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Wix Website Review – Tread Carefully

wix review, hosting,Long gone are the days when we needed a masters or Ph.D. in front-end and back-end development to create a website. With seemingly thousands of different ways to build a website now, quite literally almost anyone can create their own website. From business, to music-oriented, blogs and restaurants.

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The Wix website builder has grown in popularity over the last few years, and it’s no surprise. Since circa 2006, these guys have been around to ensure website, the website builder space is budget effective and keep your priority of building a beautiful and interactive website (without the need to know coding) a reality but pick the right template as you cannot change later. (Sorry)

It’s a charming surprise the wonders non-professional website builders have done with this platform. Today, Wix is among the biggest players in the builder landscape, hosting 80 million websites! Thanks to a great word of mouth brand and prodigious marketing it’s no wonder many start-ups and business are testing this builder.

Wix provides with designs and industry specific tools for all sorts of markets that you could possibly imagine, they got your back. From arts like music, photography and designing to small business such as hospitality, restaurants and cafes, they offer services that other website builders don’t.

This is because the visually impressive blueprints and designs are meant for such i.e. online stores, small businesses, bloggers, etc. they are fully optimized for mobile devices and can easily be pimped up with one of the many apps available on their App Market.

This makes it the most innovative among its competitors as their designs are very up-to-date. Keeping up with the trends might be harder than it looks, but not for Wix. Features such as drag-and-drop to create background sections have made only made them more popular. Have I mentioned you don’t need to know how to code for this?

Ease Of Use And Reliability.

best webhosting for wordpress,The intuitive drag and drop feature that Wix is based on. makes it so easy to use. All the skills you need are limited to your mouse operability tactics. Pick what you need, a text, an image or a slideshow and place where you deem fit. Although, for those with a history or knowledge in back end, you will notice the interface isn’t exactly the latest, take a look at Wealthy Affiliate with all the latest technology in hosting, building websites, training and 24/7 live chat with expert members and even the owners.

The navigations, pages and designs are pretty straightforward and stress-free to configure. This is exactly what you need if you are going the builder route. If you start out and still have challenges maneuvering around, Wix provides an on board platform that sets you on an email training sequence, guiding you through design choices to help get your ABCs in order.

You are further assured of speed and security when it comes to Wix Websites, as all servers are optimized for their websites. Since professionals are in charge of securing your sites, speeds are always fast. This is a huge advantage due to more mobile users and ensuring both your service bundles are taken care of by Wix.

Professionalism And Tech Support

With over 500 different types of professional templates to offer, you can create your own custom design, in hundreds of ways. So if you have never fancied yourself as the creative one, consider using one of the pre-made, beautiful templates to get ideas of the end result, you had no idea you desired. With the support buttons all over your screen, you are sure to get the best results yet.

Every element and specific component have its own help button that directly addresses what you need help with, without having to use the search engine. They also come in handy with phone support that ensures you don’t waste time worrying about what a button does, or why something didn’t work.

Investments, Costs And Short-Term Pricing.

affiliate marketing,Let’s review facts! Wix has over 80 million registered users, of those, 1.9 million are paying subscribers. I’d say that is a pretty solid ground. This shows that users are pretty happy with the services they receive. In terms of short-term projects, Wix offers a free plan that you can have your site address structured to.

These paid plans are not outstanding, but are still competitive enough. Wix is, however, available for free, for as long you want. In the future, if you need priority support or a domain name, you have a range of premiums to choose from. For the paid plans, the lowest starts at 4.08$ per month with very minimal enhancements and one site only.

This is where Wix might face a bit of competition from other builders. As their plans go higher, they become more expensive to using other alternatives. For long term users, this platform is a much pricier option to even buying your own shared hosting somewhere.

So is it worth the investment?

The free availability gives you the chance to review it before committing, and there is a timeline to beat, so enjoy. Does it suit your needs?

My wix review based on the facts, this dais provides with an easy way to create designer websites. It creates a façade that reeks a million dollar investment for your custom made website. With a very active community forum, you will have all your questions answered by the comprehensive support center.

However, nothing is all shiny and gold. Wix has a couple of drawbacks. Once you have committed to a template, there is no switching to another particular template. Another is that their e-commerce functions are a bit outdated, especially the automated customer management process. A word of advice, start with the free website, familiarize yourself with the tools, then you can decide if it is your best builder.

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Have you used Wix or know of someone who has? What was yours or their experience with it? Like to hear about it.


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