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Is THW Global A Scam Or Is It Legit?

thw global,This Is My Overview Of  THW Global

With so much happening right now on the internet, people are now becoming skeptical about what is being offered. The latest buzz is the THW Global Advertising, and they are asking if it is a scam or is it legit?

What Is THW Global All about?

THW Global.com is a website that offers a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the world. It acts as a distribution platform for the small or big original content creators and advertisers.

The content that they provide includes sports, comedy skits, fashion videos, music festivals, news and current events amongst others. Viewers are able to follow, watch and share the events and ideas as they happen. One can view 90% of their content all day long when you are anywhere 24/7 and from a computer or smartphone.

It is believed that Alberto Abbatiello owns it, and it was launched on 4th July 2016. It had over 200,000 members before the pre-launch.

thw global review,THW means Ten Hours Weekly where they just require ten hours of your time in a week so as to earn money while online. They have a payment plan where they pay you up to $25 per hour for watching their videos. The maximum a member is allowed to watch is ten hours in a week, which totals to $250 per week.

You also get paid on commission if you market this product and get people to become members. They will also reward anyone who gets to recommend someone else to watch their videos for 10 hours with $5. THW Global says that these payments will be made through several global payment systems.

They claim that they will be the next YouTube as they will have more people viewing videos on their website than the YouTube. It is a reverse of YouTube because YouTube pays individuals who get other people to create traffic on their site when they post advertisements and put up content. But for THW Global they will pay people for watching content and not placing content. They say that they will become one of the largest advertising companies in the world.

It hasn’t started working as it requires over 50,000 active IVs in each territory before it starts testing. The IVs should invest at least 10 hours and be commenting on the pilot programs; movie trailers, commercials and so much more. They also need people from different races and language.

What I think about it.

I believe that they want a lot of people to become their members and build a huge mailing list hence they are enticing people with money which you are rewarded when you recruit other people.

They are also using deceptive means to get demographic information, i.e. name, email, and country of the people on their mailing list. One wonders what they will do with the information collected.

Initially, it was free to join or become a member, but there was an update much later, after the launch that shows that it’s no longer free. Now they are charging up to $39.95 per month in order to become a certified member. You will also have a replicated online marketing system that gives total turnkey solutions so that you are able to promote and sell advertisements on the THW Global Video Platform. So what made them change and start asking for registration fee?

thw global review,The website doesn’t have a lot of information at the moment, but they give you the impression that it is easy to make the $25 per week. They also don’t give the exact age that one is allowed to become a member. First it was 18 years then later it changed to over 21 years, and one should have a high school diploma.

There is also no much information about the owner Alberto and at times it shows that Sherm Mason also owns the website. Sherm is known to be involved in a lot of other online scams. There is no way you can get to them as they have no contact address, and I don’t know who is running the website.

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Is THW Global a scam or not?

• I don’t know if they will be able to keep up with the payment of $25 per hour or even $1,000 per month per person for a long period because it is damn expensive and doesn’t seem sustainable. The question is how are they making money if they are not being paid for placing adverts on their site?

• Don’t be tempted with money from them so as to give out any of your information or be fooled to be a member or a recruiter.

• Why are they asking for high school diploma and ID card so that you can become a member? It raises suspicion, and there may be a possibility of identity theft.

• There are so many reviews about the THW Global, and almost all show that it is a scam. There are too any red flags that arise so one should be cautious when joining. Unfortunately, the number of people registering is becoming bigger each day, and this shows that people are looking for easy opportunities to make money online. The only reason people are promoting this website is just because of the rewards.

thw global,• There are too many such types of scams out there and this just another scam out to take peoples’ money and disappear before you know it.

• The question is, how is THW Global benefiting from all this and also by paying people just to watch content from their site?

For those who would like to make money online, they just need to know that there are legit ways, but it doesn’t come easily. You have to work so as to earn those dollars. Below is a comparison chart between my #1 recommendation and Thw  Global.


Would like to hear your opinion or experience with THW Global or if you have any questions just post them below, Happy and Prosperous  Trails.

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