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CB Passive Income Review – Is It Really That Passive?

Know How CB Passive Income Works In Marketing

cb passive income review,Price: $47.00

Owner: Patric Chan

Overall Rank: 45 out of 100

Product Name: CB Passive Income


A General Overview Of CB Passive Income

This is a program that involves affiliate marketing, i.e., selling of products in exchange for a commission. In this program, all you have to do is create the traffic to the offer hence promoting the affiliate. The idea behind the program is to teach people how to generate traffic faster that can be sent through a squeeze page and be profitable on an email list. Products from CB Passive Income are sent to the list, and if any product is bought, then payment is sent to the email.  This way, you get to receive your commission.

They offer a landing page that is ready made and can’t be altered so my task is to promote the product with the hope that people will buy so that you get commissions. The CB stands for ClickBank, and this is a digital marketplace where the owner sells his products.

My #1 recommendation for promoting products of your own choice is Wealthy Affiliate.

The Good:

  • cb passive income,affiliate marketing,best small business,aweber autoresponder,The lessons are easy to understand and depending on your capability, it can take one day to learn the basics
  • When you have created an email list which is hard to do and have a good relationship with them, you are assured of clients all the time hence the conversion is excellent.
  • They have a 60 days money back guarantee, hence you are able to try out the program before settling on it.
  • Much of the work is done for me by the owner.
  • There are bonuses offered to the workers for the first 100 customers.

The Bad:

  • Although the money paid is one time thing, the amount is higher because you are the one doing all the tedious work of creating traffic. The $47 is only for the license; hence you will need to pay more in case of any up-sells. If you don’t pay for the up-sells then it means you will have no control of your list which makes up-sells compulsory to have.
  • The program is dormant when it I am not working; hence there is not enough traffic to your site to be converted. Conversion is also low if you are unable to convince my referrals to buy the products, hence you will not earn money.
  • You can not choose to promote any other kind of product that you want as the landing page is set in a manner that it is the same for everyone. You can’t change anything even if you want to do split testing.
  • Although the training is good, it is shallow as it doesn’t expound much on what techniques you can use to create traffic. It tells me what to do and not how to do it.
  • Building an email list takes a lot of time and requires a lot of patience, and you will also need to create a personal relationship with your potential customers.
  • You have no say on what Patric communicates to the subscribers as he is the only one who mails them. If a deal is made between them, then there is a possibility that you wouldn’t know hence missing out on my commission.
  • Why not build your online business on your own site that you alone completely control with 24/7 community and owner help, videos with training tutorials and with NO Negative Reviews. Education in Marketing.

Who is CB Passive Income For?

cb passive income review,work at home university,This program is best for people who have experience in marketing either online or manually. A newbie would find it difficult in getting through training, and they required help much faster. However, one can learn the basics and try it out if they have much patience. It benefits them as they get to learn and perfect their marketing skills.

CB Passive Income Tools & Training:

Tools that are used for training are videos and eBooks which have an easy to follow, step by step and time-tested guide on how to promote your new internet business.

The tools that are provided to enable you to drive traffic to the product by use of a one-page squeeze page. The training involves video marketing through YouTube, how to get traffic to various sites such as Google+, Twitter, blog commenting and classified ads,  doing solo ads and other traffic methods such as press releases, viral reports, Squidoo, guest blogging. You will also be trained on how to promote Patric as an affiliate because you are promoting his products only.

CB Passive Income Support:

The support given is from Patric alone; however, you will not get any help immediately when you need it.

There is no community that supports the program so I wouldn’t know much of what people like about it or any other reviews about the program.

CB Passive Income Pricing strategy:

The program sells for $47 one time, but you have to pay $1 for a trial of 14 days. (so they get your credit card number)

The Fast Cash Series  Membership costs $47 per month or $197 per year.

CB Passive Income Pro costs $97 one time fee

When you pay, you get a free website and hosting, quick automated blasts, tips and tricks on how you can improve on conversions and build a high-quality email list, a free secret website where you can advertise your free report and tricks on how to generate traffic.

My Final Opinion of CB Passive Income:

This is an good program if you are good at promoting products because that is the only way you will earn money. If you promote and nobody buys, or there are no conversions, then you will not be paid. I would not really recommend it to someone who doesn’t have marketing skills.

It also has several flaws, you wouldn’t earn a lot of money considering your only promoting stuff that you are given and not your products. Affiliate marketing is becoming bigger, and hence when you are only promoting one product, there is a disadvantage of not getting many conversions.

cb passive income,wealthy affiliate,affiliate marketing, is affiliate marketing for me,People also have a problem with trusting people whom they don’t know so convincing them to buy from you may take a longer period than expected.  Making money online is not easy, you have to work hard to earn a few dollars with this system.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, (my #1 recommendation) and the people behind it
Click Here, and also check out the comparison chart below.



Any questions? Have you used CB Passive Income before? let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks

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