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Tecademics Reviews – Definitely Not For Everyone

tecademics,Have you heard about Tecademics? If you have then you have probably heard some negative feedback about it. Some of you might have heard some positive feedback about it being a legitimate opportunity.

Today we will get to know which side is telling the truth through this Tecademics review. This will help you make a very informed decision about where you want to put your money.

Chris Record founded it. (It sounds as though Chris has left the company now) It is a Multi-Level Marketing niche, who was one of the main affiliate marketers in the Empower Network. Through the JVZOO network, Chris launched a series of internet marketing courses such as Dark Post Profits. (Check The Empower Network)

The other founder of this program is Jim Piccolo. Carrying out an internet background search on these two founders will bring up a lot of negative information on them. For example, Jim Picollo has many lawsuits against him and has filed for bankruptcy a couple of times in the recent past. These should be seen as red flags and you need to be very cautious if you opt to go on with this niche. (A Huge Red Flag)

What Is Tecademics:

It consists of three main products, namely:

The Entrepreneurs Club (TEC) – This product costs USD$100 every month. It is best developed for new online marketing marketers. These marketers need to be looking in on how to get more information about online marketing works. The products that are exclusive to this program include:


This product has weekly interview broadcasts with industry bigwigs. The leaders use this platform to share information on online marketing. Examples of shared information include useful tricks, tips, and tools in the industry.

TEC Forum:

This forum is a student community. It offers bonus training sessions and discussions on whatever is taking place in the marketing world. It has been branded as a “Masterminding event”.

tecademics,IMPACT- Membership to this product costs USD$2000. It is a home study course. It has been branded as “The Encyclopedia of Internet Marketing“. The members have been offered 12 modules that include audio training, workbooks and video classes.

MASTERS- This is a high-ticket membership that is set at a one-time tuition fee of USD$10,000. It entails 120 credit hours and allows two people to go about the training. It resembles a college education since it takes about two years to fully complete. The second year allows the student to go over or audit the lessons of the previous year. This college theme is very interesting.

The Tecademics Compensation Plan:

This plan supports three main products for its affiliates as shown above. It also allows the affiliates to sponsor the less fortunate ones, which helps to improve the social network of the team. The products are tiers that need the affiliates to qualify before they can promote a certain product. Thus, they are mandatory. The only mode of product activation as an affiliate is to sell or buy a product to and from a customer. An activation sale pays about 40% of the product cost to the sponsor affiliate.

The following is a breakdown of how this looks:

  • TEC membership pays a monthly fee of USD $40
  • IMPACT membership pays a commission of USD $800
  • MASTERS plan pays USD $4000

These compensations are for the first sales. However, for the next two sales of the product in the tier, the proceeds are split equally between the up line and the new affiliate. Thus, the commission becomes half of the above-stated amounts.

This includes:

  • tecademics,TEC membership pays a monthly fee of USD $20
  • IMPACT membership pays a commission of USD $400
  • MASTERS plan pays USD $2000

Making three sales will guarantee you a full 40% for the next four sales after that. This means that the first sale is like an activation sale that guarantees a 40% commission for your up line.

The commission for the second and third sales is split between the up line and the affiliate into 20% equals. Then the next four sales guarantee a 40% commission to the affiliate only. The fifth sale and fifth sales going on guarantee a 40% half split between the up line and the affiliate.

If an affiliate makes a stipulated earning within thirty-six months, they get a matching bonus payout. The bonus payouts include USD$1,000,000 for an earning of USD$1,000,000. Additionally, an affiliate is given a bonus of USD$100,000 for a commission earn of USD$100,000.

Joining fee for Tecademics is USD$12,000. This gives the person a full year membership inclusive of access to the MASTER and IMPACT niches. An additional monthly fee of $100 is needed to promote the TEC membership after the year lapses. I would recommend this niche for people who are long-time internet marketers.

If you fit in this category and are in need of earning an earnings ramp up then this is the right niche for you. However, if you are working on a budget this is not a good idea. It will drain your resources and disappoint you until you decide to opt out. The prices are too extravagant for those of us who are new to the online business idea.

Refund Policy:

Just in case you are not satisfied with their services and wish to opt out, you need to learn about their refund policy. In fact, make sure that you understand this before opting into the niche. The refund policy is unlike other affiliate programs and courses.

The basic refund policy timeline is 15 days. However, for Tecademics the refund policy is 7 days. If you pay them for their services, you need to be vigilant by checking on the status of your courier from the beginning. This will give you enough insight on when to exercise your refund right before the time lapses. You do not get time to receive the program and go through it to see if it’s for you or not before your refund lapses, BE CAREFUL, a lot of money on the line here.

Is Tecademics A Scam:

I won’t call it an outright scam but I would not recommend it to anyone either as I’m not into throwing a bunch of money into any such programs. If you have that kind of money you can put a small portion of it into many other programs out there and come up with some very good results. My #1 recommended program below has been in business for over 13 years and updates all videos and training plus the platform it all runs on monthly or as needed. Always up to date in the training.



Thank you for reading through and trusting this review. I hope that it has helped you understand the Tecademics niche better and that you will be able to make an informed decision from this.

I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “Tecademics”. Please leave your comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Tecademics Reviews – Definitely Not For Everyone
  1. alan says:

    I have just read through your very detailed review of Tecademics. Although, I have never come across them, I do firmly believe that they are asking for a lot of outlay both upfront and beyond especially for newbies who may not have much cash to invest to start with. As you stated, to join TEC=$100, to join IMPACT=$2000 and to join the big one Masters =$10,000, I would not happy to invest in any of these options, even if I had that sort of money to invest. Also, as you rightly pointed out, as one of their founders has a no of lawsuits against him, I would be suspicious about getting involved with this type of affiliate marketing system . I also feel that the current refund policy of 15 days or 7 days depending on where you are along the course is far too short/ limited in the time given. I feel that you have given a very clear and detailed layout of this affiliate marketing course and from what you have shared about Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative, renders it much more conducive and easier to choose Wealthy Affiliate as the most beneficial option.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Alen

      One has to be careful in putting out this kind of money at any time let alone on a gamble. Thank you for your very informative comment.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hello Wayne,

    This is an awesome review. I LOVED the way you dissected it. I cam across your article while doing some research on this company. MLM is a new business model for me and so I needed to do some vast research before I commit to it.

    You are so right, it is a BIG financial commitment and you have to be READY to take your investment to the next level. I think that it is not ALWAYS the software or the creator that makes one ‘fail’, but rather the input into the system that does the ‘job’.

    Thanks so much and I will be re-visiting your site more more tips and information.

    Much success.


    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks Michelle for your comment, yes it is a huge financial commitment for anyone and especially for any newbies just starting out as that would be a killer right there. I would say you are on the right track researching before buying, much success to you also.

  3. Michele says:

    Well  another one, not impressed. 

    When did this program come into being? Isn’t it enough that they are getting the monthly membership fee, do they really need to take a percentage of the ‘maybe’, sales of the newbie?

    Personally I hate these MLM schemes and I’m sorry, the owners, as far as I am concerned, need to ‘squeaky clean’, alarm bells ringing?,  more like a fire engine siren!!

    Thank you for your review well done.


    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you Michele, years ago MLM’s were the best thing going and of course I tried a few of them till I finally smartened up and will never touch another one again. Affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate are the best thing that has happened to me with my online business.

  4. ChrisChong says:

    Thanks for the awesome review about tecademics, I’ve did some research about tecademics when I was researching about which platform that’s equivalent to what wealthy affiliate has to offer and I came across it.

     I do believe it’s another great spot to learn about internet marketing however they have too MANY UPSELLS. Before you know it, one might end up purchasing “stuffs” before starting to learn the ropes of becoming a master in internet marketing. 

    All in all, non other programs come close to what wealthy affiliate has to offer in terms of value for money and affordability for anyone who’s involved in ANY KIND of business model.


    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for the awesome comment, I have never found another program that even comes close to Wealthy Affiliate either. There are just to many programs out there which are all about up sells and to much to start with for what you get.

  5. Anna says:

    My first thought is the amount of money you need to even consider getting involved in this program. Who can afford £100 a month membership?

    The Impact part $2000 and the Masters $10,000? – And the founder has had many lawsuits against him???

    Even if you have the money it is such a big risk to put into one project.  Regardless of any good feedback all this other stuff would want to make you run for the hills?

    Reading the rest of the article I find it very confusing and am still not really sure of the set up let alone if there is any value to it?

    1. Wayne says:

      yes it is really expensive and probably 90% or maybe more of us would not throw our money at it. Thanks for the feed back.

  6. udepth says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I had never heard of Tecademics until this, so I thank you for the information. There seems to have been an increase in these types of affiliate marketing schemes, so I’m glad you pointed this one out before it became viral. The highlight on the refund policy was a great addition as well. If I had been a paying customer I probably would have lost out on a refund because I did not read the policy. Thank you for the information and I look forward to your future reviews on companies like these. 

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for the comment. It is nice to know about these things a head of time and not after we decided to take the plunge and as far as the refund goes by the time you received the package we would not have time to review it and therefore lose any refund you may want to apply for. Be very careful of any programs such as these.

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