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How To Rank Your Website On Google – Five Awesome Success Tips

how to get ranked in google,Before we get into how to rank your website on Google, let’s begin with the basics. What is website ranking? Websites ranking indicates to you which sites are more popular. These are the sites with the highest number of internet users viewing them.

So if your site is ranked closer to number one or it’s at number one, then it is more popular than any other site being ranked on Google, meaning you had the highest number of people visit your site than they did any other site.

How Does Google Rank Websites?

Google ranks on its first page the sites which they consider to be more useful and relevant. They make this determination based on a complex algorithm or mathematical equation that puts into consideration more than 200 factors.

These factors are only known to Google and they do not disclose that information to the public. However, as a result of research, experience, and testing, people now know what you need to do to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). To learn more about this and much, much more Click Here it’s Free.

Some of the important factors you need to consider if you hope to improve your SEO includes:

how to get ranked in google,• Keyword usage
• Site speed
• Site structure
• Inbound links quality
• Time spent on a site
• Inbound links number

Although the algorithm is generated by humans, the ranking is independent of human intervention. Google continuously reviews, adjusts and updates search results. Therefore your site could rank first today and not make it on the first page in the following week.

Whether a website maintains it’s position in the ranking, rises or falls is purely dependent on how it compares to the other websites it is in competition with. These are the sites that want to rank using similar keywords to yours.

Therefore, the degree to which the ranking of your site rises or falls is purely dependent on the value the Google’s algorithm places on the improvements that you have made to the site. It could improve in ranking by a few positions or shoot right up to number one.

When it comes to search engine optimization, there is no sure way of guaranteeing that your site sticks to the top position. However, if you keep in the mid the various factors and value placed on the algorithm, you can ascertain that your site will continuously improve and get favorable ranking on Google all the time.

How To Rank Your Website On Google:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a combination of techniques and strategies used to improve the number of people visiting your site ensuring you get a top ranking in search results. A key feature in SEO is ensuring that your site is not just intelligible to users but the search engine robots as well.

SEO is important in figuring out what each page in your site is about and how useful it can be to the users. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, it is key that your search result stay as high as possible and this will only happen if your SEO strategy is efficient.

There are two kinds of SEO: On page and Off page SEO:

On a page, SEO optimizes individual pages so as to obtain the highest ranking possible and ensure you get significant organic traffic to your site. In this article, I share tips on how to capitalize on your On page SEO.

1. Make sure your title tags start with keywords:

how to rank your website on google,Your company may be among the very top in Google’s search results if you are making use of the right keyword. On the other hand, an inappropriate or misinformed keyword can make your website obsolete in the search results. Your article’s titles define the content therein.

Make Sure Your Keywords Make Sense.

So when your title is rich in keywords, the weight it holds in the Google search results in higher. Generally, the closer the keyword you chose to use in the title’s beginning is to the title tag, the more weight it will garner in the search engines.

Why don’t you test this by searching for a competitive keyword on Google? You will find that, a majority of the pages which rank for competing keywords tactically place then at the very beginning of all their title tags. Although it’s not compulsory, it’s wise to employ this tactic so as to improve your websites relevance in the Google search engine.

2. Ensure the first hundred words have the keyword within:

The best place to insert keywords in your articles is within the first 100 words of the article. To many writers, this comes naturally but there is also a number of bloggers who prefer longer introductions that do not incorporate the keywords.

The latter is not advised because it only makes it hard for Google to find the relevance of your article in the search results and that ultimately affects the ranking. Ensuring that your keywords appear within the first hundred words, however, will go a long way in improving your Google ranking.

3. Make use of outbound links:

Outbound links are the key source of attracting more attention to the site. many people make the mistake of not incorporating these links to their articles or websites. Outbound links indicate to Google that your article is both informative and valid and these two aspects are essential prerequisites for ranking.

4. Ensure your meta description on every page are click-worthy:

Meta descriptions are not only visible elements but also very important to your site’s ranking. Next, to your URL and title tags, they convince visitors to click through.

If you wish to attract traffic to your article and ultimately to the website, ensure that your meta descriptions are not only informative but attractive as well. They should provoke the reader’s curiosity within the first 150 words making them want to read more and more.

5. Include your target keyword into the URL:

As previously discussed, your keywords are the backbone of the On-page SEO so you must pay a lot of attention to them. This includes incorporating them to your URL. By doing this, you ensure that Google has one more reason to rank your article as more relevant based on particular phrases. Good luck in your Google Ranking.

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4 thoughts on “How To Rank Your Website On Google – Five Awesome Success Tips
  1. Jeff Marshall says:

    Thanks for the great SEO tips and I’ll be sure to bookmark your site for future updates. I already use most of the methods you mentioned but there was one that caught my eye right at the end of your post.
    Include your target keyword into the URL:
    Are you referring to the post title here?
    Cheers, Jeff

    1. Wayne says:

      Hey Jeff

      Thanks for reading my post and am glad you got some tips out of it. Yes it means to be sure your main keyword is in your post title. Happy marketing.

  2. Reyhana says:

    These are top tips to ranking well within the search engines. Following your tips, I am able to rank on the first page of Google for 14 of my posts and I have a total of 43. Many of my posts are on Page 2 though. Do you have advice on how I can try to move them to page 1? Thanks a ton!

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi Reyhana

      Great I’m glad it helped you to get to first page on google for some of your posts. Your rank will move up and down as time goes by and you will never get every page or post to rank #1 on google although it looks like you are doing very well, keep up the good work.

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