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What Is 16 Steps To Six Figures? – Facts Over Fiction

16 Steps to Six Figures

16 steps to six figures,It was formerly known as the “Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle” and is a creation of Jeff Lerner. Anyone who is interested in interacting with it needs to pay an application fee of forty-nine dollars.

This unique system does not even require the user to have a website and can still earn up to six figures.

As a newbie, it is natural for you to have numerous questions about this system. The following are some of the facts you need to know before you start using the 16 steps to six figures system.

A sales page will do the selling for you. Your input will include sending visitors to the page. If you do not do this, there will not be any sale. Thus, the system relies on your marketing skills for referrals.

It offers big-ticket up-sell system. You can tell this from terms such as big-ticket commissions, easy systems, coaching, or even Application fees, among others. The up-sell system means that you will have to spend much more than what has been estimated at the commencement of the system sales.

It is going to cost you a lot more than forty-nine dollars. The system opts to sell big-ticket items for you to promote the products by selling them through their page. The commissions that you will get will help you gain back the money that you used to purchase the products. ( If You Sell Any )

Earning money on this system is not easy. This is because if you purchase the program and do not work hard enough then you will definitely take longer to earn back the money. In fact, most people tend to give up before they earn back the money they had invested.

The website is the https://16steps.com. The reviews for this concept are very negative. In fact, the highest rating is at 2 out of 10. This might be because of the appealing promise and the lack of information on the up-sell costs.

There is absolutely no up-sells in Wealthy Affiliate and that is one reason I am associated with it, but there are many more reasons to learn what they are CLICK HERE

The sales video is quite vague. For a beginner who has been frustrated by numerous jobs and just wants to figure out how to comfortably earn six figures, the idea will seem like a dream come true.

When you read some of the reviews of the people who have interacted with this system, they term it as a pyramid scheme. This read will help you understand how the program works.

Sign up the stage- The team will handle this part for the client. The client will pay the application fee.
Earning on autopilot- The sales video tries to sell the fact that the client can earn their money without a website within the first month of signing up with him. This is the over hyped basis of the entire system.

This program seems to be linked to the Digital Altitude program package of Aspire. The system lets their clients think that the entire basis of 16steps to six figures is based on the theory and training in the Digital Altitude program.

Maintaining your subscription- At first instance, this system asks for a default payment of forty-nine dollars ($49).

This payment secures three-parts of your training, which include:

16 steps to six figures, 1 – Unlimited access to the back office

2 – Systematic training

3 – Coaching

However, this price is not the final payment you will make to access this system. The system has numerous up-sells that you will encounter as you go about your business.

First, you will be asked to upgrade your subscription after using this system constantly after a certain period. Upgrading requires a certain amount of Hard Earned Cash.

They will tell you that your commission is dependent on the level of your membership. This payment is not inclusive of the products that you might have to purchase later with the promise that you will earn major profits if you sell them via their site.

The products might cost you an estimated price of between six hundred dollars and thirty thousand dollars. Thus, if you join this system, be sure to have at least thirty thousand dollars at your disposal at all times.

Is There A Possibility That You Could Really Earn One Thousand Dollars In A Week?

This is the most sought-after questions by newbie and prospective clients. Well, owing to the reviews of this system, it is clear that this idea will not really give you these promise returns. This is because on analyzing the entire system you will find out that it is more of a sales funnel than a business.

If this idea were a high-ticket program, it would have the prospects of aiding its clients to earn such an amount. However, the clients will need to be very aggressive and open about marketing the program.

Is 16 Steps To Six Figures A Scam?

When you look through their system and read their client reviews, you will learn that these sales funnels are actually a swindle. It has more cons than pros. It is overpriced and hyped to get people to earn. If you are already established, then this program might work out for you. ( A Big Might )

On the other hand, if you really need the money immediately, then avoid this option. A number of people have tried using this system and failed or given up on it completely.

This does not mean that it is impossible to get money through an online job. It is very possible. Numerous online jobs are credible. You have the option of setting up an online business of your own. You can be your own boss and earn in the comfort of your home.

Just make sure that you do your background check on the market before you decide to join a particular market. Apart from this, make sure that you double-check any other online system or job before you even apply for it. This will save you the strain and financial investment. Strive to know and estimate the returns that a business will give you before you settle on the idea.

I cannot recommend 16 Steps To Six Figures and I hope you think twice about it before joining. I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate and it is Free to join, ( No Credit Card Required )




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6 thoughts on “What Is 16 Steps To Six Figures? – Facts Over Fiction
  1. Wayne Rokmann says:

    Hi there i just read your post on 16 Steps to Six Figures from your best online affiliate program site and found it very informative on that program and will definitely stay away from it….i was also wondering what do you think is the worse program you got involved with before joining WA..Thanks for the heads up and good job on your site keep up the good work.

    1. Wayne says:


      I’m glad you found the information useful and also plan on staying away from it. I am not sure which program was the worst as it has been a few years ago and I had tried many, many of them before I found Wealthy Affiliate and have been here ever since.

  2. Michael says:

    This definitely sounds like a border line scam to me, as it makes you recruit people just so you can help them recruit more people into buying a high ticket product.

    Be honest like you said even if you needed money this system does not sound the way to go.

    It’s bettet to learn the fundamentals and build a business with your own website, rather than trying to make people spend thousands of dollars on some high ticket product.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes it is no good to most people as we want to make money online not spend money online. Having your own online business for free or with minimal premium payments like with Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go.

  3. Kyoko says:

    I assume you get the sales page and just start blasting out the advertisement? Is it the method of this product? What is the product?

    First, you will most likely have to run paid ads, which, they will teach you how with that “upsell”. Or they may sell you the list for the incredible price. And those lists were actually exchanged among affiliate marketers.

    And most cases, people will spend too much money on paid ads. Yes, you may make six-figure for sales, but you will probably spend about six-figure for advertisement! I won’t take even a slim of consideration of something like that, especially claim “six figures” for just 16 steps.

    This kind of method can become very risky as now FTC is looking into some online business affiliates just like this. There are more steady and proven programs just as you mentioned in your article.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes this is a truly scam product, I do not see how anyone could put that kind of money out for something like this, just way to much money. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is one steady and proven program and one low cost fee with no up-sells, Awesome program for anyone to start their online business with.

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