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The Six Figure Mentors Review – The Six Figure Program

six figure mentor program,All There Is To Know About Six Figures Mentors (SFM)

Do you need help with kick starting your internet marketing business? The six figure program mentors promise to help its clients achieve business success on their first try.

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross founded this mentorship company. Most people have already formed a negative option about six figures mentorship program before they even interacted with it.

This is because of the numerous online reviews categorizing this company as a fraud. It has a lot of useful guidance and information that helps entrepreneurs change to achieve optimum success in their endeavors.

The program targets the following members of the society:

  • Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers
  • University and college students
  • Offline and online business owners
  • Network marketers and affiliates
  • People who do not have any experience in business
  • Grandparents
  • Retired veterans
  • People who are not employed due to the global recession
  • People who feel like they need to change their life or career path
  • Parents who work from home

This read will help you understand all that Six Figures Mentorship offers and the steps that will lead to a person being a client of the program.

Modules of the Six Figures Mentorship Program:

Module 1: This is the first module that requires the payment of a subscription fee of about $29.95 ( just the start of many expensive up-sells ) that unlocks the introductory course. This introductory course helps the client understand the entire program and the process of making money online.

Apart from this, you will get some knowledge about:

1 – The various types of advertisements
2 – The importance of providing value to readers
3 – Building a list
4 – Reasons for having a website
5 – Processes of making money in the internet

The client will also learn about the products offered by the six figure program. They include:

six figure mentor,

This module is a general overview of the entire program. It acts as a guide for the program

  • SimpleTraxx: ($9.95/mth)
  • Simple Lead Capture: ($29.95/mth)
  • Digital Business Lounge: ($37 or $67/mth)
  • The Graphix Creator: ($99)
  • SFM Digital Business System: ($297 + $97/mth)
  • SFM Elite Mastermind: ($2,500)
  • Digital Experts Academy: Silver ($2,500)
  • Digital Experts Academy: Gold ($8,000)
  • Digital Experts Academy: Platinum ($11,000)
  • Digital Experts Academy; Black ($20,000)

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Module 2:

This is like the blueprint of the program. It has four parts that each has tasks that bar a person from going to the next step unless they complete it. they include:

Attending a live workshop to communicate and share experiences with other new members. This is though getting a registration link to the workshop through the SFM system consultant.

Completing trajectory worksheets that seek out personal information that includes evaluating your circle of influence, current life within the past ten years, and help you outline the life you seek to live in the next one year.

Completing a survey that sought out information through questions such as “How much is your monthly budget for promoting SFM/DEA?” or “How do you plan to promote SFM/DEA?” ( I wonder why this info? )

Module 3: This is the system setup module. This module provides information on how to sell FM products. Its completion task involves scheduling a Skype call with one of the SFM business strategists that allows them to assess the client and see if they are fit to upgrade to the next level, which is the Elite Membership. Upon passing this examination, the person can then get module 4 unlock code.

The Features of the SFM Business System

Systematic training process:

This is through the modules that each has designated provisions that supplement each other. The steps help the user to know how to make their business succeed across the globe. This means that this process is not specific to a certain marketing region of the world.

Weekly webinars for training purposes: These webinars offer the viewers strategies and skills that help their businesses. The hosts of the webinars are business experts and leaders who have used the process and seen the positive results.

Exclusive membership to the community: This community accommodates members who are in various stages or modules. They interact and share their experiences and tips with each other. You can also ask them questions if you are faced with the challenge.

A platform for digital skills:

This offers the members knowledge from educational resources such as 60– 120-second videos.

A system support team:

This dedicated team is experienced and ready to help the clients with any challenges they face during their training. You can contact them through phone support and live chats, among other forms.

General Facts about Six Figures Mentorship:

The client has to complete a survey after the payment of the subscription fee. This survey asks a very personal question such as the monthly salary of the client.   ( The higher the income the more you can PAY, I suppose )
Each program step requires the accomplishment of a task before moving on to the next. Thus, going to the next step of the program is not automatic.

The program uses the SFM digital business system to direct the affiliate marketer in promoting SFM and make money from this promotion rather than teaching you to be an affiliate market. Thus, it does not promote the autonomy and passion of an average affiliate marketer who wants to promote other products.

Is Six Figure Marketing Good For Advanced Marketers?

The modules unlock very slowly because of the various bars that prevent a person from automatically getting to the next level. This means that if a person is impatient or working with a fixed time, he or she might run out of patience before they complete the program. In addition to this, it is very expensive and with no success guarantee.

I would be very careful if you decide to go with the six figures mentors program, I do not recommend it mainly for the money that is involved and there can be no promises of success in any program so tread carefully.

I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate and as you can see start for free, get your feet wet and look behind the scenes and then if you like what you see go for the premium ( Absolutely no up-sells ) and with the Free websites no Credit Card Is Required. Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain.


I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into “The Six Figure Mentors Review”. Please leave your comments below!

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8 thoughts on “The Six Figure Mentors Review – The Six Figure Program
  1. Pkyadav says:

    Thank you for sharing one here. I also see much-overpriced learning and business building site in the internet world. After finding Wealthy affiliate I stop looking outside. I really love your choice and hope you will get much more from Wealthy Affiliate. I read many success stories about WA.
    Do you have a suggestion regarding Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Wayne says:

      There are a lot of over priced so called opportunities on the internet and one has to be very careful in selecting a program to work with as it is your business and life even at stake here. Wealthy Affiliate has both a low premium cost and everything you need including hosting to build your business with. The best is all the immediate help from the WA community and owners.

  2. Justin says:

    It was interesting to start reading as a review of the six figure mentors program and it ended up being a promotion for wealthy affiliate. There seems to be a near limitless amount of programs available to help people start their affiliate marketing career. The six figure program doesn’t seem like a legit/worthwhile program…I especially dislike hidden up-sells. Wealthy affiliate is a great place to start because it allows you to start for free and offers great value when hosting multiple sites. Have you experienced much success with wealthy affiliate? I have also discovered another site that offers unparalleled value when it comes to programs and courses for training; let me know if you are interested. Cheers!

    1. Wayne says:

      I to dislike up-sells, I like to know up front what a program costs and what it offers and Wealthy Affiliate does that with the free or one time monthly or yearly premium cost. Thanks for the invite but I have all I need at wealthy affiliate, I am 80 years of age and can build 50 websites with the premium package it is more than I can handle.

  3. christina says:

    This one definitely seems a bit I depressed fed firvwgat you get , I despise upsells though so I might be a bit biased there. I much more prefer someone just give me a price than if I agree I get the product without being bothered every time I turn around fir more money. It seems like a bait and switch tactic to me.

    1. Wayne says:

      I agree with you and do not like up-sells which is why I use Wealthy Affiliate, Join wealthy affiliate for free or with the monthly or yearly premium and you will have everything you need to build and operate your online business.

  4. Daybe says:

    There are many programs out there that are overpriced but lack the community aspect that comes with learning and success. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me with the learning portion of online marketing, but the community has been the biggest factor in my push to do more. People are willing to help and share there stories and it’s a huge motivational factor in succeeding.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes there are a lot of overpriced programs and just out and out scams. Wealthy Affiliates community is out standing, the help and the motivational factor is awesome, one big family.

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