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Pure Leverage Review – Get The Low down Here

Product Name: Pure Leverage

Overall Ranking: No consensus – depends on whom you ask and what reviews you read.

Price: Basic Level – $24.95/month; VIP Level – $97.00/month; Reseller Fee – $19.95/month.

Owner(s): Joel Therier, founder and owner of GVO. GVO and Pure Leverage are products under GVO Corporation.

Website: PureLeverage.com

Pure Leverage Review:


affiliate marketing,PureLeverage.com (PL) is an online business to promote PL’s online marketing training tools and coaching designed to help individuals develop a home-based business in the direct sales industry. The company guarantees that “you can be in profit in less than 30 days.” Members can also choose to market PL as a business through a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure: a member recruits other members and shares a percentage of income generated by each of those other active members.


From the MLM side of the business, PL promises that its marketers will have unlimited width referrals and unlimited depth “Powerline”. Income can be generated through the sale of individual training products and services; residual income can be generated through the developing an MLM business.


To promote the higher business level, the member must also be at that higher business level; the incentive is to encourage you to join the higher level right away.

As for marketing through Authority Blog, members are provided only one blog on the PL blogging network. You may be working to develop other online streams of income through that blog network but PureLeverage.com owns the content – you would be building with a blog that is not fully your own. Want 1 free website and Hosting that are yours, Click Here

Who is it For:

making money onlinePure Leverage may be best suited for experienced MLM-ers looking to develop another MLM-based business.
Even so be very careful as things are not always as it looks. Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM and is Free to join.

Training/Tools Overview:

Training is focused more on the MLM side and less on how to effectively use the tools to develop online businesses.

Some of the tools are reported as not working very effectively or are not fully developed. The emphasis on “Authority Blog” is suspicious as no blog gains “authority” from the very start.


Some reviewers have claimed that the support from PureLeverage.com is poor, done entirely through email, and with slow response times for even the simplest questions. The only phone number listed is for billing inquiries.


PureLeverage.com is a sub-company of GVO, a Texas-based professional web hosting company founded by successful internet marketer, Joel Theirien (also the owner of PL). The Better Business Bureau has not accredited GVO Corporate because of its failure to provide requested information and failure to substantiate or modify advertising claims on the company’s website.

For every favorable review of PL, another review condemns it AND promotes its own business instead. Interestingly, one of the glowing testimonials on the PL website is from a man who has since formed his own competitive web business and “tells the truth” about the scamming PL.

When considering an online business, please be cautious with companies that promise quick and easy income. Be alert to the reviews that promise in bold headlines to “tell the truth about…” Claims and praise that are too glowing and criticisms that are too hostile are suspect.

Finally, if you are not an experienced MLM-er, you might pass on the PureLeverage.com opportunity and probably on most other MLM opportunities as well. PL appears to offer too little in the way of products and services to be a reliable, durable revenue stream for very long.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. –Chinese Proverb

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