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How to Write Good Content for your Website – 8 Must Do Tips

How to Write Good Content for your Website

how to write good content for your website,Content remains the best strategy in online marketing. The use of articles is an effective way of pushing your content online. Articles give you a chance to engage and communicate with your potential clients in your endeavor to sell your brand.

You have a chance to express your approval for the products on sale. In fact, articles are still the greatest form in search engine optimization. It is the content of your articles that captures the rank, logs and finds on search engines.

The focus of your article is both your clients and the search engines. This should inform your approach to article writing for marketing. Make it interesting and easy to decipher for your readers. Remember that web readers online do not go into details.

They scan in order to get the information they are looking for other than complete reading the page. Here are tips that will make your article captivating and informative. Remember that your articles are a pitch and will determine whether the buyer makes the ultimate decision. Read on to find how to write good content for your website,

Feed Your Readers

It is said that online readers behave like wild animals. They roam the internet looking for information. When an animal sniffs a trail, it follows it decisively. This will only happen if the scent is strong enough. This points at what is required of your title and introduction.

They must point at a more rewarding body of the article. The reader must make a quick decision whether your lengthy body will offer what he is looking for. Just like animals, readers do not wish to waste time on unproductive content. Provide content that allows them to make a quick decision.

Prioritize Your Content

Web content differs from writing an essay. In an essay, the most important details are captured in the body of your writing. When writing an article for a website, put the most important information at the beginning. It reduces the decision making time for a reader. Once the reader identifies that most of the information can be found at the beginning, he gains confidence that more details will be found in the inner paragraphs.

A quick decision will depend on the first few lines a reader encounters. This important information is a simple statement of what you do or offer. This is an ‘inverted’ pyramid approach to writing where with the first paragraph, you can tell the details that will be in the entire body.

Do Not Be Creative Or Clever

afiliate marketing,A reader is not interested in every detail of your article. The reader has several trails to follow and is thus looking for the strongest. Make very simple and informed statements. A web page should be obvious, self evident and explanatory.

When your phrasing is clever, people are called to think. This does not work well for the web. Like a hunting animal, interest is on a quick kill. As such, your article should be easy to read and follow. Unless you are targeting a comical audience, avoid jokes.

Craft The Content To Fit Scanners

People do not read the entire web page. They scan and glance at the content looking for details. You must capture the interest of a reader by drawing his attention to the specific area on your page where this information is available. According to research, only 6% of people read an entire page. Most of them are followers of such pages and not people searching for information.

Here is what scanners want

1 – A headline that communicates the most important details
2 – An image caption that communicates the most sort after message about the product
3 – Sub-headings that summarize the key points
4 – Bullet point to make it easy to extract information
5 – This kind of presentation makes it easy for hunters to spot information.

Use The Familiar Words

Just like an animal in the jungle, online readers are looking for certain words that suggest value to them. They are referred to as ‘care words’. It is these words that call the visitors to action. For instance, if you are a traveler, some of the words that would capture your attention include cheap, comfortable, fast, low fare, etc.

Check for words in your niche that are commonly used in web searches. In the case of frequent fliers, the most commonly used words are ‘cheap flight’. A search engine will prioritize an article with these words on its body.

Web Readers Are Lazy People

The first impression that readers on the web are lazy is in the fact that they do not read but scan information. Even in the forest, hunters are not interested in prey that will take a lot of time to catch. No one is interested in a voluminous read.

Here are tips on making your copy easy to read.

how to write good content for your website,1 – Make your paragraphs short. Do not exceed four sentences.
2 – Your sentences should also be short. At most, the sentence should be twelve words.
3 – Eliminate unnecessary words from your writing. This amounts to thickening the bush which makes it difficult for a reader to find information .
4 – Avoid the use of meaningless language and jargon
5 – Keep away from passive tense. This will give an impression of an old product.
6 – No repetition. It is tiring to read the same detail even if other words are used.
7 – Be direct in your address. Assume a conversational tone where you refer to them as ‘you’.
8 – Lazy people love short text. Be cautious about the length. It might affect your web ranking. To circumvent it, use   subheadings.

Your content to be clear and comprehensive regardless of the page it is situated. Visitors to your page can arrive anywhere on your website. To make it easy to find information, each page must be quick to scan, easy to determine where you are in relation to other pages and it must call to action in order to initiate a sale. Your article must give an excellent visual impression. Learn what your audience is looking for and provide it to them.

This is just an overview of writing good content for your website but that is only a start to getting a profitable website working for you day in and day out. I built this site on Wealthy Affiliate and with all the training modules, 24/7 live chat with members plus owners helping me I have succeeded. You can Click Here to read all about it.

Has this helped get you on the right path and is it what you were looking for? Please leave a comment to let me know or if you have a question PLEASE ask.


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