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Niche Profit Classroom Review – Another Scam Or!

overall ranking: 4/5
Price: monthly subscription $67.00, try a one-month subscription one dollar.
Owner: Adam short
Website: niche profit classroom.com


make money online,The Niche Profit Classroom training is an Internet marketing course that teaches you to earn money online by using an autopilot system to earn a cash flow and how to make money online with websites.

Although it might sound very similar to some other programs available it’s essentially a program that presents you with an online blueprint for using Google algorithms and adjusting search engine results.

This means that any of the affiliate sites you create should become more powerful and much more profitable.

While many other websites focus on achieving high-end commissions, cash and profits, the main focus of niche profit classroom training is generating the maximum possible impeachment from your affiliates so that any project you find will become profitable.

The main focus of this program is to build an under the radar content rich niche website that ranks extremely well across multiple search engine’s. You pay the monthly fee to get access to new strategies that you can use to dominate search engine results and ensure that all of the affiliate links that you post to your website are instantly clicked and followed by your target market.

The websites that you build using NPC are specialty niche websites and by learning the proper formula you can create hundreds of the small niche sites embedded with affiliate links that will essentially update themselves and earn you active profits. (To many affiliate links on one page and google will punish you rather than help)

Unlike other programs where you have to regularly maintain sites you really only responsible for creating new websites that will generate ongoing content so that you can earn money on autopilot using the same system. Minor updates and regular re-creation of the websites is very important touch but many people that follow this affiliate system really only work a few hours a day. Remember you have to build hundreds of websites as each site generates a very small to moderate income.


One of the biggest pros to the version 5 of NPC is that it comes with a number of resources. You can generate a lot of free traffic and organic search results utilizing the e-books, videos and other content that you find on the website. It really only takes just a short time to start building the websites that generate results and affiliate dollars.

You also get a full-featured support of software tools and creation wizards that you can use for easy site creation, optimization, and creation and more. The program gives you a ton of tools that you can use for spinning content and creating your own unique content for each of your pages that will generate huge search engine results. (Google does not allow spinning content)

The tools and software are designed to help you accelerate your learning as well as cut through the massive collection of e-books. You can follow the guide to ensure that you are following the training resources in the most efficient manner.

You also get access to quality training forum so that you can speak to other members of the community and have each of your questions answered quickly. The community at this point is massive and any of the questions that you have about the tools or the systems that the blueprint outlines can be presented directly to any of the community members.


affiliate marketing,As of now the membership is closed and don’t know when it will open. One of the biggest cons of the system is that many people find it to be somewhat expensive. At $67 per month the cost of this program is around the same price as a yearly membership of other similar programs.

Ultimately your subscription goes by a lot especially when it comes to tools and creation wizards but for some people the ongoing price is simply too much to bear especially if they are working just an hour or so per week to generate a few websites.

The other big issue with this website is that you aren’t buying any of the tools or resources out right. As soon as you stop your month long trial or quit the program, which you can do it anytime without obligation, you lose access to many of the tools, the forums and all of the e-book resources.

This means that if you are hoping to take advantage of just a quick trial to see what the program is like expect to lose full privileges at the end of your month long trial. You will also lose any websites you have built and hosted with NPC.

What you get with the product:

Included in NPC is a number of blueprint resources, ebooks, software selections, creation wizards as well as full support and software tools to answer any of your questions about niche marketing. The wizards in the tools help with site creation and optimizing your content and many of the software licenses that you get as part of your monthly membership speed up the time that it takes to create any website.
It also get a high-value access to their forums which ensures you can have any of your questions answered in a timely manner.

Who is it for?

This product is specially great for anyone that wants a quick way to make money online with websites. Some of the tools in this are extremely powerful and if you are interested in creating a passive income by running a Internet marketing campaign that continuously updates itself, you can generate pages very quick using these tools. This isn’t something for an Internet marketer with lots of experience who has developed their own tools but for beginners and for business owners that are simply interested in simplifying the process, this is an extremely worthwhile product.


Support from the community members is extremely reasonable and by logging into the forums you can get support from people all around the world. This means that the process of answering questions cannot only be done through the software but also by active community members who use the same tools as you every day.


The overall price for this product ranges from the one dollar initial trial month fee to the $67.00 per month fee that costs for ongoing membership. There isn’t currently any type of discount for annual fee that you can pay to reduce the cost of membership and this makes NPC one of the more expensive Internet marketing products available online today.

While NPC is a very viable program to make money online with websites I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as you can see with the comparison chart below. This program has 24/7 help from the owners and thousands of the experts who work with Wealthy Affiliate (no waiting, just ask your question or private message them 24/7)

Cost for Wealthy Affiliate is Free, if you decide that you want the full program it is: $49.00 month or $359.00 per year (a huge savings) with absolutely no up-sells.

I hope this review helped in your decision making, please leave a comment or question below and I will get back to you as soon as possible, Thanks

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