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Seriously, How Do You Make Money From A Blog?

building websites for dummies,affiliate marketing,how to make money online for a beginner,how do you make money from a blog?,How do you make money in a blog? When I first started blogging, I, honestly had no idea what I was doing and didn’t go into it with a strategy.

All I knew is that I had a passion for writing and blogging allowed me the freedom to express my thoughts to a wide audience without taking much time away from my day job.

What I didn’t know is that blogging would ultimately lead to a change in my career path and I would make a full-time income from it.

Many people have asked me how I have been able to sustain my lifestyle with a blogger’s income. What they don’t know is that my first blog barely made any money for the first year and a half, and even when I did start to try to make money, it would amount to just a couple of dollars a week. However, with time, my income grew from spare change to a full-time income and beyond.

Before I started making money from my blogs, here are a few things I had to do first:

(1) Find my niche – I already had an idea about what I wanted to write about based on my passions, but would people want to read what I wrote about? I quickly did a web search on my topic and did a scope of who are the different stakeholders and potential readers. With this, I was able to tailor my content to my audience and make it more targeted.

(2) Create useful content – Once I had identified my audience, I had to create content that they would find useful. Here, I had to decide what exactly my content would do for my audience. I focused on content that would change people’s lives in some way. Being well versed in my topic area and writing content that people helped me develop trust with my readers, which was important when I started making money from my blogs.

(3) Engage my readers – I had to engage my readers on different social media networks and even respond to their comments on my posts. This created a community around my blog that would keep coming back to my site for new content.

(4) Choose how to make money from your blog – The above 3 are the important foundation I needed to begin making money from my blogs. It may be a lot of work to do but consistently improving my system and building my audience allowed me to reap great benefits from my blogs- it still does!

Making money through blogging does not happen accidentally as many may think. I had to put in the work and come up with strategies that would make me more than a couple of dollars a week.

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You can choose a variety of ways to make money blogging –

how do you make money blogging,(1) Advertising – This is usually the starting point for many bloggers. As I grew my brand around my blog and traffic increased, I noticed that I would be approached by companies and individuals wanting to advertise on my blog. I used ad networks such as Google AdSense that acted as a middleman enabling smaller publishers to run ads on my blogs.

(2) Affiliate marketing – This is actually the most common way to make money through blogging. Affiliate marketing is when you link a product or service that is for sale on another site and if a buyer follows your link to make a purchase, you automatically earn a commission on that sale. I chose to market products that were directly related to my content so as not to throw off my readers.

(3) Events – This is not a very common method, but some people do it. Personally, it has worked very well in the past. I have managed to hold conferences or simple meet-an-greets with my readers. They either paid for such events out-of-pocket or I got companies to sponsor the events. One of the advantages of this is that your audience gets to interact with each other and me, building a greater sense of community.

I have also held online events and summits to get people who are far away involved too. This is not my personal favorite way and have stopped doing it, to each his own.

(4) Access fees – Most of my content has been free but there are bloggers who charge a fee for their readers to access premium content, services, tools or community areas. This creates a system of recurring income, where people pay for access regularly.

(5) Services – Depending on the content, I have found that providing coaching services to my audience can be a good income stream. However, this takes a lot of time and may sometimes make you digress from your initial purpose. I tend to shy away from this also, just my preference.

wealthy affiliate,making money online,(6) Sell e-books – These can either be personally or publicly authored e-books. Once you have mastered your content, it is very easy to compile it into an ebook that you can sell. They do not have to be long novels. Your audience will buy even a few pages of your content if they find it useful.

(7) Sell it! – This is the ultimate step in making money from blogging. I have sold some of my blogs after I had created a great foundation. Companies and individuals who do not want to go through the hassle of building a blog and a readership from scratch simply buy blogs and continue running them. The amount of money I received was purely dependent on my content and number of subscribers. Companies will buy blogs to sell their products or services on them.

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These days, blogging has become the in-thing. However, successfully making money from blogs has to be well planned. Using the tips given above, anyone looking to start a blog for profit should be well on their way to making some money. The initial monetary investment is low but it takes time, patience and a lot of work to create a successful blog. Happy Blogging.

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