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Warrior Forum Reviews – Things To Watch For.

Website: Warriorforum.com
Price: Free/ $97 per year premium members
Owners: Freelancer.com
Overall Rank: 45/100

Warrior Forum Product Overview:

make money online,

Is Warrior Forum a scam, Get the scoop here.

Warrior Forum has long been one of the ultimate Internet marketing resources online. This forum is an active community of affiliates, Internet marketing experts, off-line marketing, e-mail marketing and website growth hacking marketing professionals.

Using the warrior forum you can get access to some of the newest opportunities online for making money as well as the cheapest and best ways to promote your own affiliate products. Warrior forum is made up of freelancers from around the world as well as sponsored corporate posts.

Across the forums you will find up to date useful information about new methods of promotion, the best discounts for advertising as well as new methods that people are using to earn online. This product is available for free or you can access premium membership forums for a membership fee of $97 per year.

The good and bad:

One of the biggest strengths of warrior forum is that its long-established. The company has been up and running for many years and only recently, it was bought up by a major freelancing Corporation freelancing.com. This buyout hasn’t changed the nature of the forum and today there are over 30 different sections for information available in the free version of warrior forum alone.

While there is a wealth of information with warrior forum you may find yourself sorting through it for hours. Another issue that many have stated with the warrior forum is that because of its free membership often, some scam opportunities will come up on the forums and need to be addressed. Warrior forum appeals to an international crowd so sometimes there can also be some issues with translation as well.

The good:

affiliate marketing,Warrior forum is free to use: with nothing but an active e-mail address you can get access to some  information online about affiliate programs and marketing. You don’t have to pay for the premium version of warrior to find some value in this product but often with the premium version you will get access to promotions and content before the free users do.

Even the free version will give you a wealth of information but very outdated as well as some deep discounts on affiliate products and software but be very careful of these.

Everyone is really friendly: one of the best parts about using warrior forum is that you can connect with peers. This international forum features a number of people who are trying to earn from home just as you are doing. As a result many of these experts are willing to step up and offer help/answer questions as needed.

If you are having trouble getting started, talking to these forums can help to increase your earning potential or give you solutions that you may not have considered for your business.

Premium membership comes with its benefits: paying the $97 per year premium membership gives you access to a variety of different tutorials, ebooks and learning resources. You will find after paying the premium membership that the tools and training are worth $97 annual fee but a lot of it is outdated and for you to pick what is good and leave the bad alone.

As well as getting access to tools and training you can also enjoy access to new programs as they become available, VIP customer service and discount coupon codes for advertising and other necessities for affiliate marketers. Warrior forum premium members have some advantages by supporting the forums.

The bad:

Transparent_RedTranslation issues: because warrior forum is a completely international community sometimes you can run into problems talking with users from around the world. Asking for help could result in some roughly translated responses and sometimes you can also run into issues with spam, repeat questions as well as some general money begging.

The same content: Spam content can be a big concern with the forum and often you’ll run into a lot of new members asking the same questions that had been answered months ago. As you are looking through posts on the forum looking for value, it’s this type of spam that can get really frustrating to go over again and again. While helping new people is encouraged, clogging the forums on warrior forums is definitely not.

It is hard to know someone’s qualifications: there are a lot of fake gurus cruising around the warrior forums looking to simply take advantage of people. As a result it can always be difficult to tell if a long-established forum poster is in fact an expert in affiliate marketing or simply someone who is good at covering his tracks. It’s important to take most of the advice that you get with a grain of salt and if a certain tactic isn’t working to produce the results as advertised, adjust your strategy.

Advertising services can be expensive: If you plan on advertising affiliate services or freelance services in the warrior forum it’s important to note that this can get very expensive. The form charges around $60 to put images in forum signatures. This means that if you wanted to include a link to your website or a small bullet bar in your forum signature you will have to pay $60 to have it display below your posts.

Who is the warrior forum for?

WAMAG001The warrior forum is definitely a community that’s directed towards moderately experienced to expert affiliate marketers and freelancers. Being able to tell the difference between a legitimate opportunity and a scam opportunities very important with the warrior forum but very hard to do.

If you do have some experience and your simply looking for new ways to earn or some deep discounts on the marketing products that you use on a regular basis, this forum can be useful. Newbies to affiliate marketing should probably steer clear of the warrior forum. It’s pretty easy to be flagged for spam by asking a question that has been asked many times before and you may find yourself getting scammed in a program that is not a legitimate opportunity. it

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What do you think of warrior forum? I would like to hear your comments and questions. Have a good day, Wayne

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