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The Jaaxy Keyword Tool – Keyword Research Ninja Style

What Is The Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

the jaaxy keyword tool,If your ideal past time involves spending time making money online, and promoting your blog or website into the first pages of search engines, you’ll also be doing keyword research regularly and how often, will entirely depend on your reliance on search engine optimization or seo.

Seo is critical in driving traffic to your site and through this keyword research is important.

Enter the Jaaxy Keyword tool, a free tool and a cheat sheet for most people in the online business such as Affiliate Marketers.

It sure would be epic knowing exactly what most internet users type in search engines and the Jaaxy keyword Tool not only does that but more and this article will shed more light on this incredible tool.

Jaaxy not only gives you exact search numbers but also clearly indicates the competition among websites who use same search terms or phrases.

Keyword research is a component of SEO and a critical feature in websites and their traffic. Thanks to Jaaxy, keyword research, and underlying aspects become easy as pie. Moreover, Jaaxy uncovers perfect, SEO-worthy topics to write on and ultimately get them ranked high on search engines.

Keyword Tools Wars!

Most keyword tools provide junk ‘’fluff’’ data and operating under deception leaving us to think they are the most superior tool out there. They do work hard to cheat you, that only you have access to the information they present. If you have ever used other tools you can attest to this, trying to make sense of high data streams and metrics that are otherwise useless.

Qualities of a Good keyword Tool:

1 – No need for installation.
2 – No PPC (pay-per-click) estimates.
3 – You don’t have to do multiple searches, as you’ll easily get all the information now.
4 – Ease of use.
5 – Gives you results from all different search engines known.

keyword tool,free keyword tool,The problem with most keyword tools is that they only analyze and return results from search engines that are biased and used to sell ads to advertisers. Moreover, the competition figures data are vague, leaving you guessing your position in the market.

When settling down to start an online business, or manage an existing one, getting a better understanding of how your horse fairs against others must be a top priority.

Understanding how your competitors rank in search engines is key before embarking on a keyword and generating content from it. Lest you waste your time with something irrelevant or already existing.

A mentioned earlier, there are a lot of keyword scanning tools, some are scams while others are just biased and vague.

Scam keyword tools profit from people who are always unaware and generate for them useless data besides being slow. Jaaxy on the other hand, is a trustworthy keyword tool and is fast and provides ease of use.

Jaaxy Features of Note:

Alphabet Soup:

Alphabet Soup in Jaaxy allows the user to brainstorm for keywords, by simply typing in a generic keyword and Jaaxy will give out keyword ideas which you can use to build content around them. Alphabet Soup is a great way to generate content that sells and drives traffic to your site, a great source for potentials.

Saved List:

Jaaxy has a temporary storage for keyword lists used which you can use later on. This feature is useful when you don’t need to jot down all the keywords you may be targeting. Moreover, you can sort them in different nested saved lists for easier management and access.

Search History:

The Search history maintains track of all the keyword entries used in the past. You don’t have to type the whole word again, just one or two letters and a list will present itself to select.

jaaxy keyword tool,Search Analysis:

Allows you to search what is already popular on search engines, as mentioned earlier. From this feature, you can view the metrics of the already ranked sites, their title, URL, number of words, keyword density, meta description, meta keywords, links on the site, backlinks, and if they are using AdSense.

Site Rank:

The site rank provides you with your keyword as well as your competitors’ keywords. You can then track them and discover where you lay in the rankings. Instead of having to purchase a premium plugin or sign up for a keyword tracking service.

Tutorials and Training:

Jaaxy has four video training tutorials that show you precisely how to use all the available different functions. Try searching for keywords (No credit Card required) and see for yourself, just enter your keyword below and click Find Keywords.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Jaaxy:

In every software, I believe there are pros and cons, the major difference coming from whether the pros outweighs the cons. below is a list of the pros and cons of Jaaxy:


1 – Has a Low Monthly Cost.  Jaaxy is very cheap if you compare the cost to other keyword tools.

2 – The User Interface.  As mentioned earlier, Jaaxy’s interface provides a great user experience with simple colors illustrating the best keywords possible for use in your niche.

3 – The Save List, which is very advantageous to the keywords you may want to use later on.

4 – You can track your keywords with your Jaaxy subscription, site rank feature without purchasing plugins.

5 – Jaaxy comes with four videos tutorials that guide you step wise in using the software.


You will have to fork out a monthly expense of $19/month, which is way cheap compared to other keyword tools,
you will also need an internet connection to use Jaaxy.

jaaxy keyword tool,All in all, Jaaxy is an exceptional and wonderful keyword tool. More so if you’re looking to create a website that revolves around relevant, long-tail keywords that provide solutions to searchers and is literally a money making niche.

You can also discover relevant terms that people are actually using to search the internet and have little or no competition very fast.

If you are in the online business and running a website regularly, a keyword tool is essential to your research in generating captivating content. Research always takes time and you’ll need a fast and efficient tool like Jaaxy.

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I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into the “Jaaxy Keyword Tool“. Please leave your comments below!

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