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Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – Cut Out The Guess Work

jaaxy keyword tool,Price: free, $49/ month, $99/month
Owners: Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate University
Overall Rank: 96 out of 100

How To Be More Competitive With Jaaxy Keyword Tool:

It is the most accurate, fast online keyword search tool currently available. It has the following features:
1. Keyword lists- enables me to keep all the keywords I have searched before inside Jaaxy.

2. Keyword research- I am able to know which keywords get more traffic and also rank the best among the rest.

3. Site rank-I can check the ranking of my site in the search engine.

4. Website SERPS- this gives me the top 10 results as per my search and get to see related data, title, description, count keyword density or backlinks.

5. Competition- on the sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, HubPages, I am able to view if my keyword has any competition.

6. Brainstorming- if I want to get a few ideas on what to write about, it is easy to get a list of popular topics that have been searched on sites such as Yahoo, Twitter, Google, and Amazon.

7. Affiliate programs- according to my keyword search, this feature will search affiliate networks such as Zanox, Link Share and ClickBank for any matching words.

A General Overview Of Jaaxy Keyword Tool:

Jaaxy is an online keyword research tool that will reduce the search for keywords to a bare minimum. Internet marketers use it with the intention of getting the hottest and most profitable keywords quickly. It is a tool that will help me when writing an article on my blog because it collects information and displays data from the three top engines i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo.

jaaxy keyword tool,The Good:

• It is an easy to use tool that has a user-friendly interface that needs no training to use.
• I can get high levels of accurate data and at a fast rate. No unwanted information will distract me.
• I can use the app on any PC, Smartphone or tablet as no downloading or installation of software.
• I can get good training materials as I get combined data directly from Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

The Bad:

• I cannot choose a language that I prefer to use.
• It can be expensive if I am starting out in internet marketing. (Use The Free Version)

Who Is Jaaxy Keyword Tool For?

This is an online service that is best for affiliate marketers or for anyone who does a lot of keyword research each day.

It is also best for:

• Local business
• Local marketers
• SEO companies
• Keyword companies
• Domain owners and buyers
• Niche marketers
• Webmasters
• Internet marketers
• Site flippers.

The above benefit as they are able to cut down on the time that is spent on research and also save on money. There is unlimited access to the keywords, domains, and sites that will help in their business. I will also benefit in knowing how to use the keywords and remain top of the competition in marketing and business.

how to make money online for a beginner,Jaaxy Keyword Tools & Training:

The main tool in Jaaxy is the keyword research, and it has the following:

• Quoted Search Results (QSR) – this tool tells me how many pages are competing for the search word I want on Google. It gives reliable figures within the search engines.
• Average Monthly Searches- it lets me know the total number of searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The recommended least number of searches is 50 per month.
• Keyword Quality Indicator- (KQI) – this tool has three lights to show me how my search is classified. Red is poor; yellow indicates good and green is great.
• SEO Power- this tool tells me if my keyword is good for SEO. The higher the number, the better it is, and over 80 indicates good.
• To-do-I am able to add my keyword to a to-do list and connect it to the top marketing website, StreetArticles.com.
• Search history-I am able to view my previous keywords search if I hadn’t saved them.

Training is done in through videos which explain the different functions of Jaaxy.


Jaaxy Keyword Tools Support:

I can get help from their site, and they get to reply within 24 hours. I could also visit the Wealthy Affiliate site and get to contact the community of online marketers for any help or even contact Kyle or Carson on chat or their profile.

Jaaxy Keyword Tools Price:

There are three options, i.e., one free and two that are paid for. Each has its own features as follows:

1. The free plan- it gives me the opportunity to know what Jaaxy is, how it works and get to decide if I will get the paying options or not. It gives me 30 search queries of whatever kind.

2. The Pro Plan- sells for $49/month and has features that I will need to start a keyword research quest. It has unlimited word search, SEO power analysis, to-do list, 2 simultaneous search tabs option domains available on demand and its three times faster than the free plan.

3. Enterprise plan- sells for $99/month and it has extra features that bring things at a different level. It is five times faster than the Pro plan, shows instant domain available, has 5 tabbed searches, gives a more instant competition analysis; there is the data sorting option, and the Alphabet Soup search will show up to 50 results not 15.

affiliate marketing, is affiliate marketing for me,My Final Opinion of Jaaxy Keyword Tools:

This is a service that I would try out if I am in an online business, and would like to know how it is fairing around the world. Using the right keywords is important as it attracts more customers to my website.

It also saves time while using Jaaxy as I get only the information that I would need to make my business move forward. First try the free plan before choosing what paid plan you will need for more efficient searches to save time and money and to get a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Try It Out Now, Click Here For The FREE Version.

I hope you will enjoy your free version of Jaaxy, let me know or if you have any questions just pop them in below and I will get back to you, Happy keyword hunting.


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