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Best Web Hosting For WordPress – Awesome Package

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If you are going to be building a website the first thing you will need is hosting and a domain name of course, you can get both of these at the same place. So what is the best free web hosting for wordpress? Over the course of many inexperienced years I have registered with many different hosting services and laid out a lot of hard earned cash for them.

As of 7 years ago I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and have since dropped all other hosting and I will tell you why then you can choose your own path to success.

First of all there is no other host company that offer’s

• Website Building Tools Like The Ones Here
• Keyword Research Tools
• Video Classes
• Training that Teaches you How To Make Money With Your Site (First Lesson Sample)
• Authoring And Content Tools
• Website Development Classrooms

These are just some of the things offered here at Wealthy Affiliate with membership (Membership Includes Hosting), how about 24/7 live chat, premium website monitoring, state of the art cloud hosting and also low density shared hosting. A couple of new things added are 24 hour backups (no more losing your site) and it has the worlds most advanced website builder with built in comments spam control (no more using spam plugins) These are all built in to the one and only package offered No Up-Sells, and it is also free to try. Click Here for Full Details

This is the good part – The Cost.

what is the best web hosting for wordpress,$495.00 per Year or you can do $49.00 per month

$495.00 will give you 2 free months per year. I challenge you to find anything anywhere on the net for that amount of money with everything to start a business including all the help from members and owners yes that is right I said owners they are on the site to answer questions and to personally help us if we have problems.

$49.00 per month will give you live classes that are going to be covering the most ground breaking topics in the year ahead. Whether you are looking for help with niche marketing, research, analytics, building your websites, programming help, conversions, traffic….you name it, we’ve got you covered!

This is the most robust and secure managed server you will find anywhere, the closest competitor I could find anywhere charges $250.00 per mo. And still does not hold a candle to Wealthy Affiliate. You can host one .siterubix.com  free website and 10 of your own domain websites, 11 of your very own websites all hosted in one place, this is all you’ll ever need for building your business empire.

You can learn more about the premium package on This Page and remember there are absolutely no up-sells and you can try it for Free to check it all out and talk to premium members on live chat.

What Is The Best Hosting For WordPress?

There is a great article on Wealthy Affiliate hosting compared to other hosting on the internet, you want to make the right choice the first time then you won’t have to move all your sites later on (as I did) no fun. Click Here for an overview, you won’t be sorry.


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What did you think of the hosting comparisons? Have any questions? Get back to me below, Talk to you later.