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How to Increase Traffic to Your Website – 12 Tips To More Traffic

how to increase traffic to your website,As a marketer, entrepreneurs among other professions one may feel they have a problem when it comes to knowing how well to use the digital world in order to reach more people and actually have a good result and feedback from the target market.

Considering some may not have as much a budget as the other competitors may have nor have an army of marketers to actually make the product go viral. However, learning how to increase traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily mean that one cannot still make a huge difference in different ways regardless of them being a small business or a medium-sized business for a lot less money and in most cases Free.

Listed below are some tips on how to increase traffic to your website.


When it comes to advertising on the internet there are various ways one may use such as paid search, display advertising and social media advertising are some of the best ways in which one may attract visitors, build a brand as well as get one’s site in front of people. In addition, just having more traffic is not okay as one needs to get people talking as well. Nevertheless, one also needs to take caution before using money to advertise as all channels tend to have pros and cons.

how to increase traffic to your website,Social Media:

Just being able to produce great content and expecting people to find it is never enough as one need to be proactive by reaching out. Social media has become one of the most powerful tools that most people are being advised to use. The different platforms tend to have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Some sites that one may use is face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram among many others.

Mix It Up:

When it comes to content marketing and increasing traffic there normally is no magic formula that one has to follow. Hence, one should diversify their content and make it as appealing as possible to the different target audiences. One may consider a mixture of info graphics, videos, news-based blog post or short one’s as well as data-driven pieces in order to reach large masses of people.

Write Catchy Headlines:

When it comes to marketing content, normally headlines are what sell best. Without an alluring headline one is bound to have their work brushed off easily. One needs to simply master the art of headline writing as it tends to go a long way.

Pay Attention to On-Page SEO:

People normally tend to think that SEO is dead however the habit or practice o using optimization engines is still very valuable and worthwhile. This could help boost one’s organic traffic very much.

Target-Long Tail Keywords:

jaaxy, jaaxy keyword tool,how to increase traffic to your website,Long-tail keywords normally account for most of the web searches, which means if one is not targeting them then they are missing out. Hence, one needs to add it to their SEO. Here is an excellent tool to search for long tail keywords and rate them, Click Here to check it out.

Start Blogging:

Blogging does increase traffic this is a given fact. One may try guest blogging which is not dead at all. Having a secure space on a famous or reputable site may help increase blog traffic to one’s website which in return may help build one’s brand into the bargain.

In addition, one may also invite people to write content on one’s site which makes one’s scope of users increase. This creates a new network of guests visiting the site which increases traffic as they like and share the content. However, one should ensure that the content being posted is of high quality, original since Google is cracking down low quality guest’s blogging.

Internal Linking:

This is whereby you may add links from one page on your website to another page on your website such as linking one’s blog to the previous blog that you may have done. This is a good way to keep guests on your site as they keep going around reading different content within one’s site.

One may get the most out of internal linking by creating more content, using the right text, linking of relevant content and making sure not to overdo it.

Use Email Marketing As a Means:

Traditional methods still work today and not using them may make one lose out on an opportunity. One needs to combine some traditional as well as modern ways of marketing. Email marketing still works and may result in significant traffic. However, one needs to be careful to not bombard people with too much that they may end up spamming the content.

In addition, one may also reach out to customers who have been there for a while just to show them that one actually cares by simply sending a friendly email reminding them of new services or products as this may help increase traffic as well.

Make Sure That the Site Is Responsive:

Gone are the days that one could only use a desktop computer to carry out internet browsing as currently many people are now using mobile devices to do day to day activities on them. Hence, one needs to ensure that their website is available and comfortable to users as well as that it is simply view able on a range of different devices including smart phones.

Make Sure the Site Is Fast:

There is nothing as annoying as having to wait for a site to load since its super slow. That is a turnoff for any guest visiting the site. One needs to make sure that their site is fast when it comes to optimization. The faster the site loads, the better the traffic.

Cultivate a Sense of Community:

how to increase traffic to your website,People tend to want to be able to have a platform where they are able to speak their minds freely and give their opinions on different subjects that they may happen to be passionate about, hence, having a community that speaks is a good way to start a conversation as well as increase traffic to the website.

One may also implement third parties by instilling a vigorous commenting system e.g. face book or create a forum in which visitors are able to as questions.

In conclusion, increasing traffic is all a matter of being smart and going an extra mile to ensure that the content reaches as many people as possible and the feedback is also coming in as much as possible.

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Did you find a few ways to help market your site be it new or established? Got any questions or comments on this or other posts on this site just leave a comment below.


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