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What Is Yandex – And How Does It Work – 13 Tips You Need To Know

What Is Yandex?

yandex,Are you aware of the most popular search engine in Russia? Yandex has a sixty-two percent market share in Russia, which means that Google is its major competitor. It is also present in Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Poland.

Even though it is similar to Google with respect to functions, it is also different because of its unique SEO requirements. On the other hand, this uniqueness gives Yandex an upper hand over the rest of the search engines.

This is because its optimization is interesting and it kills the monotony that all the other search engines bring to the table. What Is Yandex? This read will help you understand how to approach Yandex.

SEO Facts about Yandex:

What is Yandex and how does it work? It is most popular in the Russian Business Market. Other companies within the country hire Russian agencies that specialize in it. Thus, it is very rare for a person outside the state to optimize Yandex.

Its page priority algorithm is Matrix Net. It is responsible for measuring the popularity of the site and the relevance and the total sum of the back links in order to determine the thematic index citation score (TIC). This score is more advanced in comparison to Page Rank.

It uses a scale of zero to ten thousand rather than zero to ten.
It has fast and consistent indexing for both blog posts and statistic pages. The former is indexed several times on a daily basis, while the latter is indexed for a few times on a monthly basis. It creates a sitemap that enhances the indexing speed of your content.

The Geo-targeting system is centered on locations within Russia. This means that the search results are customized to meet the Geo-location of the user. Thus, companies that are in states that are far from Russia will need to set their regional preferences to meet their geographical location.

The factors on the page are very distinct from those on the Google page. Yandex offers the following factors on its page:

1 – Importance of link diversity

2 – Domain trust

what is yandex,3 – Domain age

4 – Importance of whole domain

5 – Keywords in URLs

6 – Title tags

7 – Heading tags

8 – Regional domains

9 – Length of content

10 – Importance of single pages

11 – Internal links

12 – Side-wide inbound links

13 – Anchor text optimization

The search listings on SERP are not easily influenced as those on the Google search engine.
It has diverse anchor texts when it comes to inbound links.

Yandex can index AJAX content after coding it with the use of the Yandex spider.

The SEO performance in Yandex is improved with the aid of blog posts, comments, and forum posts. In addition to this, it supports various social media networks in Russia such as Odnoklassniki (OK), mail.ru, and VK.

Achieving quick ranking and early success is not as easy to achieve in Yandex as it is on Google. Thus, Yandex mainly focuses on long-term results because of the algorithm and slow indexing.

The Yandex guidelines improve the quality of the search engine by improving the SEO. Some of the guidelines include:

Use appropriate keywords that match the content on your site. This will make search queries more accurate for the site.

what is yandex,1 – Make sure that your content is useful and interesting.

2 – Make sure that your site is user-friendly.

3 – Make sure that your priorities your users and not the search engine.

4 – Make sure that the links on your site are useful to the users.

5 – How Does Yandex Search engine Work?

This search engine uses the relevant documents on the web to cater to the queries of the users. The internet has a wide scope and this search engine does not comb through all those Exabyte to provide the user with the relevant results.

The system makes sure it only offers the user the most relevant results. When you search for a particular result, Yandex uses the index to locate the word in the web page and their addresses. The search index acts as a telephone directory or glossary. It uses all the words on the internet to come up with the most likely results for the user.

It does this through a two-stage indexing process, namely:

Crawling- The index crawls the internet, and save its copy of the required web pages and address on its servers.

Retrieval- Once the copies are saved, the search engine uses the saved information to respond to the users depending on their searches. This information is retrieved from the servers.

Indexing is the first process used by the Yandex search engine. Yandex uses two crawlers to retrieve and retain information. They include:

The main crawler- This crawler indexes all the relevant web pages on the internet.

Orange- This crawler provides the search engine with all the available information, even if it was made available minutes before the crawling begins.

They both contain waiting for links that aid in re-linking new links on the pages visited by the crawlers. This ensures that all these links are accessible in the future when a user might need to use the information. In addition to this, the website administrator could step in to provide more information on these links such as the frequent updating of the website.

The crawling process uses a schedule to list and coordinate the order of the visited websites. This is with respect to their SEO optimization to the topic of the user. This schedule is known as a Scheduler. The spider uses the scheduler to scheme through web pages and find out those that are compatible with it. The stored pages have to be compatible with respect to the following factors:

Language –

Code –

A format such as an SWF, PDF, and HTML, among others

This just but a short summary of the Yandex search engine; and how it operates when meeting the user’s needs. It works quite different from the Google search engine, as it makes sure that its results are accurate and relevant to the needs of the user. The search engine does its homework before it relays any information to the user, which means that it is highly efficient and reliable.

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I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into What Is Yandex, ever used it?. Please leave your comments below!

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10 thoughts on “What Is Yandex – And How Does It Work – 13 Tips You Need To Know
  1. Kyoko Connolly says:

    I use Yoast SEO and it includes Yandex, so consider learning more about it, so I am glad to find this helpful article.

    I did not even know it was Russian based Search Engines and mainly used in Eastern Europe area. Would it still be beneficial for websites in English to use Yandex?

    1. Wayne says:

      It’s good to know Yoast SEO includes Yandex, That cuts out a lot of work right there. With it already being setup in Yoast I would say that should be sufficient and well you know what they say Every Little Bit Counts. Happy search engine optimizing.

  2. Louise says:

    I had never heard of Yandex before. I imagine it’s quite controlled and not easy to get ranked? In fact, how do you even make Yandex aware of your existence?

    I imagine once you’re in, you could do very well….I guess it’s just making the decision whether it’s worth putting the extra effort in to make your posts/site ‘Yandex-friendly’.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yandex is a very complicated search engine in Russia and we would need to hire professionals to get us ranked in it. As I have said before I wrote this for someone who is wanting to see what it is all about but for the most of us it is just to much work and a huge learning curve to bother with it.

  3. Eden says:

    Hey Wayne,

    I have never heard of Yandex, but have always been interested in what kinds of programs other countries use. I knew some would have their own since they have tighter control over what can be seen in certain countries. Do you know if people in Russia have access to Google and such? I was just curious. I know we in the US are not limited to just our country, I do not believe anything is being blocked out, but you never know either.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Eden
      Most people don’t know about Yandex, that is why I wrote this post just for information so you can make up your mind about it. People from all around the world have access to Google, Bing Etc. I personally do not use Yandex but some do, I suppose every little bit helps but I have enough to do without adding more of a workload.

  4. Sukumar Thingom says:

    I have heard of Yandex but I guess I was too lazy to find out how it works. Your article has provided a pretty detailed look at how indexing works there. From the looks of it, Yandex looks like a robust search engine and the TIC score it employs seems quite comprehensive. Apart from the countries mentioned, is Yandex used elsewhere? Do you think I should be optimising my site for Yandex search engine too?

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks for visiting my site. As far as optimizing your site for Yandex that is up to you, I would not worry to much about it as you have already done a good job of optimizing for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

      If you have some spare time I would look at yandex a bit but don’t get carried away with spending to much time on it. You know how it is, every little bit counts.

  5. Stefan says:

    Hi, I haven’t heard of Yandex before.

    It is not sown in my google analytics statistics either. Maybe because only very few visitors from the mentioned countries come to an English written site.

    Do you have an account with Yandex and let them crawl your sites the way we do with Google and Bing?

    How do you rate the value of getting ranked high in this Yandex search engine?

    Do you think Russian people buy products from the western world, there still is some kind of separation attitude or am I wrong here?

    Thanks for the info, Stefan

    1. Wayne says:

      No I do not have an account with Yandex and I do not think Yandex will help us to a great extent. I wrote this so interested parties could see what it is all about and to help them make up their minds about what they should do.

      As far as the Russian people buying or doing affiliate marketing especially from the western world, I would say they do quite a bit of business with us. Hope this answers your questions.

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