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What Is Internet Jetset? – Learn Before You Spend

About Internet Jetset

about internet jetset,Internet Jetset is the product of Internet Marketer John Crestani. He has been featured in a number of publications including Forbes and Clickbank.

You might have heard a lot about him and his internet-marketing prowess. In addition to owning this training program, he also owns a Super Affiliate System and a nutritional supplement affiliate Network.

This affiliate marketing training teaches the following:

Facebook ads that specifically apply to Affiliate marketing

Learning how to have an authority review site

Using launches to make money

It helps you to make people buy from you unconsciously. This is part of the basics of copywriting.

Setting up a WordPress Site that can work for you

It will give you the basis of Engagement, Virality, and Facebook Traffic

It teaches on how to get targeted traffic and chose the right keywords for your site

It teaches how to increase sales by using free premium traffic

Merits of Using Internet Jetset:

Internet Jetset is a systematic training that teaches its subscribers on affiliate marketing.
When you approach this affiliate marketing training plan, you will be learning first hand from an affiliate who is already successful.

how to find an affiliate marketing niche,The dashboard or simple user interface is simple. You do not need experience or knowledge to use it. It is easy to maneuver.

The fee for joining this affiliate marketing program. ($47.00 per m0nth with expensive up-sells)

Internet Jetset is friendly to the newbies who have never interacted with affiliate marketing niches.

The live webinars are updated.

The training program will teach you how to use the same tools that John used to make it.

The training program allows new members to get support from other members of the member’s forum. This gives them motivation and new tips on how to go about their affiliate marketing niches.

The owner is available for some of the training. Thus, you can interact with him sometimes.

You will have to stick around to figure out the bonus materials that come with the training.

The Facebook Private Group can also help give new members support.

All of the above and so much more is available from Wealthy Affiliate with absolutely No Up-Sells and there is 24/7 live chat help from the owners and thousands of premium members who are always around to help with any problems that you may have.

Demerits of Internet Jetset:

It is not a get-rich scheme. This means that you will have to put a lot o effort into it to make it with the aid of this training.

The flashy nature of their webinar makes it look like making online money is very easy. This is not the case. You have no idea the amount of work and sweat you are about to put into your business.

It takes time to be a professional or master in affiliate training. Thus, it is not good for people who want to make money fast or those who have timelines. You will also have to pay for all the tools.

If you do not move at your pace, the information might overwhelm you. This is especially the case for people who have never interacted with affiliate marketing or people who are not tech savvy.

The Eleven Modules or Courses of Internet Jetset:

Online business blueprint: This is the introduction module. You will be given a blueprint on how to be successful with the training. It outlines everything from automating the business to selling them and even getting traffic to your site.

Internet Jetset introduction:

internet jetset,This module gives you the mindset that you need to succeed in this business. It will teach you about the reasons why people fail at online businesses and strengthen your attitude to help you get through all the issues you go encounter. Additionally, it will help you get through the Shiny Object Syndrome.

Selecting your niche:

This training module deals with both text and video training. The owner will tell you about his journey and give you some options to choose from. In addition to this, the owner will recommend a few niche affiliate programs to choose from ranging from various commissions.


This module focuses on how to redirect traffic from Google. There are niche review sites such as Skincare, relationship, Online Dating, Gold, among other things.


This module is very essential when it comes to video and YouTube Traffic. Apart from this, it goes into the details and covers aspects such as guidelines on making sure that the video content suits your audience, good descriptions of videos, the creation of a high CTR Catchy Custom thumbnail, and even the process of uploading the video to your online platform.


The owner will give his experience with respect to Facebook and redirecting traffic. Afterwards, he will explain the concept of page creation and friend invitations. He will also teach why automation helps Facebook marketing.

The website:

This module has a lot of information. Your website is very valuable. It keeps increasing its value with time. Thus, the foundations for your site need to be very strong.

The following is covered in this module:

WordPress theme installation and its installation.

Customization – How to do it, Plug-in activation, and the ways of doing it

Difference between and location of Pages and posts

Housekeeping when it comes to plug-in or theme updates and deletions

Good information for your “About Me” page

Blog post content that includes featured images, visibility editing, tags, subcategories, categories, formatting, and post scheduling.

Definitions must be included.

These are common buttons such as appearance, editor, comments, and plug-ins, among other things
Activation and installation of plug-ins including contact page plug-in
Basics of copywriting, Launch jerking.

Affiliate Facebook ads:

This module will help you create ads on Facebook to help make your initial sales.

Internet Jetset is OK but it can get expensive where Wealthy Affiliate only has two price ranges Free and a Premium – $49.00 per month



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