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How Does Fiverr Work? – A Freelancers Perspective

how does fiverr work,Most of you have heard of Fiverr, more so if you are a freelancer. Fiverr is an online platform where freelancers can work and earn. It mostly revolves around digital marketing services, however, technical services are also provided i.e., web design, IT solutions, data recovery etc.

Basically, it’s an open market where freelances can come and promote their skills to interested buyers and sell them their services for a fee.

“How does Fiverr work?” That is the main angle of this article, and I will answer from a freelancer’s perspective.

Working with Fiverr is an amazing opportunity to gain personalized experience, skill and a perspective of what it means to work online and generate an income from it.

How Does Fiverr Work?

First thing first, you have to set up an account with them, as a seller if you are a freelancer with ‘’hot services’’ to provide or as a buyer if you need some services. Once you have entered the details and all the nitty gritty taken care of, your account will be approved after a few days and you are ready to set up your offerings, referred to as ‘gigs’.

The least amount you can work for, as mentioned earlier, is $5, however, you don’t get the whole amount. Fiverr has this policy about them, where they take a hefty 20% of your earnings, leaving you with $4. Fiver is a huge marketplace, and thus, there are many account holders making it a great place to earn some money.

Making Money on Fiverr:

How do you earn with Fiverr? Well, it’s quite a no-brainer, Fiverr directs freelances to charge their services from as low as $5, which is considered the standard lowest charge. However, what is charged is dependent on the project and the buyer, who has requested a service. The seller then can negotiate the sum or agree to work with the amount set.

Growing with Fiverr:

how does fiverr work,Starting off at Fiverr is the easy part, you have to build your account by gathering merit and reputation. Eventually, you’ll advance in levels as outlined by the website, putting you in tires that involve offering Gig Multiples and Gig Extras.

With these advanced features, people can order your gig multiple times and gig extras can be used to negotiate more cash for extra services not prescribed on the client’s request or if the client decided to forward new instructions.

For instance, a freelance writer would run a gig titles “I will write a 500-word web content article for you.” The gig may cost $5, however, with gig extras feature, he/she can include extra words, i.e., extra 500 words for an extra $5, or 1,000 words for an extra $10 and so on.

It is from the extras that one can really rake in the money.

Who is Fiverr Suited For?

Honestly speaking, Fiverr is suitable for almost anyone with a set of skills high in demand in the market at the moment and can work for $5. It can be a writer, transcriber, web designer and developer, data entry specialist, virtual assistant, programmer, graphic designers, voice-over actors, personal coaches, tutors, etc.

Fiverr marketplace is indeed a great way to find business, forge long-lasting business relationships, and most importantly, earn.

How Fiverr can Better Work for You:

how does fiverr work,When you’re an established fiver worker and are receiving several orders, it is critical that you get well organized and most importantly, ensure you complete orders on time and are of the highest quality.

As mentioned earlier, it is a great way to build business relationships and being organized and timely will net you repeat customers, hence, regular work and more money. Customers need to have solutions they can appreciate.

Organization is critical in realizing success on Fiverr, and you should also know when to withdraw your money. To avoid losing a huge chunk of your earnings through Fiverr fees, withdraw what you need at a time.

Another thing to look out for is customer reviews. Most of these customers enlisted your services through reviews, therefore negative reviews kill your ability to impress new customers. If by chance you are receiving bad reviews, don’t take it too harshly, or beat yourself up, instead evaluate the quality of your service provision and see what or where you can improve.

Advantages of Working with Fiverr:

Working with Fiverr imbues you with the following benefits:

Fiverr is a large marketplace, well-known to buyers looking to sell and sellers alike looking to buy all sorts of services and products.

Starting an account with Fiver is easy as pie

You only need to establish yourself in what set of skills you offer, the rest will just flow on its own.

Disadvantages of Working with Fiverr:

There is nothing without drawbacks in this universe, and working with Fiverr has its own set of disadvantages. They include:

The fat 20% that Fiverr takes from your hard earnings, and compared to other freelancing sites, this figure is quite high.

Moreover, Fiverr is not the only one after your money, payment sites, as well as banks, charge you the transfer fees.
You cannot protect yourself from chargebacks and disputes; if a Fiverr customer service decides to cancel your order even after you’ve delivered the piece, your money is lost and lack any real recourse to get it back.

You have the potential to make thousands of dollars from Fiverr, which can be a phenomenal supplement to your regular income. Not a bad way to earn some side cash doing what you love. Sure it may take some time before you can be in the top ranking, years perhaps. However, with focus, determination and good work ethics, you’ll be on the right track to building your online business.

Fiverr is a great place to showcase your relevant skills and also build a business relationship that may even extend beyond fiver, when you decide to start your own venture and approach some of your customers to directly work with you instead of through Fiverr.

Thanks for reading this article on how Fiverr works. If you have any queries or comments, feel free to share them below.
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2 thoughts on “How Does Fiverr Work? – A Freelancers Perspective
  1. Roger Humbke says:

    Sounds like a great way to make some extra money. Now to find the time.

    Will take a closer look.

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Roger
      Yes it’s a good way to earn extra money but it’s also a lot of work and you are ties down to deadlines. Myself I prefer Affiliate marketing then you have your own business that is completely under your own control.

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