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OMG Machines Review – Get The Low Down Here

Overall Ranking: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Price: $45 (getting started)
Owners: Mike Long and Greg Morrison
Website: http://www.omgmachines.com/

make money online,OMG Machines is an SEO training program developed by Mike Long and Greg Morrison. It focuses mainly on the SEO strategies that should be used after the updates made by Google in 2012.

Anyone struggling with search engine optimization can greatly benefit from this course. This review of OMG Machines reveals everything you should learn about this program.

• Advanced SEO methods are updated and taught to reflect changes in the search algorithm of Google
• OMG Machines is designed in a way that even beginners can catch on fast.
• With a step by step course, it is easy to get started with the program.
• Video tutorials show the exact methods needed to make substantial earnings online
• You can learn at your own pace and set your desired learning schedule.


  • Very expensive upsells (makes you think they are a must to succeed)
  • It makes you think that you’ll get rich quick, make thousands of $$$$ in a few weeks (will never happen with any program, it takes time)
  • If you’re not familiar with basic internet marketing concepts, you’ll have to dedicate more time to the program compared to someone who’s already familiar with it.
  • Anyone showing expensive cars, houses and huge income statements on their sites I do not trust. (I’ve learned this by all the mistakes I’ve made and believe me there have been lots)
  • Using a spinner is encouraged (spinning articles is bad news for search engines, A real No No)
  • There is no free trial offer. ( Wealthy Affiliate offers a Free Trial with up to date training and 2 Free websites. )
  • Support is through Webinars, Facebook group, Skype,

OMG Machines, also known as One Man Gang, is an online course that will teach you how to make passive income streams through SEO and affiliate marketing services. It’s the brainchild of renowned SEO expert Greg Morrison and Bring the Fresh’s Mike Long. OMG Machines is a hands-on, result-oriented training program.

Instead of focusing on theories, Greg and Mike give you the practical knowledge needed to make a rewarding full-time income or huge part-time earnings. Greg and Mike show their own web properties and websites so that you can track and confirm their search engine rankings on your own.

The way OMG Machines is designed can help anyone with little to no experience in online marketing get started. You can easily follow the techniques and training Greg and Mike use and implement them on your own website.

OMG Machines gives you a complete course in monetizing web properties. It comes with a Fast and Cheap Start Guide that is separated into four lesson sections:

Lesson 1 is about domains, niches and keywords. It includes seven video tutorials that discuss everything about choosing an exact match domain, understanding niche/keyword and local clients, extra keyword technique, affiliate website samples and niche case study.
Lesson 2 teaches you how to set up and build your own website. It consists of eight video tutorials discussing domain registration, setting up and installing WordPress, hosting your domain and building out your OMG machines.
Lesson 3 is all about backlinking and articles. It includes nine video tutorials that discuss article creation, EzineArticle submission, Magic Submitter training and Web 2.0 linking.
Lesson 4 discusses the feel, look and conversion on your site and consists of nine video tutorials. Website makeover, matchmaker pages, TrustJacker demonstration, getting images, utilizing eLance to commission graphics, screen hunter and using Gimp (a free graphics manipulation program) are some of the things you will learn.
An Advanced training Section that’s separated into 2 parts is also included in the program.
Pay-Per-Click Techniques – It includes over-the-shoulder video tutorials documenting and demonstrating all of the steps needed to build and handle lucrative pay-per-click campaigns for your website using Google AdWords.
SeattleRealEstateAgents.org – Consists of eighteen over-the-shoulder video tutorials documenting and showing all of the steps needed to attain the number one Google ranking for the keyword Seattle Real Estate.
The Members Area of the program also offers several archived webinars that cover various online earning topics, a Members Area orientation video, webinars about using free Squidoo pages to improve your rankings on search engines and make other passive income streams.

Webinars that assess the effect of Google Search Algorithm updates as well as countermeasure techniques to guarantee that your website retains its page one rankings and interviews and income reports from successful OMG Machines members. All the newest OMG Machines updates and news are also provided to members.

Looking For Excellent Training, 24/7 live chat help With 2 Free websites?

OMG Machines comes with support from Mike and Greg. You will receive training videos, access to the Facebook group, all future upgrades and updates, Skype support, live webinars two times a week, exclusive email support and one on one personal messaging. A free training section is also available on the program’s official website and one of the tools you can get is the Magic Bullets seven video series that discuss everything about:
• Local marketing
• Affiliate profits
• Squidoo and how you can earn money with it
• Optimizing your website for mobile
• How to sell your services and products on your site
• What conversions really are and how to increase them
• A recorded webinar hosted by Greg and Mike. It mostly consists of sales pitches and discussions about how much money they’re earning.
A 60-day money back guarantee is also offered, so the program is completely risk-free. So, if you think OMG Machines didn’t meet your needs or it’s not for you, you can always ask for a refund within 60 days.

OMG Machines is divided into two packages – Commission Conspiracy Part 1 (designed to teach you how to build Squidoo lenses and how to advertise products from Amazon) and Commission Conspiracy Part 2 (focuses on teaching you how to create your own site and how to attain high rankings on Google).

Commission Conspiracy Part 1 costs $45 and Commission Conspiracy Part 2 is $99. I have listed the cost for the no holds barred support and coaching system below, don’t know about you but when I started out I never had that kind of money.

When starting out DO NOT expect to make a lot of money fast as it just will not happen with any legit system on the internet, it takes time to build credibility and trust for search engines and your customer traffic.

Now for the Up-sells: No Holds Barred Support and Coaching System

  • One time fee $4999.00
  • 4 payments of $1289.00 each (Totaling $5156.00)
  • 12 monthly payments of $439.00 each (Totaling $5268.00)

OMG Machines is recommended to those who want to learn and master the methods needed to create lucrative full-time passive earnings or a substantial part-time income. I would give it 3.5 stars and is designed in a way that even those with little to no experience in online marketing can quickly follow.

Take a look at my Free to start #1 program Wealthy Affiliate.  


Would like to hear your comments on this review or your experience with OMG, Thanks


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