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Stealth Commissions Review – What’s It Worth To You?

stealth commissions review,Stealth Commission Review – YouTube is the most attractive platform for marketing and earning profits. In 2013, driving YouTube traffic was very easy.

Very many marketers used this platform to earn their daily bread. However, as time went by it became much harder. Marketers flocked to YouTube and flooded the marketing market.

Have you ever heard about ranking articles on Google? Well, what if I told you that it is very possible to do the same thing on YouTube. A marketer who has experience in digital marketing created this method.

This is the entire concept behind Stealth Commissions. It allows you to get a passive income by ranking YouTube videos and driving to your site. The owner, Ben Martin, launched this program on 10 April 2010. This affiliate-marketing niche guarantees its users a thirty-day refund guarantee.

What Is Stealth Commissions?

A training course allows its users to boost YouTube videos. The course lessons are in both PDF and video forms. The owner will show you how to build the channels from scratch and how to work the traffic and sales automatically. The videos will teach you how to do the following:

Get huge profits and rule YouTube (Hopefully)

Create the videos

Upload the videos to the platform to make them have a higher ranking
Very many people do not understand why we are this enthusiastic about YouTube. Here is why:
It is a leading search engine. It has ranked with Yahoo, AOL, and Bing.

It has numerous viewers, which means that there is a very high market.
One-third of the online activities that people perform include watching YouTube videos. They are the most popular content form on the internet.

The Eight Training Modules:

This training course has eight modules that cover all the aspects of boosting video ranking.

The modules include:

what is social media for business,Off-page SEO: This module will help you learn some few tricks on how to get a higher ranking on YouTube. The following are some of the tricks you are likely to learn in this module:

Pinging and indexing, how to rank videos faster on YouTube, communicating with the potential audience, make the content shareable, improve the website loading speed, and even using external links that come from the authority sites. These are just some of the few things that you will be introduced to.

On-page SEO: This module has four parts namely, caption renaming; creating a custom thumbnail; playlists, tags, and descriptions; and on-page SEO basis.

Intros and outros: A good intro helps you to get and keep the attention of your new audiences. On the other hand, a good outro aids in encouraging your audience to take actions like clicking, liking, or even subscribing. This is the entire basis of having the channel. If you fail in having a good intro and outro, then you will not have a good audience.

Create the first videos: With the right target keyword, create and upload videos on your channel. The module will teach you how to record the videos for your channel. You will learn about the software that can and will help you to create the videos. Additionally, the module also has some insight on the video scripts.

Find long- tail: This module will teach you how to search or dig around for long-tail. It comprises a list of keywords. It also teaches the users how to spy on their competitors. This will help you be up to speed with what your competitor is offering. You will be on par with our competitors, thus there will be fair competition.

This module indirectly teaches how to win the market competition. This is because once a person knows what their competitor is offering, they will be able to implement it or implement something better in order to win more market sales.
Customize the YouTube channel: This is the most fun part. You get to customize it by including social links. These links will help you communicate and engage better with your potential audiences. You could optimize the keyword any time you want. This will help you to drive more traffic away from Google and into YouTube. You could create trailers for your visitors.

You could customize your channel URL and even thumbnails. The best part about this is that you can alter them any time you want. Just in case, you change your mind or have other goals. Your channel will be readily available for customization.

The cost of all this is $9.95 to start with and 2 up-sells One – $27.00 and Two – $47.00.

Activate the channel:

Through this module, you will learn how to name the channel and activate it. Additionally, it will give you some insight on the studio tabs that you might come across as you operate your channel.

Long-tail keywords: This module has basic SEO concepts that try to help you learn the core of the entire lesson. Through this module, the owner shows the users the tool that he has used since the beginning to search for the long-tail keywords.

This product package works best for people who want to make profits from the keywords without putting in to many words, people who feel the need to expand their traffic source, people who do not want to spend a lot of money on paid ads, and online marketing personnel.

This training package does not need a technical knowledge or special skills. It caters to everyone who wants to make it in life through YouTube. Unlike other affiliate marketing niches, with this one, you will not have to create or buy a product. The product is readily available; the training just shows you how to use it to get money. Just follow the instructions on your training, and hopefully start to make some money.

You can use YouTube to promote your website, it will help and is useful but you still need to do your SEO properly along with it. Happy Marketing. Would you like an income of $1000.00 or maybe 2 or $3000.00 per month? This is very possible, you set your goal and work towards it, Click Here or below for Free websites and training.



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8 thoughts on “Stealth Commissions Review – What’s It Worth To You?
  1. Linda says:

    It is definitely worth it.
    I have seen that not everyone can work out there.
    Many people don’t consider the fact that working online is a better option. Some health issues do get in the way of having an income. Be glad that people can work online; and take advantage of Stealth Commission
    Blessings you all

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes it will help with your online business but is a bit expensive especially when you get more from Wealthy Affiliate for less money with everything you need to make your business profitable. For me working online is a no brainer, why work to make someone else rich.

  2. Michael says:

    This sounds like an interesting and helpful program for people wanting to get traffic from seo.

    Have you personally used this program, or plan on using it in the future?

    Also how’s much does it cost? Is it a one time fee or doesn’t it require you to play a monthly?

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Michael

      No I have not personally used stealth commissions as I have no videos to promote and the cost is First – $9.95 Second – $27.00 and Third – $47.00. I won’t be making any videos in the foreseeable future so I will not need it. Not so sure I would need it anyway, don’t like spending money unless I really have to.

  3. Andrew says:

    Hi Wayne,
    You have a great understanding of the Stealth Commissions offer and communicate that with clarity on your page. I purchased that particular program out of interest. I’ve yet to take it apart and look at it properly. Your review has given me something to think about. I’m pretty sure I remember being offered it through JV ZOO so perhaps there is an affiliate opportunity through them.

    I do like the comparisons you make between Stealth Commissions and Wealthy Affiliate I’ve been a member now for about 18 months. The benefits stack up better and better each time I see reviews like yours.


    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Andrew

      Thank you for your comments. Stealth commissions can get a little expensive for my taste but has some good features also but I have to agree with you and find that Wealthy Affiliate is less expensive and I believe better training and a lot more help with the 24/7 live chat. It also has a 3 to 5 minute return on technical support for your website if anything should go wrong.

  4. Reyhana says:

    I have been very reluctant to incorporate videos but seeing this review, I think I might actually go ahead and give it a try. When tools like Stealth Commissions are around, they really help boost your confidence because you know you’re getting the correct training to ranking your videos and that your presentations are not only informational, but great eye-candy.

    Thanks for this review. I will definitely be checking it out for myself.

    1. Wayne says:

      Not everyone use videos on there sites but they do help getting your point across and as you say eye-candy. Customers do like to learn about your website by watching and listening to videos also so it’s worth trying. Good luck.

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