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Product Launch Formula Review – Is It For You?

product launch formula,Have you heard about the Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker? You might be tired of buying into swindles and courses. Well, this review is bound to help you get to know everything about Product Launch Formula to help you get the best out of your money by making informed choices.

Jeff walker launches Product Launch Formula on an annual basis. He is viewed as the crème de la crème of the internet-marketing world. He joined this market over two decades ago. He is also the author of a New York Best Selling book titled “Launch”. Product Launch Formula is a systematic process for online launching that can be implemented in your business.

Once you buy Product Launch Formula you have unlimited access to the online program through an online portal. You can access everything in this portal including asking questions. You can manage the course at your own pace. This serves parents and people with demanding jobs to go about the course at their own pace.

What Is The Jeff Walker  Product Launch Formula Package:

Product Launch Formula has about 80 videos that are meant to teach the members and about 40 hours of premium content, that helps the newbies understand every aspect of the launch. Take note that you do not have to watch every single video. The program has seven in-depth modules and a Launch roadmap that covers everything that is necessary for the fundamental sales strategy that Jeff Walker seeks to advance.

The sales strategy is known as “The Sideways Sales Letter” and it helps prepare for the launch, set goals, build a list, tell your launching story, develop pre-launch content and create conversion worthy videos.

Product Launch Formula has five types of launches that need a whole schedule and strategy for each of these. The launches apply to different times in your business journey and there is an amazing training on how you can go about STACK launches to create a huge momentum in your business.

product launch formula,If you feel like you cannot manage to watch all these videos at once, Jeff Walker has provided you with PDF transcript and a PDF summary of each video. You can download both the files and the audio for offline use.

The PDFs help you refresh your memory without having to scheme through the entire video to get 10 seconds of content. The PDF helps you to know and learn offline.

Apart from the videos and the files, you have access to an entire community of Product Launch Formula members. These people are entrepreneurs and knowledgeable on various aspects of marketing and running a business.

They are available within the portal and thus accessible whenever you feel like you have a burning issue or need clarification on something.

If you need further clarification, you could access Jeff Walker himself through the Hot Seat Q&A videos and the group coaching calls during the year. you might have heard of companies with this strategy too and feel like this is not enough information, but when you access the portal you will gain access to a bunch of real-life case studies form the members themselves.

Are you trying to launch a business product or service? If you are, then Product Launch Formula could be a good option for you. Unlike other service, providers that swear to help people with businesses; this is one of the few that help newbies in the business market. It gives a standard roadmap that is easy to use for people who are just getting into the online marketing business.

It allows the members to work with both new and old ideas. If you have an old idea or product, Product Launch Formula will support re-launching and provide you with enough knowledge to help you kick-start your business. It offers free bonuses to members who want to bring in someone to the company.

In fact, Jeff Walker has influenced most of the internet-marketing product launching sites available today. Product Launch Formula costs $997 USD. If you can see the potential of making a couple of thousands of dollars by selling a product online, then this is the right approach for you. On the other hand, if you cannot visualize yourself making that much through selling products online then you probably need to step away from Product Launch Formula.

How Does Product Launch Formula Help?

It offers numerous ideas to small-business entrepreneurs who are working with a tight budget. Product Launch Formula gives you enough information to help you launch a successful online business. Product Launch Formula offers:

  • 2 manuals
  • 10 audio CD interviews of people who have successfully launched their online businesses
  • Video recording of Jeff’s presentation at a Product Launch Formula conference
  • “Meat” of the course

Nine CDs that contain Camtasia screen cast recordings. This is where Jeff Walker explains the Product Launch Formula process using mind maps and audio. You will appreciate this part if you have never interacted or participated in a product launch before.

This includes anyone who is not conversant with tools of the trade such as scarcity, urgency, credibility, reciprocity, and social proof. However, if you have, this part may seem a little boring since you are already conversant with the content and its implementation.

Buying Product Launch Formula gives you automatic access to updated bonus areas. These areas have interviews with people who launch businesses online. Most of the people who joined Product Launch Formula admit to being skeptical at first because of their experiences with platforms such as this.

However, on joining they claim to have better information, skills and support; enough to make them grow their businesses and achieve the profit margins that they have always wanted. The concept of the product launch in the internet marketing industry is being filled with frauds and making potential users run away from the idea.

Nevertheless, the users of Product Launch Formula guarantee that it provides positive results to people who have a good relationship with the right people, preeminence in your industry of choice, and a good service or product.

Product Launch Formula seem a bit to expensive for my likes and more than what I would need. I have all I need when I joined Wealthy Affiliate from hosting, building my website to promoting it All in one package.

I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “Product Launch Formula”. Please leave your comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Product Launch Formula Review – Is It For You?
  1. Arun Sabharwal says:


    I have never been very enthusiastic about these high ticket programs. These are not meant for everyone. Of course when you have got the experience and money to spend, you can look forward to join such programs. To start with one need a platform for step by step training to start online marketing and after joining wealthy affiliate, I can say that I am 100% satisfied. I have launched many websites promoting affiliate products and some of these websites have been very successful. 

    1. Wayne says:

      Good to hear you’ve got some very successful websites with Wealthy Affiliate and yes Product Launch Formula is a bit expensive for us to start with, made more for established business websites.

  2. andrejs says:

    Thanks for the review of Product Lunch Formula video course. It looks that the author is an experienced Internet Marketer as two decades being involved in it. It is a huge amount of job to create video lessons for forty hours long. The only doubt is the price. I do not believe that many will buy it for almost $1K. 

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for the comment, Product Launch Formula is a good program for established websites launching a new product but a bit expensive entrepreneurs starting out, maybe later in life but if you belong to Wealthy Affiliate I don’t think it will be needed as everything you need is included in the very reasonable one time cost.

  3. Bong says:

    Thank you for this great review of Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker. This review will definitely help those people who are seeking pieces of information about Product Launch Formula. The hard part of this product though is it is very expensive to invest. Thus, not quite ideal for newbies. 40 hours of extensive training would be cool.

    1. Wayne says:

      Your welcome, Yes it is a little expensive for newbies and not needed, Wealthy Affiliate covers everything that we need.

  4. jrs43 says:

    After reading your article, I had a couple of thoughts.  At the end, you answered one question. How this program compared to Wealthy Affiliate.  My impression is that this program is designed to help sell a product you develop and not necessarily for affiliate marketing.  The second question I had has to do with cost after you buy the program.  Are there a lot of upsell items that come along as you work through the program?

    Still, even with a price that is nearly three times a Wealthy Affiliate annual membership, this program appears to cost much less than some I have come across that claim to train you to do internet marketing.

    1. Wayne says:

      No I did not see a lot of up-sells which is a good thing but as you say 3 time the cost of Wealthy Affiliate is a lot to pay for starting an online business when it is not needed by the most of us. Product Launch Formula is for those of us that have an established business and launching new items. I think it could work quite well for some of them but be careful and do your home work before signing.

  5. Michele says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Good Review.

    Lots of information and lots of positive information, regarding Product Launch Formula, but for me and I guess for many people out there, just too expensive.

    Wealthy Affiliate though, offers so much, with no initial outlay and a very cheap monthly fee, once a person decides to go Premium



    1. Wayne says:

      Yes I guess that is what I am trying to get across , it is expensive for the average person starting out where Wealthy affiliate has the training, hosting and all the help anyone needs to build successful websites. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Stella says:

    Hello Wayne,

    I had not heard of Product Launching before, but realise after reading your article, that it is VERY good.  It is a pity it is overpriced as I am sure you would have bought it.

    Yes, you are right…Wealthy Affiliate has everything under one roof and it is also very comprehensive, easy to follow training.  I am pleased you have finally found a way that replaces your farming income!

    Thank you very much for sharing…

    All the best,


    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you Stella

      Yes it is a bit over priced for me and I do have all I need and more with Wealthy Affiliate and at a cost that anybody can afford, maybe with a little cost cutting here or there.

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