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What Is Work At Home University? – Just Another Scam Or

Why Work at Home University Isn’t the Best Training Guide.

work at home university,Price: $97 one-time fee (plus up-sells)
Owners: Michelle Withrow
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100
Product Name: Work At Home University

General Overview:

Work at Home University or WAH University is an online training course that is done at home or anywhere else. It is a product that trains one on how to become an auction list agent or an affiliate marketer by posting links online.

Through the training, you can learn the skills or experiences on how to make approximately $87 in an hour per day. With the training materials, provided, you will be taught on the essential techniques and facets needed in a business that will enable you to make profits. However, it will cost you dearly to be sent the required information that you can find on the net for free.

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The Good:

• The number of videos offered for the training are many, and they explain step by step and an easy way on, how to post links.

• There are a lot of videos that can be accessed anywhere in the world hence I can train whenever I want and get to learn how to earn money easily.

The Bad:

• Before I can get any information, I have to fill out my personal details on an online form which secretly allows other marketers associated with the program to call me and sell their stuff. This statement is on the bottom right corner on the terms and conditions page which gives them the right to contact me once I agree even if I am registered on the Do Not Call list.

workat home university,• The program has multiple aliases because it is not only named Work at Home University but does have another name stay at home revenue. It is hard for me to access the stay at home income websites when you are not a member. I doubt if this is a legit site because it seems it is hiding behind multiple systems.

• The program says that you can become rich by working only one hour per day. It doesn’t really explain how I will achieve this rather than posting links where if someone clicks on it and I get paid. It may seem easy, but it doesn’t take an hour to do all that as the systems are more complicated.

• They have suspicious selling tactics. Once I clicked on the buy product button, I have to wait as they offer me options on how I can get the program at a discount. With a few other clicks, they give you warning message that there are only a few slots left, and I have few minutes left to accept the offer, or they will give out my position.

• The owner has a different testimonial than what she recommends. Michelle says that she became a millionaire just by posting links around the internet, and she works only for four hours per day because she loves working. For the program, she says that you only have to work one hour per day to make cash which is quite different from her working hours. The photos on the website also seem fake.

Who is Work at Home University for?

This product is for the people who would want to make cash on the internet, have the heart for CPA or those doing research on online links. As far as I’m concerned this is very low on my ratings chart, Wealthy Affiliate is the best most well known website for beginners as well as the pro’s to make money online.

Tools Used For Training:

Work at Home University trains by providing over 100 HD Videos. They also have online tools that will get traffic to my links much faster by training me on the steps and methods to use. The training has nine steps where one is taught on being successful, and once you complete the basic training, you can go for the advanced training.

• The basics of internet marketing i.e. where and how to find businesses that are willing to pay me to help them promote their services or products.

• The mindset that I need to have when trying out a business on the internet, which obstacles I shall face and how to overcome them.

• Easy ways of exposing my links much easily so as to start earning CPA money so as to stay motivated to take my business to the next level. There Is No Quick Money In Any Internet Business You May Want To Start it just does not work that way, don’t believe anybody who pushes this in their advertising. At the Wealthy Affiliate Success website we stress it takes time and work but it does work and the more you work the faster it will work.

Work At Home University Support:

The owner Michelle Withrow supports work at Home. On the website page, they say that once a member you get 5 days a week support through email and phone calls and also get to be a subscriber to their newsletter.


The $97 is a reduced price for the initial $197 although it could reach $47.
Up-sells $47, $67 or $95

My Final Opinion of Work at Home University:

affiliate marketing, is affiliate marketing for me,I would not recommend anyone to buy the Work at Home University to train on how to make money. This is because the training is shallow as you only get taught through videos. There are no live chats or even where I can get help in case I need clarification on something.

I have also heard from people who have bought this program complaining that they had been asked to pay up more money once they joined. They have advertised that they offer a 365 day money back guarantee which has not been the case for people who needed their money back.

Making money online is not simple as the owner terms it, and it requires lots of effort. So the Work at Home University is a scam. There are other many better platforms that teach you how to make money easily and in a better way. Take a look at This One and let me know what you think.

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