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How To Build A Website For Dummies – Need Help, It’s Here

building websites for dummies,We are in what people might call ‘the future is now’. We have evolved from the world where only experts could build and design websites, to the world where any kid with mouse control abilities can build a basic website. Gone are the years of learning code, just to get a background color on a website, or get a stylistic font, thanks to coders!

There are many ways on how to build a website. However, with this new trend comes new challenges and lifestyles. Back in the day, only big established firms, companies, and some NGOs needed websites. The golden days when having a website made you cool, forward-thinkers and even tremendously famous.

We are now in an era where everything has and needs a website. The web has grown vastly, providing with the fastest and most reliable marketing strategy, online marketing. If the internet is to collapse for any reason, many, if not most establishments would perish and be lost.

Building Today’s Website:

Websites are our source of the whole kit and caboodle. From information to most things in our homes, our source was most likely a website. Due to this, the venture into web development has deep dug roots in our communities. And for a couple of years, it was bliss for the early developers. Not to say that the market is saturated, but diluted would be an accurate description.

Developers have strived to make our lives easier by making free design and layout services. As a small business, building a custom website from scratch can be a bit of a challenge and not well within your financial or time budget. There is always the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) option that saves you on cash and some time.

However, let’s not forget that hiring a pro will result in a better site that conveys your unique idea, brand imaging and a great platform that can grow your business. The DIY option is also great, only that most of the time, you will end up using a template pre-designed by someone else. This will be a shortcoming when it comes to uniqueness, cause believe me, you are not the only one that uses that template.

How To Build A Website For Dummies:

building websites for dummies,how to earn money online at home for free,You want to make a website that will be as good as it can be. Financial resources are tight, and the future depends on the existence of the very website you are striving to make. What do you do? You have surfed through a couple, and you like what you see.

Well, all that can be yours. But remember to keep it clean and simple. The last thing you want is a jumbled up mess that no one knows how to navigate. There is no need to distract your visitors with unnecessary tricks and color changing headlines, what they need is a choice or info. So what are the basic rules to a website design?

If there is provision for an option for visitors, provide it. No one wants to be trapped in a static website with decisions made for them already. We all like to feel in control, even in something as basic as a website visit.
Keep it clean and lean-this cannot be overemphasized.

This also goes as far as the appropriate grouping of items on the website. Related items should be located together. For example, a furniture store should have its listings categorized according to the various rooms of a house. Why would I find a table next to a shower head price? That is just careless.

Keep it simple, once you make your visitors jump through hoops just to get basic information or a necessary link, your ratings and visits will drop drastically. No one needs to crack a code or solve a puzzle just to get in, and the more complicated it is the less the viewership. Yes, a fun game might be enticing, but not when I need something urgently. So why take the risk?

Do it your way. This is your website, your vision of what you want it to be is what should be reflected in the end product. You’re the one who knows its purpose best, don’t let someone else, redefine your image for the worst. However, don’t be too stubborn when being offered advice.

Some of these includes:

building websites for dummies,affiliate marketing,how to make money online for a beginner,Weebly: this is a great one as it uses the drag-and-drop feature. The best part is that there is no cash outlay and your website will be up and running is a few days.

WordPress: has grown infinitely famous among both web developers and beginners. WordPress website builder is very easy to work with and used on the right hosting platform in my opinion is the best and least expensive.

Get a Free WordPress Site Here and have it live on the net in a few minutes.

Yola: is another one that provides with premium level services. This is more for the adventurous, those who can make a choice from hundreds of designs without getting confused. This platform provides with exactly a hundred themes with customizable options. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Go easy on the design.

CGI and HTML Resources, The Geeky Side:

Despite the fact that it’s all easy, a little background familiarity won’t hurt. HTML is the language on which every website is based on. Remarkably, it’s a relatively straight forward tech that shouldn’t intimidate anyone. With a few hours of online tutoring, you can get the basic information you need.

There is no need for any of this, you can have your first site built and live in just a few minutes. Click Here To Try.  (No Credit Card Needed)

affiliate marketing, is affiliate marketing for me,CGI scripts are what allow for web processing forms. Similar to HTML, it’s relatively simple stuff that sets the foundation for any website. The other key thing to note is the SEO i.e. the Search Engine Optimization.

Extensive training on all this “stuff” comes with the free or premium Wealthy Affiliate.

This is key as it determines your website visibility during search results. You can test your keywords with Google Keyword Tool or with the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. The more you know, the less time you will spend rebuilding!

I have built my websites and hosted with Wealthy Affiliate as everything I need training, hosting, videos and 24/7 live chat with fellow members and owners is here for me. Ask A Question and Get Help Now, all for free to try or at a one time premium cost, Absolutely NO UP-SELLS.

Hi, What is your opinion? Did you find some helpful information and did it help to make up your mind or do you still have questions? either way leave me a comment below, and I will get back to you, Thanks.

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