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Google Sniper Review – A Scam?

Overall ranking: 2/5 stars
Owner: George Brown
Price: base price of $47 (plus up sells)
Website: Google sniper.com

affiliate marketing,Making money online from home, Google sniper has undergone several different revamp updates and since the initial 1.0 version of Google sniper the new 3.0 version has new tips for success especially in the changing world of advertising online.

Google sniper advertises itself as being a proven blueprint towards making money online from home in the six figures with zero dollars in.
While this sort of thing may seem too good to be true you know the old saying (if it sounds to good to be true it usually is) the creator of Google sniper was able to mimic these results and wrote down his entire process to produce a comprehensive guide. (Be Careful of what to believe)



Google sniper is easy to use and comes with lots of different resources for the price of $47.00 or $47.00 per Mo.
You can learn exactly how to create a number of sniper affiliate one page sites.
Easy for anyone with a little experience to get started.
The system will work from anywhere.
Once you have sniper sites up you can earn passive income when and if you get traffic.



A lot of extra programs and advice that cost Extra. (up-sells)
It can take some time before you get paid. (Have to get traffic)
Can be hard work in the beginning stages. (not really for beginners)
These one page websites are very outdated and hard to get ranked in Google.


Product overview:

google sniper review,Google sniper is a system that helped a 17-year-old boy easily work his way to a six-figure income without having to put anything into a business. Google sniper teaches you just how you can create advertising referral sites that will garner huge amounts of traffic, get paid referral dollars for directing that traffic to sales pages and then continue your success by managing multiple sniper pages to continuously generate a passive income.

Eventually you can work at automating the entire system but in the early stages with the help of the Google sniper tools and training your focus will be on website creation, traffic monitoring and content creation.

With Google sniper you can learn how to research the most profitable niche is for referral dollars. You can also identify the best keyword sets to put on your referral sites in that niche and then find the best referral programs available within that niche so that you can earn the maximum profit off of your sniper website.

These are the three main principles that Google sniper will teach you in their program as well as the basics of how you can set up your website with web design and content creation.

By using the guiding principles you can pick the click bank products that you want to promote, easily create a website with keywords and then know just how to examine the traffic that’s coming into your website and adjust your strategy to earn better referrals.

While this isn’t a program that will help you get-rich-quick, once you build an appropriate network and start gaining traffic to your website you will earn referral dollars.

To compare with Wealthy Affiliate – Click Here


Who is it for?

Google sniper is extremely beneficial for individuals that want to work from home, retirees, students and even people that are just interested in unlocking a bit of extra income. While it can take some time to really build up your network and to start earning valuable commissions, Google sniper can help you earn a great part-time income if you are willing to put in just a few hours a day building your sites and monitoring them.


Training/Tools Overview:

google sniper review,Google Sniper comes with a number of weekly support modules that will help you with outsourcing, step-by-step training that will help you to set up websites as well as 25 different training videos and a user manual that will guide you through every process of the system like a blueprint.

As an added bonus you also get access to the Rolodex of helpful contacts and extra methods to earn income online as well as limited support from the Google sniper team to guide you through the process of earning money using referral commissions. I prefer the 24/7 instant help from experts in this field from Wealthy Affiliate as is also shown in the chart below.

As well as the initial tools you also get access to specialty extras from the network at discounted prices. These extras can help you bridge the gap into e-mail marketing, video marketing and even up selling. With the ability to upsell on your Google sniper websites you could potentially increase your revenue drastically as well as start building new websites and tools that you can use for converting commissions and new customers.

The tools that are included with Google sniper will definitely help you to earn commissions but the newer tools might help you to exploit new marketing techniques that could take your business to the next level. I do not personally recommend this product to start your online business.



The initial price for Google sniper is $47 or you can pay for a trial membership which is just one dollar for a five day trial. The $1.05 day trial is an excellent way that you can get the gist of the program but ultimately most people go for the one time fee of $47 shortly after they understand just how powerful that this program and its tools are.

There are a number of extras up on the site and they usually retail for under the $47 initial fee. Ultimately it’s up to you if you want to invest more into the program to learn new skills and new tactics for Internet marketing. All this is very confusing depending on how and where you sign up, it goes from $47.00 one time to $47.00 per month and they are always after you with the expensive up sells that you will need.

While there isn’t really an absolute guaranteed way to earn quick money online Google sniper will definitely work to help you earn commission dollars if you are willing to put in the time and effort. People from all walks of life are utilizing this program to build online businesses and unlock extra income, if you have ever wanted to earn money online this can be one of the ways to learn Internet marketing strategies for yourself.


google sniper review,Wealthy Affiliate is a community of like minded people that are asking questions, giving answers or just chatting and giving friendly advise about each others websites.

1. Live chat support, community of 10,000’s to help, ongoing topical support.
2. 2 – fully functional Word press websites to make money on. Training video’s on exactly how to setup your sites, so easy.
3. You use the video’s, training and all the help you need from everybody to improve your site and also monetize it after all that is the name of the game, Isn’t it?
4. Free-2 websites and 10 lessons, For access to full training and site – $49.00 a month or $359.00 per year (huge savings) and if you sign up for the yearly payment in the first 2 weeks there is a further savings plus no up sells ever.
5. As of 2/15/2015 with the new upgrade at Wealthy Affiliate it now has the most secure servers on the net. We have done something that no other WordPress hosting provider has done, we’ve disabled the botnet from being able to attempt to break into your website. Click Here for more info.



I would like to hear your thoughts on this post or have any of you tried Google Sniper? would also like your thoughts also. Thanks

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