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Product Launch Formula Review – Read Before You Sign

Product launch formula is for someone who has experience with internet marketing  and intends to spend $475.00 to $4900.00 on launching your own product and even then from what I have found it appears very risky.

PRODUCT NAME: Product Launch Formula


OWNER(S): Jeff Walker

WEBSITE URL: www.productlaunchforumla.com


make money online,Entrepreneur and best-selling author, Jeff Walker, launched a free email newsletter to a readership of 19 people. The year was 1996, and the Internet had not developed into the information and online marketplace power that it is in 2014. From that starting point, Jeff developed a “training formula” to teach other entrepreneurs how to launch new products and businesses.

Jeff created the training program Product Launch Formula (PLF), now in its fourth version, to teach entrepreneurs “how to launch a product in precise detail.”

PROS: PLF appears to be very helpful for entrepreneurs who have had at least some experience in developing products or businesses, particularly on-line. One reviewer considers it a mid-to-advanced training level program.

CONS: Cost is difficult to determine without registering online with PLF; there appears to be considerable upsells.

Wealthy Affiliate has an absolutely Free Trial period to look at the behind scenes work area. No Credit Card required to Click Here and take a look, (no high pressure sales or a flood of emails) make money from home free to start.

This product may not be well-suited to a totally inexperienced business builder.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The product is marketed as a “formula” delivered via a series of video training sessions.

WHO IT IS FOR: PLF is designed for people who are planning to launch (or re-launch) a busihttps://bestonlineaffiliateprogram.org/affiliate-reviews/wealthy-affiliate-review/ness or product, in either the traditional marketplace or online. As it says on Jeff’s blog, “Any Product –Any Market.”


Doubts and ideas concept - Businessman with questions marksIn addition to the videos, Jeff provides swipe files including “email copy, blog copy, video scripts and sales letters.” Jeff grants access through Q&A sessions and “rapid-fire hot seat calls.” The study tools also include case studies and transcripts.

SUPPORT: According to the website, there is a customer service team. No additional details are available, and no reviewers commented on support, either.

PRICE: USD $475, $997, $2000, $4900. NOTE: live training seminars and workshops can cost as much as $18,000.


The reviews of PLF are almost entirely, exuberantly positive. The few negative online reviews have been so snipingly harsh that the reader might suspect they are written by individuals who tried the program and didn’t get rich quick.

Still, there are concerns to be mindful of. The only way to access details of PLF online is to sign in with a legitimate email address, receive a confirmation reply and confirm to access the “inner sanctum” of PLF. This undoubtedly keeps the number of “Lookee-Lou’s” down and enables Jeff to harvest contact data for those who have completed the registration process.

Jeff’s website promotes his books and the PLF program but there is no shop through which you can order anything. There may be a shop function on the PFL website itself.

Reports of pricing were all over the map – from as little as $475 to $4900 (and more for the workshops). There seems to be a considerable upselling of PFL services.

To PFL/Jeff’s credit, nowhere is there a guarantee that those who invest in and apply the program will realize riches overnight. Is it an easy program? No. Can a successful launch be done overnight? Probably not. Launching is a step-by-step process that must be carefully planned and put into action over a period of time. PFL is designed to teach you those steps.

PFL probably won’t work for the investor who:

• Doesn’t have a product
• Doesn’t have a product in development
• Is hoping to get rich, quick

Those new to online business building and product launching might benefit from reading one of Jeff’s books first. More experienced entrepreneurs may choose to take a chance on the PFL program. Proceed with caution, and good luck.

There are much easier and a lot less expensive ways to make money on the internet without spending a fortune. You do not want to start out spending thousands of $$$$ to make quick money as that will not work, there is no quick money to be made on the internet. Whatever you decide to start up it will take time, Internet or not. Look at this one and try it for free, you have nothing to lose as no credit card is required.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. –Amelia Earhart

Hi, What is your opinion? Did you find some helpful information and did it help to make up your mind or do you still have questions? either way leave a comment and let me know and I will get back to you, Thanks.

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