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Why Do I Hate My Job? – Find The Truth And Easy Fix Here

make money online from home,hate my job,The reason you are here is to find out why you hate your job and there can be many reasons why, such as the boss and you do not see eye to eye, not paid according to work accomplished or just hate Working For Someone Else. When I was in my early twenties I worked for someone else for a short spell (Hated It) then went out on my own and have never looked back.

The number of people who hate their jobs numbers from 70% to 80% and that is a huge number. Some of the reasons are working longer hours just to keep up with the bills, employers don’t recognize us for the time and effort put in on Their Projects and never knowing when we could be fired or laid off and this means cutbacks in your family time. (Very Important, Family Time)

Some of you may have to go back to classes to upgrade or for a different job just when you think everything is going just great, that has got to be tough. I don’t think I could do it. There just isn’t any job security in any job any more, Sorry to say.

What To Do When You Hate Your Job:

There is a way out and it’s a lot easier than you might think, start your own online business and if you work at it like your working your job for someone else then you will have a very successful online business with Wealthy Affiliate. Here are a few reasons why –

making money online,wealthy affiliate university,*It is now so easy to get started, (how about 5 min. for 1st website)
*There are no barriers to starting your Very Own Business
*More people spending more money online than ever before

The key is to start your new online business while you still have an income to live on because this is not an over night get rich quick scheme. Say you want to start a brick and mortar business in some town or city it will take at least a year before you break even, with an internet business you will have no —

*Monthly lease your tied to. (Has to be paid till end of lease, Usually 5 yrs)
*Payroll, employees then yourself.
*Oh and inventory, have to have something to sell. (This is HUGE)
*I have done the above and believe me Never Again, A big gamble.

Starting your own business online is very easy with the right tools and inexpensive (about a cup and a half of coffee a day) depending on where you live of course. Now is the time to get started just in case the crunch gets worse and I really hope not but there is no guarantee, so why not start now and build your very own business on-line and be ready just in case.

What To Do If You Hate Your Job But Can’t Quit:

why do I hate my job,affiliate marketing,All you need to get started is a computer, Internet, and a passion to succeed. If you have this, then you should go forward to find your OWN niche, (something you are interested in) Then get your website up  running within the BEST place to learn about earning money online, Wealthy Affiliate ($0 to get started, full getting started training and full website included). Check it out and see what you get for a cup and a half of coffee per day (premium join up), Where I live it’s less than a cup a day. Even less by the year. Absolutely No Up-Sells.

I am here to help you get out of the rat race and enjoy life with your family again, any comments, questions? leave them below and I will get right back to you. Please look at the Wealthy affiliate Review and try the Free version, nothing to lose. Go ahead and vent on your job, employer or just the drive to work every day (You will have none of these with an Internet business) Wayne

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4 thoughts on “Why Do I Hate My Job? – Find The Truth And Easy Fix Here
  1. ken says:

    I can definitely relate to this post. I have been in and out of jobs since high school many years ago. What I have found that we all have different paths in life wth an almost all common goal. Reaching that goal can come in a different way along our path to success. The one thing that is almost always common? We are not doing now what we planned on in high school. Another common factor is that we are continually learning along the way. Our success is usually based upon the effort we put into our future.

    1. Wayne says:

      I can definitely relate to that. I was going to be a farmer but have since sold that and started various businesses sold them and now do Affiliate marketing which I love. We are full time RVers and I can work from anywhere we decide to park for a few days

  2. carl scutt says:

    This is a positive article that gives me hope that I can move away from the things I dislike.

    If I could create a real job for myself I would be very happy.

    How long will it take me to go full time?

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for visiting my site and yes you can create an online business for yourself but this is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time as with any business. You can start for free and work yourself up to premium and how long it takes depends on the time you invest in it.

      Check out Wealthy Affiliate Here for all details.

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