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Secret Web Assets Review – Is It A Scam? 

secret web assets reviewWhether you are a novice or an expert in e-commerce, you need to constantly perform website analysis, that is if you want to grow your small business, get more search traffic and increase your search engine rankings.

It’s important to find out what actions your site consumers are taking and what a web analytics tool does is to provide you with current website visitors’ data so you can optimize your content based on user’s interest.

It also helps you determine your source of traffic based on buyer behaviors, age, demographics, gender, etc. this way; you are able to make productive decisions or changes that positively influence your profit and increase website traffic.

You can use to collect, analyze and visualize your website data using various web analytics tools some which are free such as Google Analytics version for small business websites.

You also need to develop an SEO strategy by conducting an SEO analysis not only to boost your site’s ranking on search engines like Google but also to determine whether your strategies are working and the obstacles that are preventing you from improving your website ranking.

To put it simply, without a thorough SEO analysis, it becomes impossible to rank higher, expand your reach, drive traffic and hit your business objectives even make well-informed decisions in regards to your website’s position in search engine results pages (SERPs).

secret web assets,Article spinning and bulk back link generation are a relatively standard practice among many online marketers. Google’s algorithm is designed on links. However, the ones that it prioritizes are in a constant state of change, which is why links need to be helpful, natural and user-friendly.

As far as article spinning legality is concerned, Google has become savvy to such manipulative practices and while it won’t necessarily punish a website for weak links, it will, however, de-value spammy links and plagiarized content created in a bid to fool its algorithms.

These algorithm manipulation tactics are still a major issue to look out for, and if you want to protect yourself against negative SEO attacks, you need to keep an eye on your back-links manually since no algorithm is “perfect” and refrain from article spinning at all costs. Bear in mind, giant and smart search engines Google bots will always find a way to find and target low-quality content regardless of its origin including spammy and bulky back-links.

About Secret Web Assets:

Back-links and article spinning tools may come with a set of unique advantages especially for e-commerce marketers who want to generate traffic, leads, and sales, but such practices are frowned upon by search engines, therefore, should be avoided.

Purported as a 68-page report on various SEO techniques, Secret Web Assets is a product that was designed by Colin Klinkert with a strong emphasis on back-links and article spinning.

That is already a red flag because, in the world of SEO, there clear policies to follow and rules that have been established to provide quality user experience and there are people, mainly spammers who try to outsmart search engines as a way to bring organic traffic to their websites.

No need to get caught in any of these illegal processes, Click Here to see the difference in training.

The most common SEO practices that some marketers use to manipulate Google today include:

Buying links for SEO to get high rankings –

Sending spam comments or non-related promotional links to create free back-links –

Article spinning and using duplicate content, which is the next level of plagiarism that typically results in poor user experience –

A violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines technique known as “cloaking” used to trick search engines in order to get the desired ranks for target keywords –

Keyword stuffing by using the same keywords throughout an entire page in order to maximize its organic traffic and visibility –

Creating doorway landing pages to rank high for specific queries or optimized for targeted keywords –

Using invisible text or a list of keywords on a white background so that search engines can still detect and index them but not the users –

Want to start your own online business for Free, learn all about it and if you find it’s for you you then and only then join as a premium member. you will not have to worry about all of this other stuff as everything you need to be successful will be right here and Legit.


Even though being entirely banned by search engines is rare because it means an ultimate removal of a website from SERPs. However, using a program like Secret Web Assets which is big on article spinning and back-links techniques that Google does not accept can have your site penalized, consequently, you have to face negative SEO consequences that involve lowering your website’s rank or worse.

The Secret Web Assets introductory marketing strategies video is well presented and for $9, and granted, it can help new internet marketers learn how to effectively improve their website through a 9-action search engine optimization (SEO) steps to achieve high ranking in search engines sites.

Whether you are an expert blogger or a small e-commerce business owner, it really does not matter because ultimately, website traffic is vital for business success in today’s competitive internet age. SEO helps you rank in search engines, which means that you are completely visible and accessible to your potential customers and when you focus on what matters to them, you attract more visitors, increase your revenues and pad your profits. Sounds simple, right?

It can be simple but remember what will happen if you try to be sneaky or use unethical techniques to generate site traffic or to help you remain relevant. While the internet is a social place with vast amounts of power and knowledge, unfortunately, nowadays it is its viral influence that really determines the success of online marketing.

You need to start looking at your website from Google search engine’s perspective in order to generate more positive Google reviews for your online business.

Secret Web Assets program may teach ambiguous short cuts to generate more traffic but ask yourself whether using plagiarized content or back – linking will get you frequent, and genuine online reviews from your customers and Google or contribute to your site’s increased visibility and conversions from search traffic.

There are many ways of gaining traction online because the back – linking and article spinning practices endorsed by SWA can potentially harm your site’s reputation and ranking therefore I do Not Recommend It.

I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “Secret Web Assets Review”. Please leave your comments below! Thank You.


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8 thoughts on “Secret Web Assets Review – Is It A Scam? 
  1. Extrovert1 says:


    This is a very informative article on Secret Web Assets. I’ve come to know so many things from the review. As a new affiliater I face new problems daily. So I have to keep myself updated and do daily analysis on my website. And that is the place where Secret web Assets helps the most. One can use it to collect analyze and visualize his website data by analysing tools. At the end all I can say that this article is going to help many others like me. Thank you for writing this helpful article.

    1. Wayne says:

      I hope it helps in your online business venture, one should always research any web tools before paying for them. Sometimes more often than not you will find that they are not worth the time or the Money.

  2. John says:

    Thanks for writing a thorough article on this topic. I just recently joined Wealth Affiliates and I have been learning a great deal. It is particularly helpful to see posts like this that warn people of potential dangers. Since I am new to this type of business, I rely on the helpful hints those who have experience.

    1. Wayne says:

      Your welcome, I like to help with some insight before anyone just signs up and then find it is not what they expected. You made the right choice when you joined Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you huge success.

  3. RoDarrick says:

    Kolin clinkert surely rang a bell in my head but I couldn’t remember as of now how I had known him. But I’m certain of couldn’t be positive. I thank you for this secret web assets review. Though its a necessity not to put all eggs in a basket especially in the online marketing world but this program isn’t the type I would want to go for as its laden with potential risks. Wealthy Affiliate is good enough for me and I think I’m okay with it for now.

    thank you for your review. Its insightful

    1. Wayne says:

      Your welcome, one has to be careful when getting into all programs we should do our research for each and everyone that looks good to us.

  4. Babsie Wagner says:

    It definitely doesn’t appear that this is the type of program I would want to purchase.  I did see that you are recommending the Wealthy Affiliate program, which made me happy.  I signed up for the free Starter Membership a while back, and I upgraded pretty quickly because I got such value from the training and program.  It really is a top-notch program, and I now have several websites running and have had great success!

    1. Wayne says:

      I recommended wealthy affiliate because of it’s training, community help and no up-sells. It is truly a great site builder no matter what the type of site.

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