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Wealthy Affiliate: 2020’s Best All in One Affiliate Program

how does wealthy affiliate work,It seems everywhere I look online these days; there’s a new way to get rich. From training courses to writing books to email marketing, it seems someone is trying to teach people how to make a buck.

The thing is that most of those techniques only work for a few people. Wealthy Affiliate is different.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Wealthy Affiliate is both an education system and a business builder an All In One Affiliate Program.  The program built a seamless system and backed it with a community from around the world. In fact, so many people like me believe in it; it’s offered free.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and currently supports more than two million members. Members can view more than 500 training videos on-demand, plus live training courses starting every week of the year. Plus, I love that we don’t make members wait to profit.

Training is designed to start new members on the path to profit as quickly as humanly possible. There’s no need to go through all the videos before starting to build a site (I didn’t!), and no forced testing to reach the next level like traditional school. Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate is set up so the most people could be successful the quickest after they start.

I have found with the coronavirus and all it’s rules or maybe laws in place I have a lot more time to work on my websites. When we are stuck at home it gives us all kinds of time to build on our websites or start new ones. It is also a perfect time to start a new online business, sure fills in a lot of boring sitting around doing nothing time.

This can be your time to start a new online business also, what better time to do the building and by the time you get back to work there is only maintenance to keep up. Your downtime could be your path to a whole new outlook on life.

Education Changes for Optimal Results

how to find an affiliate marketing niche,Wealthy Affiliate’s education is top-notch, and 2020 is a new year. They’re currently in the process of a 2020 content refresh, which I can’t wait to see. While the program has been right on so many things over the years, they wanted to update our content to reflect recent changes in the affiliate marketing field.

Additionally, we’re going to see even more experts benefit our members. That means we’ll have more videos from experts, more live training, and more live support available than ever before. Plus, training interactivity is going up so people can start even faster.

Wealthy Affiliate is building out all the ideas they’ve had in the past couple of years into our 2020 education changes. These changes will help people start faster, sustain longer, and generally profit more from the affiliate marketing offered.

Hosting Changes for Even Faster Profits

Wealthy Affiliate is not only about education. They’re also helping members implement our strategies every day. To that end, they constructed a managed web service over the years, which members can use to start a website in about 30 seconds. It’s great for when I have a new idea.

They offer managed WordPress hosting, which is a fancy way of saying the back end of the websites is taken care of. Members never have to worry about code, system updates, backups, or anything else of that sort. In 2020, they’re going to offer even faster service to members.

Additionally, we’re seeing Jaaxy improvement, our keyword search component. Affiliate marketing relies on reliable target keywords, and I love this tool. The keyword competition statistics it offers cannot be beaten, and it’s only getting better.

Community Additions

Wealthy Affiliate is not just about making money. We also form a community of like-minded people from around the world. I connect with new people regularly, and we’re all focused on creating our best life. I find this very motivating, and it’s certainly helped my business.

The program is also rolling out more assistance in 2020. They’re focusing on getting the right people answering the questions so members like me can benefit. That’s certainly going to speed up our processes and reduce confusion. I can’t tell you how many times one nugget of expert wisdom has saved me hours of googling for the answer!

New Year, New Changes

There are, of course, other changes that come with the new year. Wealthy Affiliate still has some surprises up its sleeve that I can’t wait to see later this year. The team is continuously innovating, and I’m sure the changes will skyrocket my pages.

The Nitty Gritty

One thing that’s stayed the same for a few years is the payment options. I love how easy it is to check out Wealthy Affiliate, especially when I’m talking to my friends about it. My friends can literally sign up for a starter account for nothing, zip, nada, and everyone else can too. Just Remember —-

“Successful people do the work unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do”

While these accounts are great for checking everything out, they lack some truly beneficial features. The $49 per month premium membership gets replays of live sessions, industry training modules, more certificates, and even the possibility to create our own training.

That’s worth it to me. Typically, I’ve already made that in the first week of each month. Then I can check out the latest information in between business-building sessions. That time freedom is the most significant benefit for me.

The Most Important Ingredient

The essential ingredient, of course, is you. Wealthy Affiliate only works because people like you and me want to succeed. To that end, they do everything humanely possible to ensure we do. From web hosting to the ideal training, when we use it, we achieve our dreams.

Wealthy Affiliate is committed to growing so we can succeed. When we succeed, we continue using the site’s services to dominate the affiliate marketing niche. We get the help we need to reach true independence every day.
That success is not short term, nor is it something that can be taken away. If the internet crashed tomorrow, we’d have the skills to continue making an independent living thanks to the training Wealthy Affiliate offers.

We are what makes our businesses unique, and Wealthy Affiliate gives us tools to be great. Ten of us can be in the same niche, but all of our sites will speak to different crowds. We’re our own magical ingredient to make affiliate marketing work.

If this post sparked your interest, check out Wealthy Affiliate here. You can cruise around in a starter account for free to explore or sign up for premium at a special first month introductory rate of $8 to get a jump start on building your financial freedom.

I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “Wealthy Affiliate: 2020’s Best All in One Affiliate Program”. Please leave your comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate: 2020’s Best All in One Affiliate Program
  1. Earl Langley says:

    What a well-organized and prepared website, very detailed in the explanation of Wealthy Affiliate, their easy options for entering the program and building a website. 

    Your menu is well-prepared, covering an expanded review area, website building, and Jaaxy Keyword section

    The About Me section is interesting.  

    Ads and Banners are well designed and placed with the opportunity for signing up very convenient.

    Thank you for the obvious work you have put into this.

    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you very much, I hoped to explain everything so it would be easy to understand for everybody. Glad you liked it.


  2. Anna says:

    Hi Wayne, 

    This is a really great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined about 9 months ago and everything you said is spot on. “education system and a business builder” is a great way to describe WA!

    I’m excited about these new updates in 2020. Where could I find more information on that? 

    Awesome post!


    1. Wayne says:

      Thank you for the comment and here is another post to show some of the 2020 updates, all the best in your successful business venture.


  3. Rodarrick says:

    This is another well written and thoroughly researched review here. Thanks for sharing what wealthy affiliate entails. I am a big fan of wealthy affiliate and affiliate marketing because it presents an avenue to earn quite bog online so far it is done thr right way. The right way to do affiliate marketing is what wealthy affiliate teaches with the right tools and knowledge. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for the comment, I agree with you in wealthy affiliate having all the teaching tools one needs to build and grow your business online.


  4. David nelson says:

    Hello there, Thanks for your review of WA, I’d got alot out of what your review was. I’d had joined for free a few months ago and put it on the back burner and now I am out of a job and re looking at WA to create a online income as I have heard a lot of successful stories that where caved up or attained by using wealth affiliates the important thing now is that I got plenty of time to go thru the course now as I could see there has been a lot of update on the training angle.



    1. Wayne says:

      Hi David

      Thanks for the comment, yes there is a lot of new updates with more coming so it’s a great time to go premium. Wishing you success in your new online business venture.


      1. Benedicta says:

        Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation on Wealth Affiliate but how do i start please?

        1. Wayne says:

          Just follow the links on the page or click on the Wealthy Affiliate poster on the right side, hope this helps.

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