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Affiliate Marketing On Instagram – Millions Of Potential Customers

affiliate marketing on instagram,Affiliate Marketing on Instagram, Social media marketing has its merits, taking into account the huge number of people with access to these sites, it truly is a great and most profitable platform to market.

Affiliate marketing has been a craze of late with more and more people joining in the bandwagon and social media is the ideal place to start your affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing On Instagram:

Instagram is noted for its popularity among this generation and its ease of use drawing more and more users. It is a great place to do market research as well as market goods and services through affiliate marketing.

With millions of active users every month, Instagram is an ideal portal for potential affiliate marketing opportunities. The key objective of an affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to the website they’re are affiliated by effectively using all possible communication channels. The millions of Instagram users are a sea of sales opportunities.

What kind of revenue streams can an Instagram account possibly have that are relevant to the affiliate marketing businesses? This is the question we are seeking answers to and through this article we’ll get a better understanding.

Identifying Revenue Sources

Using Instagram as a source of revenue can be applied in two ways:

Directly – Where you as an Instagram user, earn money by selling the photos you post, charging companies to use your tag or even product placements.

Indirect – In the same way one would use a website to funnel in viewers and sell products from publishers, you can similarly use your Instagram account to drive traffic to either the publisher’s product, making you an affiliate marketer.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing:

can you make money with affiliate marketing,Instagram is a great way to connect with millions of potential customers, and the best thing is that a small number of businesses exploit this great source. There is a lot more on this topic, however, there are some basics we need to iron out first, like how many followers do you need to successfully affiliate market?

When it comes to how many followers you need to begin your marketing campaign, there many factors at play such as engagement and how many are “paid followers”. Essentially with Instagram marketing, the number of followers heavily influence your account’s ability to earn.

For instance, if you are doing sponsored content marketing advertising for other brands, about 3,000 followers or more will grant you a starting rate of $75/post.

If you’re still undecided or are having difficulties implementing Instagram marketing here are some helpful tips to streamline your efforts.

Build Your Following:

Arguably the first thing you should do to realize success in Instagram marketing is to build your following. Building your following is akin to how you build your following in other social networks you comment and socialize with others. More so, leave comments in postings related to your niche, this will work towards getting attention while you build your brand strategy.

Use Hashtags:

Hashtags aren’t tools for only Facebook and Twitter. Instagram as well, was built on the hashtag, and work in a similar fashion. Ensure your hashtag use is related to your niche to prevent loss of credibility. To be precise, don’t use hashtags merely because they’re popular, make them relevant too.

Incorporate Videos and Brand your Images:

affiliate marketing with instagram,Our brains work intricately to process hundreds, if not thousands of information every second and therefore, has the ability to get tired. As you are marketing, it is recommended that you use videos or visual imagery, using a block of text will just bore your potential customers.

Moreover, Instagram only allows 15 seconds video time, thus capture the most relevant footage like some behind the scenes or a simply DIY video. Remember to also include product testimonials, but get permission from the customers first.

Images are what Instagram is all about and will possibly be the main source of content for your Instagram affiliate marketing account. Branding images quickly spread the word.

Run a Contest/Promotional Giveaway:

People are always fascinated by free stuff. You can attract people to your Instagram account by having a free giveaway, this is one definite way to boost following to your Instagram account. You just need to be creative, try running a short contest, or create special hashtags, it would be a great way to draw more attention to your brand.

If you’re uncomfortable giving away free stuff, you can offer an eBook or something valuable related to your niche. However, you’ll have to first build your following.

Throw in Odd Adverts:

Using Instagram to promote your brand doesn’t mean you should spam audiences with photos after photos of your brand. On the contrary, Instagram should be approached as a means to share interests, entertain your audience with relevant imagery and video.

However, this doesn’t stop you from throwing in a promotional advert or product offer occasionally. Just remember the images must be in a specific dimension and use bright colors to keep the products and brands fixed to the audience’s gaze.

Cross Promote Your Affiliate Campaign to Other Social Sites:

You can use other social media platforms to promote your Instagram account. The trick to making this work is to ensure the content you share on Instagram is entirely different from those posts on other social media platforms.

Duplicating content just won’t serve the purpose, a lot of Instagram users have their online presence as well on these sites and they’ll remain interested if they find different relevant content shared and back linked to your main Instagram account. You can also use this opportunity to build a network.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing success is not reserved for only large brands, even small businesses, personal affiliate marketers can be champions with this racehorse. Consistency is the main aspect and with the aforementioned guide, tips, and a little bit of focus, your affiliate marketing Instagram business will be successful and thrive in the marketing campaign.

Once your Instagram campaign is up and running, you can also enlist the help of management tools, like content management services to assist you to manage it.

I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into Affiliate Marketing On Instagram. Please leave your comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing On Instagram – Millions Of Potential Customers
  1. GBIG says:

    Thank you for writing this post. I am new to Internet marketing and have chosen Affiliate marketing as a way to monetize my site. I have a pinterest account. It was interesting to hear you say that if you have 3000 followers on instagram, that you can charge $75 per post. This is a good goal to have. I will try and get 3000 followers on Pinterest now and see if I can make any money off that.
    I noticed that you social media accounts are facebook, google plus, linked in, pinterest and twitter. Are you looking to open up a Instagram account at all?
    I was just wondering what you #1 way to monetise your website was?

    1. Wayne says:

      I see that you are an affiliate marketer which is my chosen field also, I love working with the wealthy affiliate program as I know it is not a scam, lets me sleep at night. There are a lot of social media accounts so I only work with a few as they can take a lot of your time, only work with as many as you have time for.

      Happy Marketing.


  2. Josephine says:

    I used to only think of Instagram as a social platform to share your pictures, but I never realized how much you could drive traffic to your business. The only downside I see is the short amount of time they allow you to post videos. Then again, in this day and age of social activity that may be perfect because some people have the attention span of a Goldfish. Do you know of any good Instagram tools that can also help track analytics or automate posting?

    1. Wayne says:

      It is a great platform for sharing pictures and as you say to also drive traffic to your website. Instagram has a lot of good tools with Hoot suite being one of them. You can find more great tools by Clicking Here. Happy Marketing.

  3. Silvano says:

    Wow thanks for sharing great post. The power of social media Instagram especially is remarkable. I do a bit of affiliate marketing myself but I haven’t taken advantage of social media like I should have. This gave me some insight on how I should go about utilizing Instagram. Thank you again you made a lot of great points

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Silvano

      Thanks for the comment, Social marketing sure helps but takes up a lot of your time. I would maybe start out with one and when you have that one mastered then go on to the next one, Happy Marketing.


  4. Ash says:

    I have recently started using Instagram. Using hashtags is a handy tip plus following similar niche . The audience with this social media platform are quiet quick to respond compare to other platforms that I have tried so far. I agree that your content should be unique as your audience may also have presence in other social media sites.

    Thanks for your tips.


    1. Wayne says:

      You sound like you are well on your way to using instagram for marketing your site. I have found also they are quick to respond and we should always have quality and unique content.

      Hope you found a few pointers that you were looking for.


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