro.

The community is supportive: This is not a  hands-off community by any means and members of the community as well as the site creators are constantly available and offering webinars and training on new ways to market products and new affiliate programs available.

Top members also receive ongoing recognition when they had a new goal or improve on their skills. This motivation and support is very nice to see in an MLM network as many websites can be extremely cutthroat and unsupportive from user to user.

The bad:

The program is very expensive: when compared to other MLM programs as well as other training resources that are available online, the program commands a very high price. Not many MLM programs will ask this much and many users who are interested in participating part-time may find that the access fees alone will hinder them from joining.

Some of the methods outlined in tutorials cost a lot of money to implement: Some of the marketing methods and tutorial examples will cost a lot of money for startup. While many MLM programs feature discounts on hosting for websites and website templates, quite often with My Leads system pro you could end up with marketing solutions that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars in start up fees.

The website and branding has not been updated since launch: many of the MLSP website elements and training programs have been updated since the site launch in 2008. As a result there are some outdated tutorial programs and seemed even more outdated branding. Some of the forums and training definitely needs to be updated to add more value to this program especially considering the high asking price for joining.

Who is MLSP for?

My leads system pro best suits marketers that are interested in breaking into MLM that have some money for a startup. Individuals that have experience may not be able to benefit from the MLM strategies that are updated because many of the tutorials are still quite out dated.

The community definitely helps experienced affiliate marketers but community access definitely isn’t worth the full price of admission. If you are starting with an extremely base level of MLM marketing and you have some money to invest in tools and training, there aren’t many programs that can offer you a simple and straightforward videos, webinars and tutorials like this will although some will be very out dated.

My lead system pro support:

Wealthy Affiliate is Free to Try.

Wealthy Affiliate is Free to Try.

With MLSP you get access to full 24-hour customer support. Any questions that you might have can also potentially be answered by some of the head MLM founders like Brian Fanale. The community is quite good in the social media support available from my lead system Pro.

Contacting support through social media is one of the best ways to get quick answers and not many other affiliate programs can boast these up-to-the-minute answers. Wealthy Affiliate has 24/7 live chat with the community and owners with no up-sells.


Overall this program is quite expensive and it does offer some value to beginner Internet marketers. It is important to note that there is a high prevalence of scam reports on this website online. Part of the reason for the high prevalence of scam reports is that many users get extremely fed up promoting the program itself.

Contests are definitely a motivating factor but they can be extremely difficult to win with such a wide customer base. If you have money to invest and you are looking for training resources my lead system Pro could be a great resource to draw off of for a few months but your investment could far out weigh your projected income, be very careful.

Learning strategies from My Leads System Pro is helpful but there are far better programs available for far cheaper prices.

I recommend the Try Before You Buy method and Wealthy Affiliate will let you do this plus give you 2 Free websites with hosting, NO Credit Card Needed to try this. Check out the pro’s and cons below.

Any comments on this or any other article would be appreciated and replied to, Thank You. Wayne

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