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My lead System Pro Review – Is It Legit?

All There Is To Know About My Lead System Pro, Are you an affiliate? If you are, then you must have come across my lead system pro,various top affiliate marketing programs, including this one.

Affiliates use such forums to:

1 – Look for relevant information in building your MLM business

2 – Find the affiliate conferences within their geographical specifications

3 – Get more knowledge and information on affiliate marketing & MLM

4 – Connect with other business people with the aim of forming future partnerships

5 – Boost their profits by buying and selling products and services

What Is My Lead System Pro?

This is an affiliate program, which informs the marketers who deal with networks, the art of attraction marketing. So, what exactly is affiliate marketing? It is a concept that deals with value leading with the aim of attracting the perfect prospects. It uses the appeal of education and training to attract its network marketers.

The training helps them to build and increase their traffic to their site. This platform allows its network marketers to get commissions from their input.

How Exactly Does MLSP Operate?

This affiliate program platform helps network marketers in three ways.

They include:

1 – It teaches them how to brand themselves to their prospective clients and helps them to implement the basis of their training, which is attraction marketing, online.

2 – Since it is an affiliate program, it offers them a platform for earning income through commissions by referring other people to their program.

3 – It eliminates the burden of learning to create other pages for the purpose of gaining leads. This platform already has in-build pages.

Some of the facts that you need to know about my lead system pro:

my leads pro review,Unlike other network marketing platforms that only pay a commission if you manage to get leads to join your network, this one actually pays for the effort. If you get a lead and they are content with their network marketing company, you still receive a pay.

This gives their network marketers an incentive to keep on marketing the company to other people. The truth of the matter is that as long as you managed to get them on your list, then there is a high possibility that they will want to join your company. My lead system pro thrives on this understanding.

MLSP does not just work as long as you are under their company. You have to input a lot of effort and work on the training and knowledge that they give you for it to work.

The training will help you attract more people and increase your leads through their in-built capture pages. However, you need to be ready to take instructions and appreciate the coaching for this entire process and concept to work.

This platform gives its networking marketers various options of earning money through it. Most people are acquainted with my leads system pro by using the trial. Once the trial phase is over, most people tend to stick around to increase their leads and use the available in-built pages to do this. Now the up-sells start, My #1 affiliate program has absolutely NO UP-SELLS and you can sign in for free (no credit card required) Click Here for info

They also decide to stick with the system to acquire more knowledge about attraction marketing. Thus, it is clear that for you to make any money using this system you have to get other people to opt for it. This is the basis of the entire system. Thus, focus on increasing your leads and the rest shall fall into place.

Instead of using capture page on Facebook to get leads, use this three-step plan to prevent people from clicking and leaving the page even before they see what it has to offer. Capture pages are not popular with the public, refrain from copy-pasting your capture page links on your pages.

The plan is as follows;

Watch and take notes of the information relayed from the videos on the MLSP platform.
Share your notes through various means such as writing a blog, article, or even making a video.

Make use of a call to action to direct your audience to the original video. Make the viewers feel like they are in control of their actions instead of forcefully redirecting them through capture pages.

You will definitely need the basic computer knowledge in order to work this system. You do not have to have certified knowledge of computer applications. Just know and understand the basic functionalities such as right-clicking, double-clicking, using Facebook, and even being able to post content online.

This is an alternative to going out there and marketing this idea to people in-person. Save your energy and resources by simply using this system and the training, it needs to work it. Moreover, it offers you the chance to brand yourself with the aid of webinars and live events.

Once you get the flow of things, you will get a higher rank and be called to speak to others during webinars and conferences.

MLSP stands out from other systems in two clear ways, namely:

1 – This platform tells and encourages its users to use it as a tool for building their network marketing business. This is unlike most of the network marketing platforms that make their users focus on building it as a tool rather than themselves.

2 – The platform emphasizes self-branding, which will definitely increase your profit margins, a normal network marketing or MLM recruiter is turned down by about ninety to ninety-five percent of their target clients.

This estimate is quite troubling. Thus, if you get an option like MLSP that increases your chances of getting income whether you bring someone in to the company or not, you take that opportunity and run with it. It allows you to get an income from this ninety to ninety-five percent on top of your commission for the people who you actually manage to sign up.

This allows you to stick around longer to understand and implement the basis of attraction marketing. This in turn increases your chances of success in the industry.

My take on My Lead System Pro:

I cannot call it a scam but some of the training is outdated and there are a lot of up-sells as you move along through the program. It can get expensive so I would be very careful if money is a little on the tight side. As I have said over and over Do Not Expect Riches Overnight!!!  no matter what program you decide to follow, Happy Marketing.


wealthy affiliate,

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6 thoughts on “My lead System Pro Review – Is It Legit?
  1. Steve says:

    Well, I have thought about MLSP before and have been looking for more opinions on the product. I didn’t realize that they do pay you for your efforts, that is interesting. Another interesting point you made is that the training is outdated, which in my eyes is not a good sign. They should keep their training current if they are legitimate. I am not saying they are not legit, but I think you and I can agree there are probably better options out there. Oh and I forgot the upsells. It is always frustrating to get sold more stuff after you join. I will have to take a look at your other recommendation and see what they have to offer.

    1. Wayne says:

      I like to see people that check out programs and at least have 2ed thoughts about them versus signing up right away. The older training and the up-sells will keep me from signing up also,

      Wealthy Affiliate is always up grading their training and videos and with no up-sells works for me.

  2. David says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, the article was very informative. I was a little confused as to exactly what this platform does. At first it seemed that it was a way to recruit people for a network marketing business, but then you said that the main focus was in recruiting for the lead system pro. Does it do both? Also, what is the cost for the system?

    1. Wayne says:

      You are recruiting for both MLSP and mainly MLM’s but will help with affiliate marketing but it takes time to learn the system and even then probably get minimal help.

      To start with it costs $49.97 and then each up-sell go up from there, be careful.

  3. Neil says:

    When I first checked out My Leads System Pro a few years back, I wasn’t convinced at all.

    But from your review, it seems like MLSP has undergone a few changes. I do like the fact that you get landing pages for building a list of leads and you get the resources you need for building a profitable business.

    However, I don’t like the fact that some of the training is a little stale and it’s also “upsell city”.

    Sometimes it makes you wonder if these programs are actually created for your success to fill the owners’ pockets.

    MLSP is great for the right people who can afford it I guess. But if I was to invest, the training would have to be 100% freshly updated.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Wayne says:

      MLSP is not for everyone that is for sure, I do not like up-sells period and with them it can get pricey not only in MLSP but in any program.

      As you say for those who have the extra money it may be ok but why waste money. The one program that works and has no up-sells is Wealthy Affiliate and new training is added practically daily.

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