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Jaaxy Review – Awesome Keyword Power

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What is the best keyword research tool? Using the right keyword research tools are critical when building your websites after all keywords and content are what make a successful online website. Most keyword tools that are online give you a bunch of fluff that most do not understand or need.

What I don’t like about most Keyword Ranking Software:

The problem with most keyword ranking software is they give you a lot of metrics, data and numbers that the majority of people do not understand and even if you did it is useless info, here are some things to watch for –

  • Tools that don’t get search results from all search engines.
  • If it uses Alexa to show your competition.
  • Anything that requires several searches to accomplish one task.
  • If it provides PPC guestimates.
  • Or anything you have to install on your computer.

These are the tools that will usually provide you with data that is useless to you in building your website with the keywords you need for customer traffic.

jaaxy,jaaxy keyword tool,What You Need Is Jaaxy:

There are only 3 things you need when researching keywords for your niche –

  1. How much traffic will your keyword get?
  2. Does your keyword make sense to read, (just common sense used here)
  3. How much competition does each keyword have?

How much traffic and your competition is all you need in your keyword tool and Jaaxy provides that for you in each search you make. All that is left for you to do is create content and if you like, a video but remember content is king.

Jaaxy is also the best keyword tracking software online.

I suppose you,re thinking this sounds to easy but really with a keyword search tool to find your perfect keywords and lots of good content built around them you will be on your way to streams of good buying traffic, then I can also keep up to date on all keyword ranking as well. I use Jaaxy almost every day for my affiliate sites at Wealthy Affiliate. (Also with 1 Free Website, No credit card required)

How To Find Your Niche:

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In the niche above “laminate flooring, “all the green KQI are great keywords to write articles on for your website, they all have good traffic and little competition, and pulled them all up within a few seconds.

Most people find a niche they like and think there is too much competition but that is wrong, with the right keyword tool (Jaaxy) you can find keywords in any niche that you are interested in, with ease.

You can literally pick out your niche and then go find the high pulling keywords you need with Jaaxy and then write or outsource your content. There is never too much competition for your niche only for your keywords.

Try the Free version of Jaaxy and see the difference.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool will show you all the low competition keywords (or low hanging fruit keywords) to use in any niche you choose and you can also choose your domain name at the same time. (shows all exact match domain names for your niche)

A 30-second search of “how to install laminate flooring” in Jaaxy brought up all these excellent keywords, all the marked green are excellent keywords but with the “QSR” 200 or lower even better. Then with traffic at 50 or more is a bonus, so whatever keyword you choose at the far right you can search for your exact match Domain Name.

You can also use the yellow keywords but they have more competition and are harder to get ranked for, and red should never be used. This covers all the important factors I mentioned above, #1 – What traffic to expect, #2 – Does your keyword make sense and #3 – How much competition do you have. There are many more advantages to using Jaaxy as you will see when you start using it.

Choosing A Jaaxy Plan To Fit Your Budget:

I have only gone through a few things that Jaaxy can do, you can also do some brainstorming (finding your niche) find where your sites are ranked in Google and create keyword lists that you can save for future posts or pages. There is too much to mention here but you can try Jaaxy for FREE (no credit card required) for 30 searches.

Jaaxy Pro —- $49.00 per month (I use this one)

Jaaxy Enterprise —- $99.00 per month (For the power user)

Choose the Jaaxy Plan That Suits You HERE

I personally used the free Jaaxy to start with but soon learned the Jaaxy Pro was what I needed and have never looked back and don’t know what I would do without it now. For finding your niche, building your website, finding the perfect keywords and domain name (then buying the perfect match name right there), you will not find anything on the net that can match or be as easy to work with as Jaaxy.

Hey there, What is your opinion? Did you find some helpful information and did it help to make up your mind or do you still have questions? either way, leave a comment and let me know, Thanks.




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