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Killer Content System – Is It For You?

                        Killer Content System

freedom fighters network,Overall Ranking: 72/100

Price: $47

Owners: Socrates Socratous




The killer content system is advertised on this website by Socrates Socratous in a video feature that automatically starts when you load the page. Not much content is really delivered on page other than the potential for earning at the top in a small squeeze paragraph.

The video promises that the killer content system will show you what is the easiest way to make money online and that there are people potentially earning tens of thousands of dollars each month in this million-dollar idea. (Have you heard that before?)

Killer content promises that the process of setting up a website could be as simple as clicking a mouse just a few times. For people that have spent countless hours creating affiliate sites and generating web content, this type of websites set up would be an absolute dream.

Ultimately for $47  if you are an affiliate marketer it’s worth checking out this program just to see if the potential to create affiliate sites faster is possible. If you truly can create websites as fast as some of the people using killer content, it’s a real game changer for promoting some of your top-ranked products.

This page will give you the in’s and out’s of Killer Content and how it works but remember you cannot make thousands of $$$ in a short time with any program on the net and search engines are always changing how they rank your sites so you need updated programs to work with, Like this one

Pros and cons for killer content:


  • The product is only $37 with a special discount making it one of the cheapest affiliate products available on the market.
  • It comes with a lot of video-based training which is fantastic for any visual learners. This means that you won’t have to go through a lot of lengthy blog articles or textbook like tutorials to get started.
  • It comes with lots of extra tools that you can use to start making money and optimizing your business processes.


  • With killer content you get almost too many options to choose from. If you are just starting with website creation and affiliate marketing there can be an almost overwhelming amount of tools to get started with. It will take some trial and error to get used to a system.

make money online,The information that’s given during the training videos is a little bit vague at first. You really have to advance through some of the training videos before you start to hit some of the relevant information and to learn more about what the program is actually about.

The same goes with some of the promotional material. You’ll find out much about killer content other than its earning potential for the first bit of any of the advertisements they have released.


  • Another big con is that many people find the presenters and the host of the tutorial videos to be a little bit dry. Although the information is presented visually it still might not be done in the most appealing format.
  • No free trial: unfortunately unlike some other affiliate programs, killer content doesn’t come with any kind of free trial so that you can actually see what the program is about without paying for it.
  • You are on your own: many affiliate networks, with a large-scale community that helps each other out. Killer content is a product that you use yourself and learning that takes place by yourself.

The overview:

Ultimately killer content is a system that you can use for creating websites very quickly. Rather than struggling at creating affiliate content you can get up online and published so that you can start earning money from affiliate dollars very quickly, but this system is very out dated and as you must create your own or new content to get ranked with all search engines. (content cannot be copied or run through a spinner, search engines will ban you)

With lots of tutorials and ways that you can streamline your process as well as earn more money online, this is an outdated toolkit and efficiency wizard all in one.

Who is this system designed for?

If you don’t have any experience in marketing or designing websites, this is most definitely the system for you. The good news about the killer content system is that you can start earning money almost right away. Like most affiliate networks it gloats that you can start earning easy money online but this is one of the very few programs that actually teaches you step-by-step how to earn affiliate cash.

As a result it’s one of the top recommended products available for beginner affiliate marketers to get started. Again copied content run through spinners, you will need to use your own content or outsource your content.

What’s included:

You get 10 basic training videos included with the content they can teach you everything from how to profit from PLR articles, how to sell digital products, how to build big e-mail marketing lists, increase your conversion rates, generate targeted keywords, build subscribers and more.

Along with the videos you also get a number of PLR articles, site manager that helps you to update multiple WordPress sites at once, a number of tools that can help you boost your SEO as well as an e-book report generator that can help you manage and market digital products.

Customer support:

Killer content suggests that they offer full customer support via e-mail response. This is not a live chat feature like you might get on some other networks but it’s better than nothing. Wealthy Affiliate has live chat 24/7 with owners and expert marketers who are WA members, all the help you’ll ever need.

The price:

At just $37 from the special offer price, you won’t find these tools much cheaper anywhere else. The way to get this special offer price is to click on the introductory video and sign up right away to reduce the price from $47 down to $37.

For a low investment you can get some tools and a jump start if you’re a beginner to making money online. You can get all this and much much more below with all tools and videos constantly updated and with 24/7 live chat Member and Owner help.


If you enjoyed this post and it helped you in your search of making money online or have any questions please leave a comment below and I will answer in a timely fashion. Thank you.

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