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Is Internet Income University A scam? – Here’s My View

Website: www.internetincomeuniversity.com
Price: $30 to start- $319 premium upgrade $567 per month and Higher
Owners: Kevin and Darin Blue
Rank: 5/100

Is Internet Income University A Scam? Read on to find out:

Doubts and ideas concept - Businessman with questions marksInternet income University is an affiliate marketing campaign that’s designed to feature working home opportunities in MLM network marketing model. This means that users can learn the basics of MLM marketing and then apply it to grow their network and maximize profits.

To start with as far as I’m concerned All MLM’s are SCAMS, only the top few people make all the money, you and I down a few tiers pay them and then when our turn comes around it peters out and we are left out in the cold.

Each customer is encouraged to pay into the program to expand their skills while earning commissions for their network and the expansion of their network of affiliate marketers.

The program began in 2012 and the idea of the program is to create a series of training and tools that will introduce people to Internet marketing and help them to capitalize on marketing the program itself.

Most of the money making opportunities come from encouraging others to join rather than selling other affiliate products and the program is heavily labeled as a scam.

The good and bad:

Your Future Just Ahead road sign - Future conceptThe word marketing University certainly doesn’t bode well for those who are interested in getting into multilevel marketing. This is definitely a program that is suited best for beginners but as you will discover shortly after signing up for the program, not a lot is offered in the base version of Internet income University.

Most of the programming offered to start with is simply moneymaking opportunity videos and up sales on how you could expand your network. The problem with a lot of these early opportunities is that it doesn’t give you a step-by-step indication of just how you can expand your network but rather focuses on the so called success that other users have had.

In a lot of cases this content simply works to get users very excited about the program and doesn’t provide a lot of information on how to achieve success. So how do you get started in affiliate marketing? Check out  this one that provides you with Everything you need from start to finish, it’s number one on my list, No Credit Card needed to try and you get 2 free lifetime websites.

The good:

The videos and materials that are provided in the early stages of Internet income University are extremely hopeful. You are presented with plenty of users that have made money with this program and lots of exciting visuals to help you see a future of success in MLM marketing.

The university has plenty of training programs available: although you may have to spend a lot of extra money to take advantage of these training programs, Internet income University reveals a little more of this process with every up-sale.

The base level membership really doesn’t provide you with much other than hype but the methodology starts to unravel as you spend more money on programs.

The programs are targeted to accomplish your goals: Shortly after signing up for Internet income University you will be given a questionnaire where you will identify some of your goals for multilevel marketing, only for more up-sells.

By answering questions about your current income as well as the income you hope to achieve through multilevel marketing you can identify your goals as well as get an idea of the type of programs that you might need to purchase to accomplish the earnings you had in mind.

There is an ongoing mantra of promoting quality products: in any affiliate marketing effort you should only promote products that you believe in and that are of high quality. This is one message that Internet income University gets right.

The bad:

Transparent_RedUp-sells everywhere: Although this program isn’t that expensive to get started, in order to start unlocking value you need to be spending a lot of money per month.

With up-sells that range between a $500 SEO service, hosting packages as well as premium memberships you could be spending thousands of dollars a month to actually get value out of Internet income University.

With that kind of money per month I wouldn’t call it value, Thousands of dollars per month to maybe make a few dollars per month.

Vague information: A lot of the tutorial videos are filled with extremely vague information and as a result you’re simply presented with a bunch of marketing buzzwords that get you excited about the product without revealing too much about how to achieve success.

Constant spam for cross promotion: Although most of the time Internet income University suggests that the secret to success is marketing its program it also regularly provides spam e-mails and messages about other MLM programs you could sign up for. These MLM programs are closely related to Internet income University and generally cost even more to get started with. These cross promotion e-mails can get very annoying and the new opportunities can make your cost for operations even more expensive.

WAtransparentBG007Tutorials offer little value: Most of the tools presented with Internet income University don’t provide you with a lot of value when they are compared with other affiliate marketing offerings like the one that I Highly Recommend. For SEO services for example are all explained in Wealthy Affiliate and are easily done by you for nothing.

Who is Internet income University for?

This program is not recommended to anyone and new affiliate marketers should definitely steer clear. Unfortunately, this program is targeted more specifically two new affiliate marketers and people that are curious about getting into MLM.

Many new users can find themselves invested into Internet income University without being able to make any money out of it. Although the first initial membership is extremely reasonable for an affiliate plan you definitely won’t unlock anything of value to this program that you couldn’t find in a free program somewhere else.

Whether you are experienced in MLM marketing or simply looking for information in affiliate marketing you should steer clear of this product. Look at the chart below and see the difference, No up-sells and everything you will ever need to make money in affiliate marketing.

Tools and training:

is internet income university a scam,This product only features basic videos that share a lot of hype with very little information. The SEO tools are most likely outsourced and marked up. You do not need these with Wealthy Affiliate, it is all built into the training and video’s so you just automatically do it yourself.


Internet income University is most definitely an MLM scam. The only people making money out of Internet income University are the creators of the website. Many have reported that they aren’t able to earn anywhere near what they invest into the product and the ongoing up-sale notifications will simply fill your e-mail with spam and other empty promises. Avoid Internet income University at all costs, it’s simply a money pit.

I would like to hear your comments on this post good or bad as that is how we all learn by working and talking to each other, Thanks. Wayne

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4 thoughts on “Is Internet Income University A scam? – Here’s My View
  1. Hey, regarding click-bank – do you have ideas about improving sales on a non-niche website? I own a file sharing website and as such it is extremely to match offers to the visitor. Best wishes

    1. Wayne says:

      I would build a site to promote a certain niche and it can be done Here for free, you will need to build specific sites for specific niches. Very easy and free at Wealthy Affiliate, hope this answers your question.

  2. edy says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Internet Income University looks a lot like big MLM programs out there such as Empower Network and iPAS2. Those programs did bring some good trainings to their members, however, the majority of them fail to break even.

    I personally don’t like a platform that consists of expensive upsells. They are actually not necessary. It is just the top guys wanted to make a killing on the downlines. And sad enough, the company can shut down at anytime with all of the money. (true story)

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Edy
      Yes this happened to me just before I found Wealthy Affiliate so fortunately I only spent the first $25.00 or so but now I have all I need and have been here for 2 years, it’s nice knowing I don’t have to search anymore and start new programs.

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