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How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche – The Easy Way

how to find an affiliate marketing niche,Most people associate Affiliate Marketing Websites with an easy and passive income generator. Affiliate marketing does not mean that all you will need to do is sit there and wait for the income to fall on your lap.

It is not as easy as it sounds. Most marketers join affiliate marketing with the dream of sleeping as their resources keep generating.

They dream of earning by not operating or owning the business that is responsible for making the sales. It is not as easy as providing affiliate links after mentioning the products and using the inbound tactics to drive the sales and visitors.

However, this is just the idea that is used to sell the marketing concept. There is far much more work and effort needed to make a person get to this level. In fact, most of these products do not produce enough profits to allow a person to sit back and just earn.

Less than ten percent of the affiliates actually drive the ninety percent of the total sales and conversions. Nevertheless, there are still thousands of niche-affiliate markets that you can successfully tap. This read will provide a simple guide on how to understand affiliate marketing and use your resources to find and settle on a profitable niche.

Guidelines on How to Approach Affiliate marketing:

Pat Flynn defines affiliate marketing impeccably. He sees it as a process of earning a commission through promoting the products if other companies and individuals. Each sale has a price, thus your income wholly depends on the sales you make.

how to find affiliate an marketing niche,This sort of marketing focuses on three parts, namely:

1 – Advertiser
2 – Publisher
3 – Consumer

Nevertheless, if this is broken down into simpler bits, it only caters for two parts, namely the affiliate marketer and the seller or creator of the products.

The companies sell their services and products and then they seek out people who can help them sell their products and services for the benefit of sharing their profits. The following steps will help you find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

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Brainstorming and researching:

This is the most important step for marketers. On the other hand, it is the most dreaded step. The first step is to understand what a niche is. A niche could be defined as a specialized market. A good example of this is the soap market.

The market is small since it caters to a small group of people. This means that the market for soap products is not that competitive. The competition is slightly restricted and easier to manipulate. Once you complete your research on a market, start brainstorming through an audience-insight website such as Quantcast.

Start by selecting the explore button. The button is located on the top right corner. You will see a “Top 100” button, click on it. You will immediately see a list of the top one hundred websites on the internet. This list varies depending on the selections made by the public.

The goal of the list is to notice the niche markets. Do not start on the first page. This is because copying the markets and industries on the first page would be useless. These markets are already leading, thus the competition will be very stiff and difficult to control.

Scroll on to the other pages and start picking out the niches and trends in the industries. A good example is the travel niche that might be located on the second or third page. Such a broad category will need further research, thus take the “Travel” niche and head on to the Quora website.

This interactive site will help you know the marketing strategy by interacting with other people in the community. People post questions and comments on this interactive forum and get feedback. Type the term “Travel” in the search bar and sift through the results.

You will get a list of the frequently asked question on your topic. You might settle for the theme of “Travel hacks”. Just in case, none of the results appeals to you, you could go back to the drawing board and find another market niche. The goal of this research and brainstorming is to find a niche in a broad category.

Look for the niche monetization on ClickBank:

Now that you have narrowed down to a niche topic, find out its worth in the market. The whole point of affiliate marketing is to monetize the niche and manage the sales and traffic. ClickBank is one of the many affiliate retailers and is user-friendly for beginners. Select the “affiliate marketplace” option. This is on the top menu.

Narrow down your niche theme by searching for it on the search bar located at the top of the site. However, before you do this, make sure that you have skimmed through their options on the left side of the menu. They already have a list of themes to ease their user’s experience.

If you find your niche on the list select the category, and if you opt to search for it take a close look at the results. For a beginner, this age might be a little complicated. Filtering of search options is made available on the left side, while the right side caters to the results of the search.

Use the “Gravity” metric to figure out the selling rate of the affiliate product or niche. This will help you narrow down to the most lucrative niches. The higher the gravity scores the greater the income per sale. Repeat the process if your search results do not look appealing.


I would love your feedback, questions, or insights you have into the “How To Find an Affiliate Marketing Niche”

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6 thoughts on “How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche – The Easy Way
  1. Norman says:

    Even though it has been said that you can make money from whatever niche there is I believe that there is some niche that has the potential to make more money because of interest and demand. But it should also be a niche that we are interested in because if not then we will find ourselves not really putting in the time. Thanks for sharing a detailed post.

    1. Wayne says:

      Yes you re right on spot, some niches will potentially do better as with any other business but are you interested in it enough to make it work for you or not? I guess what I’m saying is you have a better chance if you get into something that you are passionate about as then you will spend more time with it and will spend less time researching the product.

  2. Dave says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks a lot for the great insight you have given me into spotting good niches. I have been told by other people that everygreen niches like soap and things we use on a daily basis are great.

    I was wondering would perfumes make a good niche as we also use every so often and people like it?

    Waiting to get your feedback on this. Thanks a lot.

    1. Wayne says:

      Happy you got a little more insight into finding some more good niches. Evergreen niches are great as they stay around and a lot of them are year around, good for business.

      I have never personally used perfumes as a niche but I think they would be a great niche. The only thing I would be wary of is people like to try and smell them but a lot know the brand they want and will just buy off the internet. Do a little research online for perfumes, overall I would say it would be a great niche.

  3. Internet Business Articles says:

    A great insight into the affiliate marketing world you have created a good site which has good reviews on other products on the market. I am not a newbie in affiliate marketing, and I have visited almost all of the platforms available. Don’t you think wealthy affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms available ? I joined it and learned a lot. These are great tips as I’m just trying to build my blog and trying to understand how to actually make money doing it.I likeyour theme could you give me the name of it please.

    1. Wayne says:

      Glad you liked the post, and yes I know wealthy affiliate is the best affiliate marketing program available as I have tried so many over the years but when I tried the free program for only 2 days I immediately knew this was what I was looking for.

      I then joined with the yearly premium $359.00 ( $.83 a day ) much less than the $49.00 per month, one thing to remember there are absolutely no up-sells with wealthy affiliate.

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